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Special Needs Playgroup

Today we went to other side of town to meet other special needs kids and their parents in a playgroup. I was focused on my son for the most part, but I do acknowledge the benefits of being amongst people who understand what you might be going through. 314 kata lagi


Where are you now?

I know some parents don’t post photos of their kids for security reasons, I’m careful not to put stuff up that would embaress them in the future as once it’s out there it can’t be deleted. 121 kata lagi


A letter to the playgroup teacher!

The letter that we wrote to the playgroup teachers of our son, on the day he graduated to primary school!

Dear Teachers,

On this last day of my son at your place, we want to thank you all for the efforts that you had put to nurture our child. 424 kata lagi

My Work

Number One

We have made it to Friday! Congratulations everyone! I did my part and am glad to have made it here with you. In celebration I bring (back) to you one of the coolest music videos ever made. 187 kata lagi


my first attempt at joining an #EDH playgroup in #AUSTINTX was a bust

Well, now that we have been in the Austin area for a few months I have finally gotten away from work and school to attempt joining a local Magic that Gathering: Commander Playgroup. 446 kata lagi


There are many ways to play...

On Monday, just before the school’s National Day celebration started, Little Foot’s teacher asked me whether she has interaction with other children at home. I said yes and we had a chat about why this question popped up. 448 kata lagi

Douglas Daly Ladies Day Out

Douglas Daly Playgroup held their annual Ladies Day Fundraiser today at the Douglas Daly Community Hall.

It was pleasing to see so many local and visiting ladies attend this lovely session run by the hardworking mums of the Douglas Daly Playgroup. 77 kata lagi