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What happened to the Minoans?

‘Empires inevitably fall, and when they do, history judges them for the legacies they leave behind.’ Noah Feldman

The Minoans left us with an enormous legacy, their extraordinary feats dazzle and confound us to this day.

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Knocking out Comps: Plato's "Republic" Book III

I’m on to Book III of The Republic now. This is getting very exciting. It seems no wonder that Saint Augustine was such a passionate neo-Platonist of a Christian. 448 kata lagi


The Early Christian Church and Greek Culture

Early Christian figures like Minucius Felix, contrary to popular thought, did not reject the idea of incorporating Greek classics into Christianity. Their view was that these Greeks were making their way towards the ultimate goal: the teachings of Jesus. 472 kata lagi

Western Civilization I

"...the moderns want a more lasting victory of the argument at the expense of reality."

Plato, in his famous fight against the ancient Sophists, discovered that their “universal art of enchanting the mind by arguments” (Phaedrus 261) had nothing to do with truth but aimed at opinions which by their very nature are changing, and which are valid only “at the time of the agreement and as long as the agreement lasts” (Theaetetus 172). 168 kata lagi

The hoover-er.

The dreamer’s purpose is to dream for those that cannot dream.

Before 2007, the notion of a touch screen smart-phone, capable of being used by the blind would have been beyond imagination. 266 kata lagi


Socratic Method - What Is Empathy?

My second post. I’m back so soon…

I wrote this piece a while back but wanted to put it up here as soon as possible to see what reactions I get. 3.166 kata lagi


Biographical background and philosophical significance:

Plato was regarded as being the founder of western philosophy; this is not simply a question of history, but also of long standing influence – Plato is not only regarded by many as the founder of philosophy, but also as one of the most significant philosophers in the West. 6.507 kata lagi