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Apology, Symposium and Phaedo by Plato

Apology, Symposium and Phaedo are three dialogues by Plato that I recently read.

Apology is Socrates self-defense against the allegations of impiety and corruption. His discourse concerns the true nature of knowledge and of righteous behaviour. 209 kata lagi


One + One = Three

An interesting phenomenon was introduced to a mass audience early in the previous century by Napoleon Hill.

He learned from his research among successful men, yes, they were all men, mostly industrialists like Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie, of the power of the ‘Master Mind’. 315 kata lagi

Napoleon Hill

Borrowed Bravery

Hey there…. I know that lately you haven’t been feeling it. It’s hard to see the finish line when the world becomes a 24/7 obstacle course. 565 kata lagi


Socratic Method(s)

Consider the following letter to the editor from the well-known philosopher Simon Blackburn:

“Sir, I was a member of the then sub-faculty of philosophy in Oxford some 30 years ago when the chairman received a letter from the administration asking us to detail innovations in teaching methods we had recently made.

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Mr Tambourine Man: cultural references (3)


…it’s just a shadow you’re
Seein’ that he’s chasing.

Like in Plato’s “The Republic” (Book 7), the tambourine man only  sees the shadows Dylan is chasing… 208 kata lagi