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Notes on Plato's Euthyphro

Socrates and Euthyphro discuss piety. They meet before the offices of the magistrate in Athens who hears charges of for court cases involving religion. Socrates has been charged with impiety, for corrupting the youth by creating new gods and not believing in the old. 3.513 kata lagi

Pre-modern Art And Society

Letters from a Stoic - LIX (Kanye West)


The Perfect Man is a Platonic ideal – an image of Perfection unattainable for material substrate – but nonetheless remains the target at the end of our aim. 351 kata lagi


How Cognitive Science May Explain the Magic of Theatre

When we watch a play we can see and hear the characters on stage, but we also have to try to imagine what they may be thinking. 1.354 kata lagi

Postgraduate English

Power and the Pursuit of Justice

Corey Robin makes the case that we tend to associate virtue with powerlessness and to see power as a vice, a position which leads us to suppose that to be good we must be without power and that, as he says, “strongmen are strong.” I think he’s right, and I think this view of virtue as powerlessness follows from an association of power with self-interest that can be traced back to Plato. 1.074 kata lagi


Representation as examined by the writings of Plato and Clement Greenberg

Having recently been researching the issue of art education for academic purposes I found myself looking into its history in Classical Greece and thus in the writings of Aristotle and Plato. 1.123 kata lagi


Episode 11, Transcendent Knowledge Podcast: Plato, pt. 2

Here –

Cutting edge conversation between Max Freakout and Cyber Disciple. In this episode Max and Cyb continue to discuss Plato, his philosophy and political involvement. 86 kata lagi

Pre-modern Art And Society

O. K. Bouwsma Does the Forms

Imagine, for this purpose, a museum–a museum, deep in calm, fixed in breathlessness, done in silence, clothed in invisibility, awful, laid away in heaven.  And the walls thereof are purest essence, some quint-essence, some tri-essence, but none semi-essence.  

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