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Mob Haiku: Smackdown

Rocco, indicted

for narcotics: so he pled

nolo coketendre.

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bed time

sleepy headed youth
lives in mawkish, dreamy fog
nearly wets his pants

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Tetiana Aleksina

Darkest Divinities

Darkest Divinities – A book, ESO.

I’ve started playing The Elder Scrolls Online after a few years break and for possibly the first time ever decided to read a book that I found in the game. 87 kata lagi




How many travelled
back to their villages
How many walked
And how many cycled
Who hitched a ride
In ramshackle dumpers
Or hid in the darkness…
49 kata lagi

the process

caught by the middle-distance
a mote(? a memory

does dust remember

thinking’s pained expression)a thought!
roaming the pejorative
– – – hunting sinewy context

all eyebrows&something define-ably extraneous… 16 kata lagi

Amateur Poetry

The winds not so pleasant.

the mad winds are back
back mad and dry
back one evening
from a flooded coast
I slip in the midst of a desert
and they come here… 104 kata lagi


I Breathe...

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

There is something in the air today I can feel it,

Is it the smell of fresh grass ? 53 kata lagi

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