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PLAYGROUP SCHOOLS - How much beneficial ?

School  means  a  place  where  a  child  is  admitted  to  learn  discipline,  manners,  some  rules  and  regulations  and  is  told  to  follow  some  curriculum. 327 kata lagi

The Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are now here (well Squidge breaks off today at 15:15). We have six weeks to plan, occupy and hopefully make it alive by the time the new term starts in September. 353 kata lagi

Breaking the free spirit...

No photos today.

Day 5 of school; Day 3 of leaving her with the teachers.

Dropping Little Foot off is becoming more tricky, obviously the baby knew what was coming — Mummy was going to pass her to someone and walk out. 426 kata lagi

Today you cried, and I cried with you

Day 3 of school… Little Foot was all dressed for Hari Raya celebrations. And she decided that Ah-Ah the dog will be her companion for the day. 519 kata lagi

Day 340 - Positives

I really can feel that the end is in sight for the second year of daily positives, having changed it this year to become more meaningful I am wondering what I can do to change it again for year 3. 170 kata lagi

Year Of Positives

First day in school... a new chapter begins

Today Little Foot formally walked through the doors of Singapore’s education system for the first time.

I half expected tears, meltdowns and panic attacks from her, but I have to say she gave us a real easy time today. 287 kata lagi

Fourteen days.

I can not believe it’s the 1st of July tomorrow. Including tomorrow I have fourteen mornings left with Z.


In fourteen school days that’s our mornings gone before school. 466 kata lagi