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Love at First Squint

A grocery store chain in our area has a private label brand called Fit & Active. I’ve tried a few of the products designed for… 291 kata lagi


Day 237 - National Spinach Day

When I first told Lola it was national spinach day, she immediately started mimicking the cartoon character Popeye by holding an imaginary can of the famous vegetable and opening it up with her teeth. 1.434 kata lagi


"I Fights to the Finish, Cause I eats My Spinach..."

oday in History, March 26: 1937 – The Great Depression had devastated nearly every community in the Heartland of America. But not Crystal City, Texas. The small farming community had flourished growing a once unpopular veggie called Spinach. 37 kata lagi

Spinach, Not Just Good For Popeye

You know, Popeye was on to something, spinach really is a super food. I don’t know about you, but I do prefer mine uncooked, in a nice salad, or on a sandwich, it is simply delicious! 90 kata lagi

March 26,1937: Strong to the Finish

Crystal City, Texas, has a long tradition of spinach – in fact, it is the self-proclaimed “Spinach Capital of the World.” And it has a statue to prove it. 307 kata lagi

Wretched Richard's Almanac

A Case of Cant-Evens

I’m thankful for many things in life. I have one of the most blessed, first-world, placid existences that anyone could hope for. My girls are wonderful people. 629 kata lagi


Slightly Off Center

Today my mom asked me to fix the back of her hair with a comb. She said it didn’t have to be perfect. I asked, “Do you remember who you asked to fix your hair?” She laughed, because I am the last person you want to fix something if you want it to be perfect. 507 kata lagi

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