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Omaž bluzeru u Ateljeu "Point Blank" i "YU grupa" obeležili godišnjicu smrti B.B. Kinga

Godišnjica smrti jednog od najvećih gitarista u istoriji bluz i rok muzike i pevača B. B. Kinga, obeležena je večeras u beogradskom pozorištu Atelje 212, koncertom grupe “Point Blank”. 113 kata lagi


Point Blank - On the DL

There’s a timeless line in the film The Godfather that says  “Just when I thought I was out… They pull me back in.” that perfectly illustrates my feelings about Hardcore music as a whole.   214 kata lagi





Shot Point-Blank Bleeding you see Go unnoticeably as if Love tears flow with no Esteem Creating Scars

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Cinema’s Greatest Scenes: #4 Blue Velvet

Every Friday I’m going to be highlighting and analysing some of cinema’s greatest scenes, or sequences depending on your definition. Some will be familiar, etched indelibly into the iconography of cinema, while others will be obscurer moments worthy of wider circulation and attention. 1.084 kata lagi

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Title: Vantage

Series: Ace of Diamond

Notes: Another installment in the Darker Than Black AU focusing on MiSawa. Originally posted on January 14, 2015.

Excerpt: 2.206 kata lagi



Title: Sharpshooter

Series: Ace of Diamond

Notes: Darker Than Black AU focusing primarily on MiSawa. Segments show different moments in this particular universe; installments will not necessarily come in chronological order. 1.595 kata lagi