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Phaedrus and The History of Rhetoric

Plato, whether unintentionally or deliberately, very clearly categorized the practice of rhetoric into three analogies – that of the non-lover, that of the selfish/evil lover, and that of the noble/good lover. 367 kata lagi

Digital Presence

I’ve enjoyed a couple of articles in New York recently, so I picked up a copy at a newsagent’s in Penn Station. There’s an article there by Andrew Sullivan, … 822 kata lagi

Which thinker are you?

Which thinker are you?

You are Plato.

You have an affinity for the people and the betterment of your fellow man. This makes your outlook on life to be selfless and for the greater good. 28 kata lagi


Why Philosophy?

Plato famously said that the ‘unexamined life is not worth living’ (Apology 38a). But what is an examined life in contrast? Normally, I suppose, when we live our lives, we do not question our fundamental principles, values or beliefs. 1.591 kata lagi


Anger, Outrage, and Adrenaline

My cable channel plays a lot of old movies.  I’ve just watched “Taken” again.  I do like the movie, but I have some concerns about it.   307 kata lagi


PLATO: Crito

Crito is the immediate follow up to the Apology.  The trial is over, Socrates has been sentenced to die.  And Crito goes to him and tries to convince him to escape.  106 kata lagi


Purgatorio XV - True Lies

Throughout the Divine Comedy Dante walks a fine line between truth and falsehood. At times Dante pushes his poetry so far that it seems hardly believable. 376 kata lagi