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As Local News Outlets Decline, Hyperpartisan Sites Take Their Place

NiemanLab Reports:

Using previous research and news reports as a guide, we’ve mapped the locations of more than 400 partisan media outlets — often funded and operated by government officials, political candidates, PACs, and political party operatives — and found, somewhat unsurprisingly, that these outlets are emerging most often in swing states, raising a concern about the ability of such organizations to fill community information needs while prioritizing the electoral value of an audience.

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You might think by now that we would be emerging from the COVID-19 disaster. But we aren’t. In fact, more than half of our states are in worse shape now than they were a couple of months ago. 1.011 kata lagi


Killer Mike Takes His Allies Where He Finds Them

In 2018, Killer Mike sat down for an interview on NRATV, the former online broadcasting arm of the NRA. Perhaps predictably, the NRA took his quote on school walkouts and used it in a campaign against the March for Our Lives. 407 kata lagi


Tuesday Required Reading

1. Does Diversity Matter for Health? Experimental Evidence from Oakland. This 35-minute podcast blew me away for its clarity, specificity, and importance. It has broad implications for anyone trying to diversify the teaching profession, businesses, really any sector of life where people of color are underrepresented. 155 kata lagi


Fisher - The Builder - Part 2

During the first year in office, Governor Fisher mastered the details of his job and pushed passage of the legislation which he had advocated in the campaign. 2.175 kata lagi

Indiana County

Doug Ford to visit Cambridge, Kitchener on Tuesday

Ontario Premier Doug Ford will spend Tuesday afternoon in Waterloo Region touring manufacturing plants, the province has announced.

Ford’s visits are part of a province-wide tour he will conduct over the coming weeks to thank businesses and residents for doing their part during the COVID-19 pandemic, … 237 kata lagi


The Violent Left

Because if you disagree you must be destroyed. Indiana woman shot, killed after argument with Black Lives Matter supporters, family says.

Ramirez alleged that the group shouted “Black Lives Matter,” to which either Whitaker or someone else in their group reportedly responded with, “All Lives Matter.” …

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