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Merchant Services Provider - are you leaking money due to high fees?

A recent review of our company monthly expenses, one of the items jumped out at me is the credit card/debit card processing fees. You might say the merchant services provider charges those fees, what can you do? 612 kata lagi


POS popular among Nashik shopkeepers, UPI still not in limelight

Nashik 12 :  After demonetization and GST hit the country, POS have become more popular in markets as mode of payment. Though POS existed before the dicey economic reforms but, they have become more popular in citizens and shopkeepers in past one year. 500 kata lagi



For those of you interested in earning bitcoins without having any amount of money to purchase heres a good news
You can actually earn bitcoins while just browsing with your chrome browser. 78 kata lagi

Digital payment options in cafés

Cafés are introducing digital payment options into their settlement repertoire. One store in particular has abandoned its previous POS (Point of Sale) system in favour of a more… 87 kata lagi

Porcupine Tower

Sometimes all the drones synchronize their fire.

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Bitcoin Point Of Sale Business

There are a number of companies that are now accepting bitcoin as payment. You can be one of the first suppliers of Bitcoin Point Of Sale machines in your area. 33 kata lagi