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I’ve always doodled a bit when taking notes, but was really excited when I saw sketch/doodle notes during #nctmannual from Jill Gough.

I’ve been using the resources at BrainDoodles to get me started.


Reflections on researchED Melbourne #rEdMel

I’ve landed back in Perth after a whirlwind trip to Melbourne for this year’s researchED conference. This post is an attempt to unravel the tangled threads in my head, after what was a big day of thinking, listening and talking. 1.214 kata lagi


Get Connected!

Where is the one place that you can find endless amounts of  free professional development as an educator? The internet.  The past week I have been building my Personal Learning Network or PLN, I created a new educator twitter, I started this blog, and I have spent hours reading about and researching the importance of being a globally connected educator.   329 kata lagi


This Week in Ontario Edublogs

I don’t know if this post will happen on time.  As I try to connect this morning and gather my thoughts from the past week, I get this when I try to get to my notes and thoughts… 1.551 kata lagi


My FlipLearnCon Keynote

Yesterday I published an article containing Heather Davis‘ keynote presentation from FlipLearnCon in Sydney, broken into bite-size sections. This article provides my keynote presentation, also broken into sections. 491 kata lagi


Reflections from #FlipLearnCon Sydney

After having presented my first keynote at FlipLearnCon yesterday (Tuesday 17 May, 2016), I have a profound new respect for speakers who are tasked with presenting in the final session of a conference or professional learning day. 1.344 kata lagi