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Daftar Turnamen Esports yang Bisa Kamu Ikuti Bulan Ini (Januari)

Ketika ingin menjadi atlet esports, pengalaman bermain turnamen adalah hal yang penting. Untungnya, di luar sana ada sangat banyak turnamen yang bisa kamu ikuti, mulai dari level amatir hingga profesional, lokal hingga internasional, … 873 kata lagi


Year-On-Year Success Because You Only Live Once

“What top supply chains have in common?” is not a secret potion anymore.

After a 10-year absence from the Top 25, hardware retailer Home Depot made it back onto the list, thanks in part to the emerging popularity of omni-channel distribution. 2.304 kata lagi

Point Blank


The classified ways in which Jayem Logistics facilitates value-addition in warehousing for its customers.

Indian warehousing industry is shown to have an affinity to the 9% CAGR growth figure, as per the recent reports. 681 kata lagi

Point Blank

Revenge. Thriller?

Last night’s film was John Boorman’s 1967 cult classic Point Blank, starring one of the most charismatic actors of all time: Lee Marvin.

It’s a funny one, this. 352 kata lagi



There should be a book on Nemesis records coming out some day. Really looking forward to that, since this label has some awesome releases. Almost all releases I pick up has some kind of element I enjoy. 31 kata lagi


‘Point Blank’: An extraordinary crime film that rises above its genre trappings

The only thing that stopped John Boorman’s Point Blank from being a wholly European film is the presence of its American cast members. This is one of those path-breaking films that have aged well. 585 kata lagi



Vice President Leni Robredo skewered reports about her carrying a baby with a married congressman.

The story about “Preggie Leni” had went viral after first appearing in a Facebook page as a blind item. 248 kata lagi

Leni Robredo