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Four Cartoon Characters That Should Run For President

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., July 27 (UPI) — The Cat in the Hat made a public appearance in front of Dr. Seuss’ childhood home in Massachusetts to announce his candidacy for president.  211 kata lagi



“He was very old.  He had but one tooth left in his mouth and that tooth was good for little except plowing a narrow furrow in the skin of apples.” 41 kata lagi


#6: God, Popeye, and Me

Imagine that God’s name was not a word; suppose that it could not, in some sense, be said.

Further, imagine that despite this, what if there was a holy person somewhere, who had been saying God’s name?   635 kata lagi


Statistics Saturday: Seven 'Kabibble Kabaret' Exchanges That Are Not Actually Jokes

I can’t help it. They’re awful and yet compelling for some reason. I’m sorry, so very sorry. Dates are when the vintage Thimble Theatre reprint with the Kabaret exchange appeared on… 238 kata lagi


It's Tuesday...

Once again, this comes courtesy of Knoxville Curating, Inc.