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My Personal Learning Network: A Baseline

My personal learning network for all things library began in the Spring of 2014 (2 years ago). The heart and soul of my PLN was Michael Stephen’s Hyperlinked Library course (now also a MOOC), which provided the necessary information, impetus and inspiration for developing an PLN. 457 kata lagi

The Conference High

I love going to Teachers’ Conferences.  I always walk away with my head buzzing and full of ideas.  They’re energizing and motivational, especially at this time of year when I need just a little boost of excitement about teaching to keep me going. 938 kata lagi


Content For My PLN

Five (5) Blog links (or a blog roll) or a Twitter Feed

  1. Chawla, S. (2013, September 24). How to Write eCommerce Product Descriptions that Sell Like Hotcakes – VWO Blog.
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Questions - Who should be asking them?

“The curriculum is other people.”

Dave Cormier as guest presenter in EC&I 831

As in any profession, we spend time each teaching year in a variety of different professional learning activities.

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EC&I 831

What's Best For Kids?

For the past 24 hours I have been participating in the rich, immediate conversations in The Innovator’s Mindset Voxer Group.

Last night, we were thinking a lot about the challenges of innovating from the middle.   242 kata lagi


The Birth of My Personal Learning Network (PLN)

This week marked the creation of my personal learning network, or PLN.  The purpose of my PLN is to connect me with vast resources of knowledge on the education profession via the Internet and “Web 2.0” technologies.   859 kata lagi

Personal Learning Network

Just Keep on Swimming

   “Doing things together gives us more power than doing things alone.”        

   – Howard Rheingold – Attention and Other 21st Century Social Media Literacies

So, the quote above certainly isn’t brand new earth shattering or mind blowing stuff but sometimes we need to be reminded and shown the power that comes from making connections and working together.  700 kata lagi

EC&I 831