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A perambulation to Patagonia : or was it Pogonia?

Do you ever get that feeling that when you can see a little village in the distance – maybe on a hillside, over a river, or the other side of the bay, you just want to go there?  549 kata lagi


Crochet Poncho for a Doll

With kids at home, we would have most of the places scattered with dolls. And while we too start loving the dolls just like our kids, before we think of changing the dress for the dolls, we have them iould go in our mind? 395 kata lagi

Adiya Steps

Part II: Those Ponchos

My friend, Jess, knit an amazing poncho recently and it looks AH-Mazing on her. Amazing. It suits her shape and silhouette perfectly. So I decided to knit on too! 1.028 kata lagi


Weather Considerations - Rain Gear

On my first campout (which you may have read a little bit about in my Devil’s Lake post), it stormed rather fiercely.  Despite what many would consider quite unfavorable weather conditions, I went camping again the following month – and it rained then, too.  800 kata lagi



Bᾱd-san took me out to dinner the other day. I was really keen on trying the Masala Tofu Sandwich at Toasties, and so she took me to Tampines Hub(The Mall) to get it~! 347 kata lagi


Woolly jumpers and the poncho

I arrived at university in 1998 with a selection of knitted patterned jumpers.

In my minds’ eye I looked outdoorsy and rugged.

I should probably mention that I had also dyed my hair straw-blonde which perhaps did not help build that image. 215 kata lagi

Outdoors And Adventure

Fleece Baby Poncho

I didn’t follow a pattern at all for this project. I had an idea in my head, I measured Jax(8 months old) for a start to the sizing, and then I just started blocking it out on my fleece. 110 kata lagi