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The Lost Crash Bandicoot Animated Cut-Scenes

Last year, David Siller uploaded this video to YouTube.

Siller was a producer on the original Crash Bandicoot title, and the video contains the 2D traditional Saturday-morning-cartoon cutscenes intended to book end the first game. 331 kata lagi


TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2
Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube (reviewed)
Developed by Free Radical Design
Released in 2002

This review may be a little overdue, since we tackled the original  2.084 kata lagi


Nostalgic Roe Finds: November 2016

Roe avoided the Black Friday craze and bought games early! Plus he finally used a 2 year old gift card to add to his record collection.

Nostalgic Roe

Phantasy Star Adventure

Regular readers will no doubt know how much I’ve come to enjoy the Phantasy Star games since I’ve started writing these blogs. What makes them stand out? 1.228 kata lagi

PlayStation 2

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

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Black Label. Comes with original case, artwork, and disc. 67 kata lagi

Playstation 2

Final Fantasy Fundamentals: Class It Up #3 (Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

Final Fantasy X-2 Dresspheres

Boy, do I love FFX-2. The game has a wonderful combat system with Garment Grids that let you change Dresspheres mid-battle. 1.232 kata lagi

Video Games

Dynasty Warriors 3

Dynasty Warriors 3
Playstation 2 (reviewed) and Xbox
Developed by Omega Force
Released in 2001

A mere 13 months after Dynasty Warriors 2 completely overhauled the franchise, Omega Force made the surprising move to release a sequel.  1.515 kata lagi