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PS4 Getting Gorgeous and Beautiful Looking - Action Adventure Game Called Submerged

Following its initial reveal last year, Australian indie developer Uppercut Games on Friday announced that its new action-adventure game Submerged will be released on Playstation 4. 161 more words


WinBack: Covert Operations (PS2)

Year of Release: 2001
Genre: Action, Shooter

A terrorist group know as The Crying Lions takes control of the GULF complex, a military command center that controls a weapon of mass destruction. 77 more words


Level Select: Kingdom Hearts 2 - Battle of the 1000 Heartless

Kingdom Hearts 2 is recognized by many as the best entry in the series – and there are plenty of reasons why. Among those reasons is a sequence at the mid-point of the game that pushed Kingdom Hearts to new heights not only in terms of gameplay and storytelling, but also by pushing the PlayStation 2 hardware and developers’ abilities to their very limits. 1.063 more words


#Mv27: Lightning won't strike thirteen times // Goodbye Final Fantasy.

In the 32-bit era, no game series held as much sway over my gaming life like Final Fantasy did. I already had a chance to discuss Final Fantasy VII, … 1.082 more words


Daniel Radcliffe confirmed to star in GTA drama

While we always thought that GTA would be just a video game, It looks like it’ll soon make its way onto Television.

Daniel Radcliffe has been confirmed to act in the 90 minute drama that tells the story of the controversy that surrounded the most chaotic, Run ‘n Gun, Shoot ’em Up, Drive-By Gangster/Serial Killer Simulator known to man: Grand Theft Auto. 44 more words