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She was her own boss

Leave it to grief.

Well that and an aptly timed phone call to change things around.

I have been experiencing a bit of a writer’s block.  1.067 kata lagi

Faith Family Football

Spinach and siderophores: The bacterial battle for iron

Author: Ada Hagan

Editors: Alisha John, Irene Park

Many remember the boisterous, muscle-bound, tattooed sailor Popeye and the thin-as-a-rail Olive Oyl from Saturday morning cartoons. In times of need, such as when his rival Bluto stole Olive Oyl for the 50th time, Popeye would squeeze open a tin can of spinach. 1.074 kata lagi


90's kids 

Dedicated this night to those 90’s kids like me 😂😂 If I forgot any, kindly comment. Here are few cartoon shows those I used to watch in my childhood and I love most of them now even 😜😜 81 kata lagi


As I Lay Thinking

Outside the wind howls. Snow falls sideways. Houses wail like wounded dogs. My city is a snow globe under siege. Luckily, I’m inside wrapped in 48 blankets. 293 kata lagi


It's Hamburger Pay-Day

Just a quick reminder to anyone named Wimpy out there, you promised to pay for your hamburger today. It’s time to collect.


*Guest post* Homecoming from the other side.

After a lot of nagging and emailing and threatening to withhold parcels, Popeye has written a blog post!

It’s a subject that I have always been very curious (nosey) about. 1.378 kata lagi

Navy Wife

Five Fall SHAKE Ups

An easy way to pack nutrition into your day and not lose time in the morning, is to begin your day with a smoothie or shake full of vitamins, protein and awesome flavor! 586 kata lagi

Time For Mommy