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Alice the Goon, Kilroy, and How Popeye Lost His Eye

If you read in a newspaper article that a South American dictator attacked a group of resistors with his goons, you would know exactly what was meant. 334 kata lagi

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Statistics July: Or, Statistics April, Another Time

The mysterious drop in readers continues. I heard a rumor that WordPress’s statistics page has started failing to count views from mobile devices. I don’t know if that’s so, although it would explain why the number of readers here and my mathematics blog collapsed simultaneously, and why other statistics-watchers reported similar sudden drops. 664 kata lagi


Next Step to Asking a More Beautiful Question!

In my previous post Activate Potential – Ask a more Beautiful Question, I had laid the seeds for this foundation. The next step is to take the leap and immediately bring about a transformation by asking a more Beautiful Question. 291 kata lagi

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And We're LIVE!!!

And boy, do we mean LIVE!!

The radioheads spent a very enjoyable day broadcasting from O’Grady’s in Gort. At 8.30am the cars were loaded, and off we went to create a studio space overlooking the Square. 573 kata lagi

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Ever since seeing Jaws as a child I have had a lifelong fascination with the beauty and mystery that surrounds sharks. Moved by the plight of the shark I felt the need to paint something to address the senseless slaughter in the name of sport and exotic cuisine that has resulted in some of these graceful predators making it onto the endangered species list. 89 kata lagi


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The best Popeye cartoons came from Max Fleischer and company. It was all downhill after that…