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Towards a Personal Ethic of Responsibility for Others

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice.

Teachers assume a weighty responsibility when they step into the classroom: we are accepting the challenge to put the interest of our students ahead of our own. 465 more words


A 10 Step EPIPHANY for Me! (Complete with stage notes)

1. I miss my old blog – that was written from a place of joy. Sometimes sorrowful, sometimes ranty. Ok. Often ranty. Sometimes random. ( … 269 more words


A Silent Honor

Tonight I watched as you reached out to a new chat participant. They were nervous and unsure of themselves. Your gentle support was beautiful. You walked beside them and didn’t move too fast or too slow. 45 more words

Personal Observations

Twitter, Bloglovin', and Community

Aside from my weekly reflections, I have been relatively quiet for the past few weeks.  In truth, I’ve been battling some end-of-winter doldrums which have left me feeling uninspired.   370 more words


Electricity towers collapsed in North Sumatera

Three electricity towers (sutet), which channel power from electric steam power plant (PLTU) Pangkalan Susu in Langkat region, collapsed last week. The collapse disturbs the electricity distribution from Langkat region to Binjai city.  164 more words


Does everything need to be educational? #Minecraft

I skimmed over The Myth of the Minecraft Curriculum a few days ago and then was reminded about it again this morning due to a friend tweeting it my way. 347 more words


What Have We Learned?

One glaring issue with the Internet is the complete and total lack of quality control. It’s a true double edged sword: we’re allowed to express ourselves in almost any way we see fit, connect with any and everyone about infinite potential topics. 881 more words