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Be Cautious.

Don’t be afraid of meeting people, My Friend.

But be afraid of not meeting right people.

For everyone you meet has a great influence on your life… 15 kata lagi

Random Thoughts

If I was a love Poet : Rudy Fransisco

“I swear, I’m not a love poet…But if I was to wake up tomorrow morning and decided I really wanted to write about love

My first poem would be about you.” Rudy Fransisco



Sedate, soon after the moon-shine
In the land far from the pirate-eye
New age, same wage, and so much
It is a lot, shaded from the sun dot… 75 kata lagi


Fire Photographies

A tiny spark flies;
Ignites a crumbled paper.
Thus fire is born.


Vygis Vamp (Lugosi Leech)


I had a dream in the night,
Bela’s coffin was on the right
in my living room, what a sight!
In the shroud of dark, I had to see, 187 kata lagi


Solo Warrior

Solo Warrior

I am an actor,
the lead,
main character,
in a one-man play.
I stand against
the world,
and it’s
armoury of weapons.
I stand alone, 29 kata lagi