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Berjuang kembali atau menyerah

Good Morning, today, the weather is very nice. Beautiful sunrise and the skies are blue. Tapi, kenapa tidak dengan fikiranku. Aku terus merasa beban fikiran, hati yang penuh rasa khawatir, dan dengan merasa bersalah. 761 kata lagi

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I know that the title of my blog is Reflections on Ed Tech, but today I’m taking a moment to reflect as an educator. Renovations to one of our schools begins this summer and it’s the building in which I have an office. 464 kata lagi


Wow, didn't know about this....

Checked twitter feed last night to find this picture sent to me.

So after some tweeting, linkedin messages later, this morning I have a copy of what was said about me. 133 kata lagi


This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Happy Friday, everyone.  It’s been a short week here in Ontario but that didn’t stop some great thinking appearing in the blogs of Ontario Educators… 2.021 kata lagi


The Importance of Online Personal Learning Networks.

Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) are the groups of people around us that help us develop skills and knowledge.

They can be:


Reflections from the #IBChat 17 April

So a colleague and I kept chatting after the #IBChat on Twitter.

As we reflected on the experience, I asked what my colleague’s most important takeaways were from the… 444 kata lagi

Approaches To Learning