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20m18d 又上Playgroup啦!玩麵粉

今日上 playgroup 玩麵粉 (其實係糯米粉),估唔到細佬都幾有興趣喎!玩玩吓仲將我搓成嘅波波擺入口!!可能佢認得呢樣嘢係整食物,喺屋企我緊係唔俾佢玩啦!最多都係俾搓好嘅麵團佢「督」吓!都已經督得好開心,哈哈笑。


今晚工人整到隻蛋好 cute! 不過細佬唔係咁欣賞,仲好似驚驚哋添!直到將隻「雞仔樣」整到冇咗,佢先肯食隻蛋!😂


All About Japanese Kindy

September 18, 2018

Today was a bustling morning of sharing and collaboration.

Member Julie read the adorable story “A Monster at the End of this Book”. 103 kata lagi


Fireworks 2018

Our next event will be the Fireworks display on Saturday 3 November held at the South Oxford Adventure Playgroup SOAP,  off Whitehouse Road.

This is a big fundraiser for Nursery and SOAP and is a fun sociable evening for families and younger and older children.   33 kata lagi


Hinokicho Park Picnic with Little Explorers

September 11, 2018

The FCC was unavailable to us this day so we had a change of venue; we picnicked at a park for a very casual and fun gathering on a perfect early Fall morning. 30 kata lagi


Inglese per piccoli koala 2018: sedi e costi

Siete invitati alla sessione informativa per genitori che si terra’:

MARTEDI 18 SETTEMBRE alle 18:00, nel Palazzo Civico di Cadidavid (primo piano, sala 2)

Ecco maggiori dettagli su sedi, giorni e costi: 93 kata lagi

Best practices

My kids and I are unfortunate culprits in some unhelpful behaviors, so since we can’t lead by example, I’ll hang these best practices on our bulletin boards with the promise to do better.


TMG/ Roppongi Co-op “First Tuesdays Collaboration”

September 4, 2018

Grateful for a dry place to spend this Tuesday morning! Twenty-one families joined our first collaboration with TMG. We celebrated Sara’s September birthday, longstanding member Anna Marie of… 46 kata lagi