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One Way of Growing Up

I have decided to decide that there are various ways of growing up.

An instinctive and reasonable way of looking at ‘growing up’ is to see it as a sort of transformation. 1.462 kata lagi

Thoughts And Confusions

the perils of playgroup

I took Thea to a local playgroup today, to meet a friend and her children. I’m always a little dubious about playgroups/toddler classes/general public meetings of small people – it feels like fun for Thea, torture for me. 219 kata lagi


What's my morning routine?

We’re onto the 10th part of this blog challenge – I thought it would be hard to keep up but I guess I love pouring out my thoughts so much that it hasn’t seemed too difficult to find the momentum. 855 kata lagi


Playgroup with the kiddos: Why we had a "Mary Day"

May is the month committed to Mary, the mother of God. As Catholics, we honor Mary, not worship, but honor her as highly respected and beloved member in the kingdom of God because of who she is and the role she played in cooperating with God’s plan for salvation. 970 kata lagi


Ardagh Toddlers: A relaxed & friendly playgroup on Horfield Common

If you have young children and live in or near Horfield, you might be interested to find out more about Ardagh Toddlers, a playgroup which is held every Monday 10 – 11.30am at the Ardagh Pavilion on Horfield Common. 422 kata lagi


咁細個上 Playgroup 係咪真係有用?

認識朗朗嘅朋友都知佢鍾意音樂,聞歌會即起舞果隻。所以我特意 search 左 呢個 日本 Yamaha 音樂 playgroup 比朗朗玩。

返第一堂,TomLee 就叫我地係屋企都要播比小朋友聽,咁等佢地上堂會更加有共鳴。於是我就即管試下。


呀仔而家每次聽 Pupple song 會跳舞,聽 Good night song 會跟著前奏用手好似指揮家咁打拍子。呢 d 都係佢由心而發,我冇教佢的!


同時地,呀仔而家每次聽 the flower with a red cap 都會喊 😂😂 點解? 因為呢首歌嘅音樂就咁聽好似哀歌咁,但其實聽埋歌詞當然吾係,首歌係幾 sweet tim, 有機會你可以聽下 😄。 12 kata lagi


A bit of yoga at Kikiriki Spanish Playgroup


In our next session we are going to have a go with some simple yoga poses for children.

We are hoping to relax and learn some of the garden words that we are practising this term. 25 kata lagi