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Ridge Racer. Namco (1995) PlayStation

Peering into the time machine that is Retro Gaming will often produce weird feelings. There is no denying that the PlayStation was a success, however, when you look objectively at the launch titles for the European release you’ll honestly wonder why ANYBODY bought the PS1 at release. 489 kata lagi


Batman: THE TELLTALE SERIES EPISODE 2: Children of Arkham

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes this review is late, and yes Episode 3 was released the day before I have officially written this. 1.141 kata lagi


After Further Review: NHL Hitz Pro (PlayStation 2/Xbox/Gamecube, 2003)

After the releases of NFL Blitz 2003 and NHL Hitz 2003, Midway decided to change things up with their flagship arcade sports game series for the sixth console generation. 1.347 kata lagi


SSPA: Indigo Prophecy

There are some game designers out there that have extraordinary visions for new games. Some of them have undertaken ambitious projects that put them under intense strain, like Jordan Mechner (Prince of Persia) and Eric Chahi (Out of this World), both of whom made games with very small teams and limited resources. 1.491 kata lagi


Let's Play: The Park - Episode 2

We returned to The Park to see its horrors to the end and… something about a son…


My first PS4 video on youtube

A little while ago I was playing the game Destiny in which I managed to complete the jumping puzzle (climbing the mountain) of Felwinter Peak social space to acquire what they call a dormant siva. 109 kata lagi


Haunted Castle

Haunted Castle
Arcades and Playstation 2
Developed by Konami
Released in 1988

Simon Belmont has just gotten married to his bride Selena, but Dracula takes her away and Simon has to go and save her. 732 kata lagi