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Lessons From My Stroller Strides Mornings

These we’re the days that lasted forever, although the years flew by. Little did I know four years ago that by joining this stroller–based fitness class, I’d be changing my life in so many ways. 391 kata lagi


The Joy of Cardboard Boxes!

Sometimes, the cardboard box seems to be more fun than the actual purchased item, especially when the box is BIG – does this sound familiar?!?!  During the past two sessions, our Porto Playgroup kids have been using recycled boxes to make a bus and a boat, decorating each with paint, glitter and other crafty materials.   151 kata lagi

Bahasa Kalbu

Ifa, itu nama panggilan dari anak saya. Ifa telah naik kelas TK B. Tak terasa sudah 3 tahun belajar di PAUD. Ifa belajar di PAUD sejak usia 2 tahun. 974 kata lagi


Entry 4 - Li'l Cactuses

Dear Diary,

I can’t even believe this is happening. How is it possible the man who tried to get me to abort our daughter is now trying to take her from me. 2.635 kata lagi

London Caliente

Rapid Prototyping Life Experience (Pt 1)

Booking under: Nicole

If you are waiting for Keith’s posts, you might be disappointed again this week. At the moment, I am still hijacking our blog (with the full consent of my other half). 706 kata lagi


Review: Baby Sensory Singapore (Suntec)

A few mamas decided to venture out of our comfort zone and engage our baby in a  baby sensory class since we got a voucher from the baby bash! 712 kata lagi


Playgroup Isn't For Kids

Every week I cart my offspring off to two or three lovely playgroups, and apart from the fact that they both seem hard-wired to fill their nappies in the most foul way the minute we walk through the door, we all have a lovely time.  705 kata lagi