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On We Love Katamari

One of my favorite games was very, very strange, called We Love Katamari, a sequel to Katamari Damacy. The plot is as follows… 2.278 kata lagi

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YES! Crash Bandicoot Easter Egg in Uncharted 4!

The fans have been baying for a new Crash Bandicoot title since the dawn of the PS4. Naughty Dog have been cruel in their teasing and lack of deliverance, however there’s a somewhat sarcastic nod to these requests in the form of an  169 kata lagi


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


Before 1998, the only exposure Western video game fans had to the Metal Gear franchise was the NES port of the original MSX title. … 3.457 kata lagi

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Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht

Back in 2014, as I was preparing reviews for this blog, I wrote a lengthy piece about Xenogears. I never posted it (and probably never will), but to summarize: I admire the game’s ambition, but it’s too sprawling and too confused for any of its heady themes to really stick. 1.797 kata lagi

PlayStation 2

Secret Levels, Cancelled Sequels, and Aileron Rolls: 6 of the Best Starfox Facts

We all know the barrel roll is actually an aileron roll in terms of aviation, but here are 6 more unknowns from the world of Fox McCloud. 547 kata lagi


King of Fighters Maximum Impact Stats and Records

No stats again guys. Well, here’s my main fighting game series ranks. Street Fighter>>Vs Capcom>>Blazblue series>>Tekken>>>Virtua Fighter>>Guilty Gear>>King of Fighters.

Game Records

Hindsight: Spyro The Dragon Review

Spyro the Dragon was ahead of its time when it came out in 1998. For an early 3D platforming game, it courageously included spoken dialogue during animated scenes and contained ambitious graphics. 2.165 kata lagi