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Silent Hill 3 – Promo Disc

This is the promo disc version of Silent Hill 3, the third in the franchise and the second game to appear on the Playstation 2. 36 more words

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Column: Achieving the Impossible

Full disclosure, I am a sucker for that little ‘bloop’ sound that happens when you get an achievement. I get excited when I hear it, and then saddened when it is just a friend logging on. 664 more words

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Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht

This series of posts, covering the Xenosaga trilogy for the PS2, will be slightly different than what I’ve done in the past. Right off the bat, I want to make something clear – I am playing the first two games for the sake of the third. 2.051 more words


Primeiro Video Game

Sobre um patrimônio Pessoal que deveria ser tombado ….  com toda certeza esse objeto seria meu videogame ” parceiro ” da infância nos momentos de tédio. 143 more words


PlayStation Plus Games for June

For the month of E3, PlayStation 4 owners will get their hands on four games, while Sony continues to support the PS Vita as well as the PlayStation 3 with a couple games a piece. 214 more words


Footy Stunts 2K6 2

Howdy, sorry I’ve been busy (easily interchangeable with the word ‘lazy’) for a bit, but I managed to get some game time in. I recently found my… 354 more words

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Mathematics in Videogames #1 - Encumbrance in RPGs

Part I: Champions of Norrath

Encumbrance, in role playing games, means how much you can carry.  This is usually determined by the weight of the items you are carrying.   269 more words