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Lent, Day 18: "All Is Well"


And worn

And I’m spiteful

And I’m so angry

And my heart is rotten

And I fall short every day

But you love me. All is well.


Haiku on my Van Dreams

I want a cocoon

With a comfy, cozy bed

And wheels for travel.

Creative Writing


A web of deceit

Caught in an embrace

We were too afraid to take.

Smiles, with parted lips

As if we were begging

For something we didn’t want. 25 kata lagi


On Westminster Bridge

On the bridge where ghosts hang heavy
With shadows and bells.

A man doomed will make his murder
All wheels despair.

Discordant reach, a red arched rage; 31 kata lagi

David Hanks

The Wandering Ponderer

If you are what you are, then what do you ponder?

If you are where you are, then what do you seek?

Though the world spins again and again, 91 kata lagi



In the interest of full disclosure,

I am not a fan of too much exposure.

All that light

Hurts the eyes

I much prefer rainy skies. 63 kata lagi