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General Election 2017: Final Polls Analysis

One notable feature of this year’s general election was the wide spread in polling estimates. Whilst a simple average of British Polling Council member polls placed the Conservatives at 44% and Labour at 36%, there were polls showing a Conservative lead of a single point to one showing Labour were 13 points behind. 1.905 kata lagi

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Bad Polling Leads to ...

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Poll: where do you stand on asking for feedback on unsuccessful job applications?

This post is jointly written by Steve Heard and Jacquelyn Gill, and appears in addition on Jacquelyn’s blog The Contemplative Mammoth

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PFP POLL: Mellark/Tarson with healthy lead, Jones and Newsom excel in their primaries

Recent polling conducted by The Panem Free Press shows the Mellark/Tarson ticket to still have a healthy lead as expected even as the President’s approval rating has taken a hit due to the Greek crisis. 1.081 kata lagi


Using Jon Ossoff polling data to make a point about statistical significance testing

I do not like the phrase “statistical dead heat,” nor do I like the phrase “statistical tie.” These phrases oversimplify the level of uncertainty accruing to any value ( 2.265 kata lagi


The EU Is Alive and Well, But the Referendums Are Coming

The resounding June 18 victory of the pro-European Union En Marche party in the French National Assembly elections suggests, to paraphrase Mark Twain, that reports of the imminent death of the EU were premature. 647 kata lagi