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My Beeswax is Over Here

Today I went to a playgroup and it was not awful!

A neighboring town’s library holds a 45 minute playgroup every week and since my search for affordable day care has gone horribly… so so horribly*, I’m checking out free options for kid interaction instead. 461 kata lagi

Mom Life

Blue House Atelier @ UE Square

Was browsing through the net if there’s any fun programme for playgroup. And I was so interested with this!

Yesterday was our first day and it went very well exclude the part when Fay was happily eating the chalk. 40 kata lagi

Woodland Play Sessions

We are excited to announce that our new Woodland Play Sessions will start at 09:15 on October 3rd 2016. One week (Monday and Thursday sessions) per month (on the first full week of each month) we will re-locate our playgroup to a wonderful woodland area in the estate of Gargunnock House. 28 kata lagi

Playgroup News

Hi there.

so today I decided to start a new blog, mainly due to a Facebook post from an old friend who was sharing her thoughts on her 3 children starting high school, it got me thinking about all the fabulous support we’d had when starting out on our journey as mums, the meetings in church halls, the shiny websites promising us 8 hours sleep, foul proof weening, tips on stain removal, what to expect in the first months and years, forums where we could share advice or check if we were normal! 139 kata lagi


Try it...

For those with children to entertain it can sometimes seem an impossible struggle to get out the door in the morning at all – let alone with everyone’s coats and shoes on. 151 kata lagi

Back to Normal

The second week of our holiday went far too quickly, and now we’ve been home for two days and it already seems too long ago! 161 kata lagi


A change of plans...

We¬†have been informed by Ely Milks that they are, unfortunately, unable to join us on Friday 21st October 2016. We are disappointed that we can’t have them with us but we still have lots of exciting things in store for you! 102 kata lagi