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I'm so tired.

It hurts me to even type it. But, my mother was right. Years ago, she told me if I kept on saying what exactly was on my mind, I would be single at 30. 688 more words

Move On

Band of the Week: Nailbomb

Nailbomb was a side project of Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Ex – Sepultura) and Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel) that should have taken over the world.

Unfortunately, Nailbomb’s run was short lived as the band would only play one show at the 1995 Dynamo Festival (which would become their live album, “Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide”) after releasing their only album of extreme aggression, 1995’s “Point Blank” on Roadrunner Records. 206 more words


.................Point Blank.......,......~by Vinod Kumar Mishra

……………..Point Blank…….,……

(A Poem)
Shall I please flatter you while you are happy at heart,
You’re the freshest breeze that blows across human hearts,
If you find faults,I’m sorry-I hunt words, 102 more words


These are the Things... About DJ N RUFF

LBK: The Avengers or the Justice League?
NRUFF: Wow… That is a tough one. Let me say I love all of them but I’d really want to see how Hollywood will execute a Justice League Movie, and I know it will be epic. 306 more words


The Adventures of DJ NRVFF: Powered by Music

By Anthony Okoth

Sometimes, two things at presumably the furthest apart end up being those that work together the best. It yields something new, something fresh, something different. 1.144 more words


Happy Birthday, John Boorman.

I just realized that although I hold many of John Boorman’s films in the highest regard, I know almost nothing about the man himself. Thankfully the BBC and youtube have come to the rescue. 131 more words