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Why the grass is blue and the sky is green

In my mind I have inverted the images;
misconstrued words and notions,
love and potions.
To me you are all stability,
all that is right. 96 kata lagi


Regular Customer

Regular customer happened at the same time of day, or was supposed to;

Little divergence from the norm.

Lady behind counter didn’t mind;

she smiled cordially and placed his order in the line. 177 kata lagi




Firstly, I would like to deeply thank any of you who have already purchased a copy of my small poetry anthology, A Love Most Demented. 87 kata lagi


Dedicated: To all the parents who have lost their child/children somewhere along the way.

Inspiration: Song “One more light” by Linkin Park(Link at the end). … 375 kata lagi



Remnants of the past,

Memories a fleeting.

I try to grasp them with my hands-

But like ashes they crumble at my touch.

My heart breaks a little more… 63 kata lagi



the hand that reaches for the sky
will touch the hands of angels
and feel the heat off the stars
and caress the universe 49 kata lagi



Stray lambs wander the lawn
Counting sheep grew tiring;
Start with smaller numbers
The phone rings, it’s her again
…Not sure she gets the hint… 53 kata lagi