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Professional Learning Networks!

Over the course of this semester, I will be discovering what and for what use professional learning networks are and are for. I will be using some of the things that I find using there professional learning networks (PLNs) for information here and linking them. 203 kata lagi


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I recently wrote for the CUE Blog on how to own a premade curriculum. I spoke about taking it and tweaking it so that we, as teachers, feel the ownership instead of feeling like we have no say. 401 kata lagi


Blended Learning in a Primary Classroom - Is it possible?

“…blended learning provides an opportunity for the gradual development of independent learning skills, as long as this is an intentional teaching strategy.” Tony Bates in… 888 kata lagi


Edcamp Kansai 2017

21st January 2017 saw the return of Edcamp Kansai! It was my second time organising the event with our Edcamp team, but only my first time attending. 843 kata lagi


Writing About What's In My Head 5/10

Sitting down and putting my thoughts out there can be daunting enough.  If I didn’t write about what was in my head, I would sit for hours staring at a blank screen.   429 kata lagi


An Urgency To Share And Learn 2/10

For my second post in the Tina Zita 10 Posts In 10 Days Challenge, I want to highlight some learning and sharing in a 7-12 high school in the Algoma District School Board.   266 kata lagi


Share on the New MACUL Community

Share on the New MACUL Community

Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL)

Connect with friends as you learn together in the MACUL Community.  http://maculcommunity.org/  43 kata lagi