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What do I see? What do you see? Because if you saw what I see you wouldn’t see it the same way I see. I see it my way. 36 kata lagi


War's Feast

They believed themselves as having been
suckled by War
like Romulus upon the teat
of the she-wolf
before he slew his brother, Remus,
upon the wolf’s embattled bosom… 41 kata lagi

Goodnight Mr Smart

Whenever the news was belated,
Whenever the skies turned grey,
Mister Smart appears somewhat
Melancholic and tortured,
As if the mysteries could not be solved, 95 kata lagi



It was a random day
And I was seeking enlightenment in a usual way
And in exercise to do so, suddenly
I am stuck and perplexed… 56 kata lagi

Free Verse

The river

The river
Runs rolls rumbles tumbles tosses
Yesterday it was just a creek
The rains have swelled it
This is why
The banks are so broad… 111 kata lagi


A Song

I live out here by the way;

I live out by the bay.

But something ain’t right and the water’s not calm;

The Seagulls fly far and they go flyin’ on. 145 kata lagi


King Richard's Crusade (2019)

Ancient symbols
Cover torn back pages
Crests of knights
From the Middle Ages
Where they attacked
Sacked, fought on the sand
To reclaim what they saw… 73 kata lagi

Drew Martin