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anything that’s considered a responsibility becomes a task of misery,

the masochistic mindset only comes into play when the things that cause true harm are around, 51 kata lagi

Free Hand #58 (Break Free)

Keep me locked up

I’m going to break free

someday, when the sun

burns up into a big

black hole swallowing

the world whole, someday… 35 kata lagi

Alina Happy Hansen

Amidst the Wreckage

We drag our feet through the dirt
dust in the air,
in our lungs

We call this the wreckage
of our pasts,
of our hearts… 53 kata lagi


In recognition

In recognition

17 August 2017

Higest bond

Coursing through my blood

Shadowed flood

Flower’s bud

Thousand milliseconds bloom

Cut off all too soon

Mirrored faults… 58 kata lagi


When Things Snowball

A single snowflake
floats innocently down

Joining others
to form a snowball

Now of sufficient heft
perfect to smite others

Flake upon flake
snowdrifts amass… 30 kata lagi


Meaning Behind the 911 Call

I find it ironic that so many things in our life can be rooted back to the Bible. Even when we go to our favorite burger joint, In-N-Out Burger, you can find bible verses plastered  all over its cup products and burger wraps. 817 kata lagi

As the Free Bird Flies

As the free bird flies

To the sun in the sky,

So my heart longs to be free.

To soar through the clouds,

As the eagle’s cry sounds – 83 kata lagi