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Tweets for Tweachers

As a teacher, I understand that you don’t need another thing to keep up with…BUT if you are not using Twitter, you are missing opportunities to grow as a teacher.   1.201 more words

Scott Haselwood


I have been blessed with a wonderful PLN who challenge me and push me every single day.  If you don’t know what a PLN is, it stands for a Personal / Professional Learning Network.   494 more words


How To Become An EdTech Leader

I hosted a session at On The Rise this year. I’ve posted my slides as a PDF, but I knew from the start that a 60-minute session would be too short for the topic. 2.132 more words


Personal Learning Networks

In class we have been learning a bit about PLNs, or Personal Learning Networks. In my understanding, a PLN is a more informal way of connecting with other teachers, schools, and specialists in all subjects around the world.  397 more words


Creative Council

Lincoln did it right, surrounding himself with people who would question his opinion and provide passionate and sometimes contrary perspectives of their own. He didn’t call it a “mastermind group,” as Andrew Carnegie would a few decades later, or a “creative council” as Thomas Edison would dub the diverse personalities in his inner circle. 528 more words


Skype in the Classroom...Attempt #1

I’ve been hoping to do this for years, but never had a means to connect with anyone to try it out.  Now that I’ve been connecting with other educators more frequently on Twitter (follow me! 169 more words

Autonomy Vital for using Social Media in Education

As part of my Masters Degree, I researched and wrote a paper on the use of social media technologies in teaching and learning. I looked specifically at how it might relate to constructivist teaching pedagogy, and specifically, if social media could be an effective tool for assisting students in knowledge building and meaning-making activities. 778 more words