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This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Happy Friday.  Check out some great articles from Ontario Edubloggers.

Tweeting as an Organization

I think I’ve been insulted by this post from Royan Lee. 809 kata lagi


Lessons from uLearn16: Keynote 4

Karen Spencer: Beyond the echo chamber – The extraordinary possibilities of a networked profession

Karen was probably a really sensible keynote to end uLearn on. After a couple of days of being exposed to numerous ideas, Karen spoke about ‘so what now’? 396 kata lagi

Random Musings

Reflection and the Liminal

The act of real reflection is an area of my learning that has developed throughout this unit. Taking the time to genuinely reflect on the information and tasks within this unit has forced me to question my core beliefs and real understanding of education and its scope. 129 kata lagi


The fundamentals of education

It is essential that refugees have access to education, so that they will be better able to contribute to the host country and also their home country when/if they return. 94 kata lagi


I went to an Edcamp, now what?

So, you went to your first (or fifth) Edcamp. Give yourself a pat on the back. No, seriously, do it! You have most likely given up a Saturday or another chunk of what little free time you have. 402 kata lagi


Distributor Material Utama dan Non Utama Pembangunan Jaringan Listrik (Distributor Of Main And Accessories Materials Of Electrical Network Development)

Kami siap melayani kebutuhan Material kelistrikan anda.

  1. Tiang Listrik Besi Standar PLN dan Sesuai Kebutuhan anda
  2. Trafo
  3. Tiang Listrik Beton Standar PLN
  4. Isolator Tumpu dan tarik (Keramik atau Polymer)
  5. 139 kata lagi

Why Seesaw?

After the presentation in class this week I was excited to sit down and share with all of you why I think Seesaw might be one of the best tools yet for student portfolios and connecting daily learning with families! 112 kata lagi