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How Preschoolers can Get to Enjoy Lessons in the "Outdoor Classroom" At This Chinese Kindergarten

Learning Chinese does more than boost one’s literacy skills – it also enables you to explore the origins of one of the most ancient cultures of the world. 643 kata lagi


How I Got My Happy Toddler Back

Lily is nearly 17 months now, and for all of her life she has had her mood swings. Mostly happy and laughing, but then very angry and shouty when upset. 1.077 kata lagi


Just Being Mum

As a Stay At Home Mummy, I always used to find it deadly boring…staying at home.

There we go, I said it.

And I don’t think I’m the only mummy in the playground to think this – though I may be one of the few who actually says it *out loud*.    963 kata lagi

Fireworks - Sunday 5 November 2017

The annual Firework display held at South Oxford Adventure Playgroup (SOAP) and organised jointly with Playgroup was a great success again this year, raising nearly £4,000 profit.  26 kata lagi


Being a parent can be so hard

Having a big family is amazing, watching the boys play and interact with each other completely melts my heart.
I love watching them grow and show their personalities but being a parent can sometimes be so bloody hard. 900 kata lagi

Starting Playgroup and One Emotional Mummy

Oliver has been going to playgroup for two weeks now and I can talk about it a little more easily now. We had a few settling-in sessions together where I played along beside him for the first couple, and then I would go into a different room so he couldn’t see me – he didn’t even look for me once! 477 kata lagi


Playgroup - Previously Unreleased Volume 2 [YW002X]

Following the success of last years Playgroup ‘Previously Unreleased’ album and its critically-acclaimed run of nine weekly 12′ vinyl EPs, Trevor Jackson has compiled a second volume of 20 tracks (11 unheard and 9 previously vinyl only) released as a Limited Edition Double CD and 6 track vinyl sampler on Nov 3rd via Yes Wave records.  49 kata lagi