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the POS section of my book

This is very long, but a section I am feeling confident in sharing. If you are thinking about becoming a farmer, this is an examination of the various ways to sell your products based on my experiences on both sides. 5.380 more words

New Farmer

Extinct Cash

published Jun 04, 2008

It was impossible 20 years ago, and certainly improbable as little as 10 years ago. But since the rise of micro-technology, many have dreamed of a day when cumbersome currency would be eliminated and replaced by electronic funds- a cashless society. 278 more words

What A World!

Battle in L4X-1V (Etherium Reach)

Today Triumvirate. alliance had a strategic objective to take a moon in the  L4X-1V system, located in Etherium Reach, from a group of low sec pirates led by Calamitous-Intent from the Feign Disorder alliance.   777 more words


It’s a long ways off but at some point I’d like to look at building my own starbase, more commonly referred to as a POS. 165 more words

EVE Online

Mestrados - Centro Oeste

Para quem está pensando em fazer um mestrado em História e ainda não se decidiu onde deixamos aqui dicas das principais pós stricto sensu ao redor do Brasil. 67 more words

Een opvallende vloerdisplay zorgt voor extra verkoop

Bent u op zoek naar een opvallende vloerdisplay voor uw productintroductie?

Laat de specialisten van PUL display u dan adviseren over het design, materiaal en uitstraling. 25 more words

CWG Earns CBN PTSP Operational Licence

Computer Warehouse Group Plc (CWG), the leading Pan-African ICT Company has been issued the license to perform the activities of Payment Terminal Service Provider (PTSP) to Point-of-Sale terminals (PoS) in Nigeria by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). 585 more words