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Other children's behaviour at playgroups

It takes a whole village to raise a child 

Last week I watched a grandmother tell a little boy (that she did not know) off for hitting her grandson and then turn and felt great shame and embarrassment that she had been caught by the boy’s father. 599 kata lagi

Diary Of A Nanny

The Return of Speed-Mumming

Nearly a year ago, I wrote about how utterly useless I was at Speed-Mumming; the impossible task of making parent friends as your toddler tears round the park / playgroup / soft play / library / coffee shop / wherever leaving chaos in their wake. 1.162 kata lagi


Story Time

We do weekly story times at each library branch in our system, which in the past had been a preschool story time at our location. But as kids are starting preschool younger, we were getting toddlers and babies more than any kids in the 3 to 5 range. 565 kata lagi


It's time for school, Hayder!

Urusan preschool-preschoolan ini sebetulnya udah sejak tahun 2014 kita jajakin. Waktu itu Hayder belum genap umur 2 tahun, saya dan Vicki udah mulai cari-cari informasi tentang preschool atau kelompok bermain atau playgroup atau apapun itu. 2.423 kata lagi

Observasi playgroup Al-Fajar

Ini cerita lanjutan dari Shifa yang daftar di playgroup. Setelah sebelumnya hanya inden nama, akhir Januari lalu shifa di observasi sekalian pengambilan formulir playgroup di Al-Fajar, Rungkut, Surabaya.  398 kata lagi