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Feeling judged? Remember Thoughts are not Facts

It’s been one of those days.  I feel like that rubbish parent who some people cast a withering glance at before inwardly thinking ‘thank God that’s not me’ or something along those lines but possibly less sympathetic.  765 kata lagi


Why we chose a Steiner playgroup for our Montessori toddler 

Imagine the scene. A church hall filled with loud, single-purpose plastic toys. Children of all ages running around, ignored by their childminders who sit chatting on the benches at the side. 588 kata lagi


Fit dad at playgroup, you made my day

Yesterday was a rainy morning.  I slammed the buggy through the door into the playgroup, soggy and sweaty.

I shed our outer layers and set my son free to go and play.  233 kata lagi

Thinking Of The Day

Sekolah Nusantara Ibu Kelinci

Sekolah Nusantara Ibu Kelinci berlokasi di Jalan Elang Raya, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan di belakang Puspobudoyo. Sekolah ini menerapkan pendidikan berbasis budaya untuk anak-anak usia dini melalui kegiatan bermain sambil belajar. 541 kata lagi

First Playgroup

I took A to his first ever playgroup session. The session was designed for babies from birth to 15 months. We were the first ones there. 50 kata lagi


Tips for successful 1st day at daycare

My daughter has finally started going to daycare. She is attending a playgroup (PG) level at 18m.o. It’s been almost 2 weeks now.

It’s a mixed feeling. 764 kata lagi