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Clever Artwork Depicts Pop Culture's Favorite 'Fictional Food'

Gallery 1988, our favorite showcase for pop culture-inspired art, has struck again. Fictional Food is a new exhibit from G1988 regular Joshua Budich, showcasing some of the most iconic food products in film and television — both wholly invented (Krusty Burgers, Los Pollos Hermanos chicken, Lone Star Beer) and given new cultural immortality (who can hear the word “Chianti” without doing an Anthony Hopkins impression, or ask for a Baby Ruth bar without hearing good ol’ Sloth?). 86 more words

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My Feline Family and How Long Things Take

My feline family and I have noticed how strange it is that some things can be accomplished quickly and other things that likely should be accomplished with haste, take so long. 2.335 more words


Further ideas.

The title for the business card is called ‘BE FITT’ the FITT stands for:

Frequency (how often you train), Intensity (how hard you train), Time (how long you train for) Type (what type of training you do). 117 more words

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Coming soon!

After an historic weekend, the radioheads are delighted to be producing another Live Week.

You can catch us here online:

TUESDAY – THURSDAY 10am til 3pm… 118 more words

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Popeye's Nephew

Popeye the Sailor Man is a cartoon fictional character, created by Elzie Crisler Segar, who has appeared in comic strips and theatrical and television animated cartoons. 24 more words

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My Feline Family and Possible Reasons for Customer Service Deline

My feline family and I have recently noticed increasingly poor customer service and how it is spreading rapidly. There doesn’t seem to be one single reason for this but several possible factors are lack of training or poor training; no repercussions for making bad decisions which lead to avoidable mistakes; no one accepting responsibility for mistakes and instead pointing the finger to another person or entity while claiming they are powerless to fix the issue; poor pay limiting the potential pool of employees likely meaning the best candidates never even apply; no true authority being given to anyone leading to power vacuums, bosses with only limited authority that no one will listen too or take seriously and mistakes occurring too frequently in too many places to possibly be mistakes which are blamed on technology. 1.632 more words