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Best 25 Playstation 2 games of all time

​At the turn of the century, the PlayStation 2 was the console to own. Not only did it dominate its competitors, outselling some of them into oblivion (RIP Dreamcast), the system continued to be a successful money maker for Sony until it was discontinued in 2012. 3.835 kata lagi

Gaming Console

Phantasy Star Gen. I Review

A bright, polished, and fun remake that retro RPG gamers should definitely take for a spin, but those unfamiliar with the series might be turned off by what’s under the hood, an engine that still has that 80s feel. 820 kata lagi

Shadow of the Colossus Review

Back in October 2016, I finally got around to playing Shadow of the Colossus.  I had this game for a while but wasn’t quite in the mood to start playing it until then.   1.947 kata lagi

Video Game

Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica (2001)

Japanese-European First Person Exclusive

Year: 2001

Platform: Sony PlayStation 2, Arcade

Player Characters: Claire Redfield, Steve Burnside

Setting: Rockfort Island

Resident Evil is a worldwide success; it has sold in Japan, Europe, and here in the United States quite well over the years. 548 kata lagi


Resident Evil - Code: Veronica [X] (2000/2001)

The next big franchise installment

Year: 2000/2001

Platform: Sega Dreamcast (X: PlayStation 2)

Player Characters: Claire Redfield, Steve Burnside, Chris Redfield

Setting: Rockfort Island and  Antartica… 666 kata lagi


Conquering Undiscovered Territories

I love being in the right place at the right time.  I decided to go and visit some friends that live out of town and happened to drive by a brand new pawn shop that I found out had only been open for a couple of weeks.  790 kata lagi