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2 Senate rivals get attention for different reasons

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A Republican and Democrat hoping to unseat Maine’s popular independent Sen. Angus King of Maine are getting some attention, one for his arrest, the other for his dance moves. 268 kata lagi


Found poetry

Book-spline poetry? well in 201 class i think it was, blogging U, day 6 was Found Poetry.

There lurked the Silken Prey

Out upon the heat shimmering Wyoming land… 83 kata lagi


Just For Us

I used to think that love was something just for me and you.
A special kind of feeling we both share.
To care so deeply and feel so true, 156 kata lagi


Macho Man (Revised)

Macho Man (Revised)

Think paramount,
World war within,
Crept pink allowed,
Soul opened wide
Out fox her in
Him crucified,
She shadowboxed,
She foreskin fixed… 326 kata lagi


[Poem] Suite: Judy Brown Eyes

You built a nest

My dear sparrow

While I walked ground hallow

In my pursuit of you

It was my test,

Dear Ruby-throat,

To swim in the shark moat… 36 kata lagi

Sleep Deprived

My weary eyes refuse to shut again
And all my dreams reach fever-pitch
Before I lurch awake
                           clutching sheets
That have tangled me in my sleep… 133 kata lagi



Mouth, Steam, Arms, Boat, Red, Sweep, Cave, House, Frame,
Salt, Light, Horse, Limb, Motion, Boat, Water, Awl,
Moon, Sweep, Light, Neck, Awl, Fingers, House,
Steam, Cave, Stone, Red, Frame, Bird, Mouth, Frozen, Air, 55 kata lagi