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Small Business Data Breaches: Who's At Risk?

Understanding The Three Most Common Types Of Data Breaches: Physical, Electronic & Skimming

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21-Days of Personal Textual Analysis

Over the past 21-days, I have been collecting all of my keystrokes with Mac OSX Keylogger. As a result, I have come to realize my dependence on the delete key, habit of rephrasing and adjusting my word use, and likely over complicating my thought process. 749 kata lagi

Black Friday for POS Malware Operators

February 4, 2016

Link to Story:—threats/new-version-of-centerpos-malware-taps-rush-to-attack-retail-systems-/d/d-id/1324092?

The plan for EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa) is to replace the currently used payment cards with the data in the magnetic strip with a new “smartcard” with the data hidden inside a microchip within the card itself. 446 kata lagi

Honey! Where is my POS??


Not a month goes by without news about another new POS (point-of-sale) malware or credit card data breach. Obviously, details of this kind of breach cannot be made public (banks, ongoing investigation, reputation …). 993 kata lagi

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Letter from Okayama | MAIL TIME! #1

Selamat malam!
Seperti biasa, ya, kalo udah memasuki waktu ‘hampir ganti hari’ gini, waktunya saya ngapdet postingan baru di blog. YEIIIYY!!

Sekarang udah masuk hari kedua (hampir tiga) di bulan Februari… nggak kerasa udah tiga-puluh-tiga hari menjalani kehidupan di tahun 2016. 581 kata lagi


Why Is There A Chip On My New Credit Card?

How EMV®¹ Smart Chip Credit Cards Are Helping To Improve Security For The Everyday Consumer

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3 Successful Ways to Streamline The Retail Checkout Process

After walking around a store, the last thing customers want to do is spend an extended amount of time waiting in line to check out. Once the perusing is done, people want to pay for their goods and be out of the door quickly. 1.085 kata lagi

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