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Film: John Wick (2014)

So here’s a surprise.  John Wick is a fantastic movie.

It’s a clear sighted genre movie that hits all the beats it needs to hit whilst offering up enough discord, oddness and sad Keanu to lift it up to something quite special.   82 more words


Old School Album? Nailbomb "Point Blank"

We all have those albums or songs that bring back 1000’s of memories…….the opening guitar riff on Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik and I’m 14 again!! 129 more words

Koneksi PB Lemot? Bypass Hacksield Gemscool

Point Blank tiba-tiba exit game saat baru saja login atau harus tunggu lama hacksield PB sehingga membuat pelanggan warnet Anda tidak betah? Tentunya, sebagai owner warnet, termasuk saya tidak menginginkan hal ini, … 157 more words


I'm so tired.

It hurts me to even type it. But, my mother was right. Years ago, she told me if I kept on saying what exactly was on my mind, I would be single at 30. 688 more words

Move On

Band of the Week: Nailbomb

Nailbomb was a side project of Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Ex – Sepultura) and Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel) that should have taken over the world.

Unfortunately, Nailbomb’s run was short lived as the band would only play one show at the 1995 Dynamo Festival (which would become their live album, “Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide”) after releasing their only album of extreme aggression, 1995’s “Point Blank” on Roadrunner Records. 206 more words