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It’s playgroup day, I’m not going, I’ve been warned not to distance myself, I’m going shopping instead, maybe this is an easier way out? I feel a little bad as Z haven’t been anywhere this week. 407 more words


Chatterbox Playgroup, Horfield Baptist Church: A Bishopston Mum Review

Today on Bishopston Mum local parent, Katie Campbell, reviews Chatterbox Playgroup, a toddler group which is held at Horfield Baptist Church on Friday mornings in term-time.  308 more words


I See You

The toddler stage of life is filled with learning through experimentation and learning to be social by watching and imitating others, especially caregivers.

Toddlers can be active, always on the go, or thoughtful and full of purposeful movement, or quiet observers and taking it all in. 97 more words

Goop and Colours = Fun!

Environmental Awareness

How can you tell if something is a solid or a liquid? Solids hold their shape, while liquids take the shape of the container that they are in. 218 more words

Childcare Centres At Woodlands

Playgroup en marzo: Celebrando la llegada de la primavera

Ha llegado la primavera a Moscú y con ella el verde, ¡por fin! En uno de los encuentros del playgroup en marzo aprovechamos para hablarle a los niños de cómo la naturaleza se despierta después del invierno. 294 more words

Here's to the biggest reason we play games! (well me at least)

Playing games has been a huge part of my life, so much so that I started this blog! I’ve been a bit busy this week, so instead of writing a review of a game, I thought it’d be a nice time to reflect on the reasons I write about and play games, the people. 210 more words

Board Games

Sharing Isn't Fair

Toys are our children’s soul possessions of worth. They don’t have money, they don’t have cars, they don’t have technology. What they have are toys. To us they’re just toys but to our children they are everything. 889 more words