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In Praise of Travelling Slowly in Shadow of the Colossus

For all its interest in duration and slow travel, Shadow of the Colossus does offer a form of fast-travel that often goes unremarked. We can only ever travel towards the colossi, and the game denies us the ride back to the Shrine of Worship, instead presenting us with an elliptical fade to black after Wander defeats a colossus and slips unconscious. 211 kata lagi

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Retro Gaming: The Games that Refuse to Die

The world of gaming moves at such a swift pace that you would think older games get left behind and forgotten about. Thankfully this isn’t the case, especially for those classics that refuse to sit back and die. 544 kata lagi


New to the Lineup: July 2016

It’s time to talk about some recent additions to the Retro Referee’s sports video game library. Let’s look at the list of what’s new in the lineup: 653 kata lagi


Tekken Tag Tournament - An Overview

So while I’m getting up close and personal with Wild Wild Racing, I felt its time to introduce the next game in line!

Tekken Tag Tournament… 629 kata lagi

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Marvel vs Capcom 2 Retrospective

Greg enlightens the rest of the kings into the greatness that is Marvel vs Capcom 2, one of the best fighting games of all time.


Gaming Memories - World Championship Snooker.

World Championship Snooker (PlayStation 1, 2000)

I felt it was time that I had another look back at one of my favourite classic computer games, and it’s another sport one. 375 kata lagi

Resident Evil 4 gets a Release Date

The Resident Evil remastered game we’ve all been waiting for, now has a release date. We will be able to enjoy RE4 on our PS4 and Xbox One, August 30th of this year. 26 kata lagi