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#155 - I have

I’ve taken to dinner, made them and received them.
I’ve brought an amount of roses to match the years for their birthday.
I’ve wrote poems to express my profoundest appreciation. 132 kata lagi



don’t interpret
my resistance to change
as a refusal of the new,
of the good,
of the bright.

think of it
as a character… 10 kata lagi


English Assignment

There should be a rule instated
That the moment a foot is out the door
It immediately becomes illegal
To assign homework

Before I became, well… 648 kata lagi

Short Stories (Drama)

Poem - I Am Only Me

I am only me

You must decide if that’s enough for you,

If I am cute or my life’s down the chute,

I don’t know myself which I am… 108 kata lagi



Photographer Sarah Moon


With fragile ankles
We turn on pointed toe
Extricating ourselves
From the lukewarm rubble

“I can bear any pain as long as it has meaning.” … 14 kata lagi

Conceptual Art

Rhode Island GOP state senator charged with extorting sex

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A grand jury indictment unsealed Monday accuses a Republican state senator of extorting sex from a page in the Rhode Island Senate page program. 317 kata lagi


Problems evaporated.

She’s been saying it since she met me,

That the problems are my own doing,

I blamed her attitude

She drove me to drink, just like the one before… 171 kata lagi