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If Republicans Do Nothing against Obamacare, Their Voters Will Punish Them

Story at The National Review

Punishing the GOP is the 2nd biggest bluff in history.

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Fake News: Washington Post Claims Thomas Jefferson Held White House Iftar Dinner to ‘Celebrate Ramadan’



  • Thomas Jefferson never held any Iftar dinner and only three out of 45 presidents ever hosted one, so there is no such “tradition” to cancel.
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Steven Universe points at the supremacy of the individual over the collective

Rebeca Sugar’s show on Cartoon Network is currently on a hiatus, entering now its fifth and final season. The show has been wildly popular and praised for its progressive attitude toward gender issues and non-heterosexual romantic relationships. 1.013 kata lagi


Trump: Not ‘that far off’ from passing health overhaul

WASHINGTON (AP) — Making a final push, President Donald Trump said he doesn’t think congressional Republicans are “that far off” on a health overhaul to replace “the dead carcass of Obamacare.” Expressing frustration, he complained about “the level of hostility” in government and wondered why both parties can’t work together on the Senate bill as GOP critics expressed doubt over a successful vote this week. 1.141 kata lagi


CNN the Fake News Network

“The network President Donald Trump has identified as a “very fake news” outlet is under fire from all sides as it was forced to retract… 23 kata lagi

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