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Turbo Download Manager V 4.32 Free Downlaod

I’ve tried to few different ways to download this is probably the best app that I’ve tried so far because it’s doing exactly what I need it to do whether it’s audio, video, or both, it downloads the media files I need to download… 13 kata lagi

The Man Without Bogart's Face

Welcome to Shadowplay, the daily blog about DARK PASSAGE.

Looking at part two of DARK PASSAGE, where it all kind of goes to shit. And where Bogart actually HAS Bogart’s face, having acquired it via plastic surgery performed by seedy rhinoplasterer Housely Stevens. 839 kata lagi



If we love anything more than a creative here at Debut – it’s a creative duo – and that’s exactly what designer Yanyu Chung and architectural designer Adrienne Lau are – design collective Point Blank. 489 kata lagi


Guardian Force Juarai Point Blank National Championship 2016 Lewat Pertandingan Super Ketat

Akhir pekan lalu, Garena mengadakan fase akhir Point Blank National Championship atau PBNC. Seperti tahun sebelumnya, turnamen ini sekali lagi adalah turnamen esport terbesar di Indonesia, dengan total hadiah lebih dari Rp 1 miliar, dan diikuti oleh ribuan pemain dari seluruh Indonesia. 477 kata lagi


Point Blank (1967)

Lee Marvin gives his most uncompromising performance as Walker, a hired gun who goes on the warpath after he is double-crossed and left for dead by his wife and friend. 160 kata lagi


BANGLADESH AMBASSADOR GOMES: Half of Filipinas are prostitutes


Philippine womanhood has reaped its biggest insult from no less than a diplomat who claimed that half of Filipinas are “prostitutes.”

As newly-minted Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has yet to snag the biggest drug lord in the country, he might be interested to know that he could have a prized catch in a foreigner, and a diplomat, at that, under his iron-first anti-criminality campaign. 829 kata lagi


We're The Ladies

I know a lot of people dislike the show Girls and, even more so, hate Lena Dunham. I love the show, and Lena, and I’m not ashamed of it. 350 kata lagi