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This is a test of the emergency broadcast system...

…If this was a real emergency… pigs would fly, Bush would have a third term and Obama would do the hook on a Kanye song.  But this is reality and wordpress… pressing on my soul.


Living dangerously

Personal finance reports that the DoH is seriously considering changing Regulation 8 (PMBs must be paid at cost).  This is apparently in an attempt to avoid ending up in court opposite some schemes (Genesis and Samwumed) who are seriously considering mounting a legal challenge to Regulation 8. 231 more words


No SEPTA Deal Yet, But Strike Is Not Imminent

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Presidential Emergency Board established back in June, which stopped a one-day SEPTA regional rail train strike, is set to expire next week. 174 more words


Mr. Sosha (DBN)

Mr Sosha’s first encounters with hip hop were during his years at Linpark High School in Pietermaritzburg. One of the crews which he was a part of then, was ‘033 RAGE (Rappers Anonnymous Getting Established)’. 100 more words


DJ Rawkidd (DBN)

DJ Rawkidd is a lover of music as a whole. He moved to Durban towards the end of 2006. Among the first shows that he attended were Tuesday sessions, which were held at a venue that was known as ‘Renaissance’. 57 more words


Programmatic Advertising: Problems and Solutions

While there is no single definition of programmatic media buying (PMB), it is certainly a hot topic in the world of Internet marketing, and it is growing fast. 378 more words

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