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Odoo tips of the Month : November 2017

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Being an expert of ODOO Since 10+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for November 2017. 1.092 kata lagi

Does Your Retail Business Need a New POS Software? Watch Out For these Signs

In today’s retail environment, POS systems play a major role in the success of businesses both large and small. Even though the importance of POS systems is clear, it is still a touchy topic for small business owners. 92 kata lagi

Manage Your Cash Flow with POS - An Effective Guide for Retailers

One of the key factors for any business to grow is an Effective Cash Flow Management and this is where most of the retailers fail to meet the expectations.  108 kata lagi

Barcode System - A Need For Every Apparel and Clothing Retailer

In today’s business environment, the bar-coding technique is not only limited to supermarkets, but it’s had an impact on every sector including the online global market.  92 kata lagi

Receipts Printer Photo Booth

As soon as I finished my previous project, I knew I could improve it…
With pictures, of course ! And also take them on the fly, like in a photo booth… 359 kata lagi


Shout-Out: Low Light Low Life

Giving a small shout out to pieces of art and music I enjoy here and there.

An  old song that finally came around my iPod’s shuffle. 119 kata lagi