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Opinion: As Nintendo ponders iOS, it's time for Mac console game emulators to shine

When Nintendo announced last week that it will collaborate with DeNA to release iPhone and iPad games, gamers split into two camps: people intrigued by the promise of… 1.512 more words


Kenny's Top 10 Games - No.10

Over the past few weeks I’ve had time to reflect on the game’s I’ve played that made an impact on my life. So I decided I would share my Top 10 favorite games with you. 285 more words


Destiny Patch Will Hurt Last-Gen Players

An upcoming patch for Destiny will increase vault capacity for armours and items for players, but will require a compromise from the older generation of consoles. 132 more words


Spoon Deep Gaming Episode 6: The One with that Darn Trivia

Jake and Chase explore what it means to be a gamer in this day and age while drinking beer. They enjoy a nice Lake Placid Ubu Ale and contemplate Destiny’s lack of content, Evolve’s new hunters and Behemoth, as well some new Halo themed trivia.   9 more words


The DMC Diaries–Part 4

This is the first DMC diary of me playing the HD Collection so here’s a couple quick observations while I played through the first three missions again. 1.146 more words

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