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Jag glömde tyvärr bort månförmörkelsen i söndags kväll. Av en slump råkade jag se att tv skulle visa en film vid namn Space jam samma kväll och det lät naturligtvis för lockande för att jag skulle kunna hålla mig borta. 527 kata lagi


My new Twitter.com Live Tweet: POPEYE & FRIENDS

If you’re “of a certain age” (i.e., mine), you remember the pre-DVD and -Internet days, when we were at the mercy of TV programmers as to when we could see our favorite movies and cartoons. 215 kata lagi


It's not easy bein' me!

I know you all can relate with the topic of this blog! This is what I was thinking and all of a sudden the song from that movie, … 848 kata lagi


Meet Oz and Blanco

Earlier this year, a member of my feline family, Tiger, was lost when he was out one night and couldn’t avoid a car. It was not an easy time for myself or my feline family and yet despite this and even with Rusty, Popeye and Charcoal, people were still asking if I was going to get another cat. 886 kata lagi



Popeye isn’t the only one happy with one of Starbucks Coffee’s newest featured food, Spinach Mushroom Frittata, we all are. I don’t know what a frittata exactly is but I know I love this pie-like, omellete-like, quiche-like treat because it is filling and delicious. 40 kata lagi


My Feline Family and the Loss of Mom and Pop Restaurants

Driving past one of my favorite Italian restaurants a few weeks ago I was shocked to see it being gutted. When I last ate there about a month ago, the servers who are so friendly and eager to share gossip with regulars (such as the acquisition of a pizza oven from Italy two months before it was officially announced, the addition of a ‘lighted waterfall’ from the second to first floor around the holidays) said nothing of any major changes. 1.816 kata lagi