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Mengenalkan sekolah pada anak usia 2 tahun

Hari ini adalah sabtu yang berbeda buat saya dan keluarga. Biasanya di hari sabtu saya berkutat dengan pasar (biasa belanja mingguan bersama istri tercinta) dan mengajak jalan-jalan si kecil, Audrey, namun hari ini kami menghabiskan waktu di kelompok bermain a.k.a playgroup. 715 kata lagi


What a great day for Max and a tiring one for mummy

We’ve had such a busy day.

We went to belvedere to pick up a new boiler (being installed Sunday yayy can’t wait to have proper heating again) the store was on a industrial estate, me and max looked very out of place!!! 122 kata lagi

Tired Mummy

January places available at St Columba's playgroup

Spaces are available from January at the St Columba’s church playgroup in Crosspool.

The group takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30am-11:25am. It costs £6 a session and is suitable for children from two years to school age. 11 kata lagi


I've left Tabitha at playgroup for the first time

This morning, for the first time in her life, I left Tabitha in the hands of a non-family member. I sat at home with just Polly and it felt very odd; it was so quiet and I could actually see the floor as there were no toys littering it! 174 kata lagi



Sophie lagi banyak ceritanya nih.. hahahaha..

Senen kemaren ini pulang sekolah dia ga cerita soal kejadian di kelas. Gua tanya2 juga jawabnya di kelas ga belajar, cuman pesta ulang tahun derrick aja. 445 kata lagi


We just found The Best Place Ever. Officially!

I’m so excited, my friend invited small boy and I to try out a brand new play group in….wait for it….a trampoline park in Gloucester. Oh yes, it really is as amazing as it sounds. 857 kata lagi