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What is Religion?

When I started my MA in Religious Studies years ago, I remember sitting in the very first class (Theory and Methods) and being faced with this question. 2.076 kata lagi

Chris Hayes: What ‘Law and Order’ Means to Trump - The New York Times

“… In this view, crime is not defined by a specific offense. Crime is defined by who commits it. If a young black man grabs a white woman by the crotch, he’s a thug and deserves to be roughed up by police officers. 243 kata lagi


Extrapolating Protagoras' Man-the-Measure Doctrine


In the spirit of my Extrapolating Plato’s Definition of Being, in which I took a short passage from Plato and extrapolated it beyond its originally intended scope, I would like to take a famous line from Protagoras and also extrapolate this beyond its originally intended scope. 879 kata lagi

Strictly Theoretical

Body, Soul and Personal Identity - Part 2

*Obi-Wan Kenobi voice*: hello, there! First of all, I want to say sorry for, you know, not posting anything in over a year. Not to tell you my entire life story or anything, but I’m now in my final year of university and things are pretty crazy right now because I’m writing my dissertation, revising for exams… 1.600 kata lagi


Sebuah Opini Tentang Allegory Of The Cave

Allegory of the cave atau perumpamaan dari sebuah gua ditulis oleh plato seorang tokoh filsafat yunani kuno yang pendapatnya dalam bidang filsafat sudah terbaca secara luas selama lebih dari 2.300 tahun, plato menulis tidak kurang dari tiga puluh enam buku yang kebanyakan menyangkut masalah politik, etika, metafisika, dan teologi. 874 kata lagi

Sebuah Opini

Greek Philosopher: Plato

Plato the Greek Philosopher was born between 424 and 423BC, to parents from the Greek aristocracy.  Ariston his father was a descended from the Kings of Athens and Messenia, whilst his mother, Perictione was related to the 6th century Greek statesman; Solon.  418 kata lagi


Plato'S Doctrine Respecting The Rotation Of The Earth And.Doc

A list of every Word of the Year selection released by Dictionary. Dictionary’s first Word of the Year was chosen in 2010. 11 kata lagi