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A Couple Of Things Found

So, first, I found that Twitter bot that spoofs that HGTV show about people buying the second house they’re shown. Well, someone else found it and tweeted it where I could see it, but that still counts. 251 kata lagi


Episode 3 Page 58

Author’s Note: Hilaria has a thing about leaving with a bang…


Episode 3 Page 57

Author’s Note: Hilaria almost always has an exit strategy…


Episode 3 Page 56

Author’s Note: Hilaria can’t resist shooting her mouth off… :roll:


Episode 3 Page 55

Author’s Note: And now we have a good look at what has really brought Hilaria to town. She’s evil as they come, and these guys have no idea who they’re dealing with. O_o


Episode 3 Page 54

Author’s Note:Check it out! Crono’s dialogue has a new look, y’all! :D


Episode 3 Page 53

Author’s Note: It’s a Popeye in the box, (well, sorta…) Hey, not as bad as a pencil in the eye, y’know…

Episode 3 The Dark Plight