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Fuck Flaubert, Fuck Socrates and Plato

One of the effects of moving around all the time is that you’re never doing things for as long as you think you are. Even when you feel like you’ve been doing something too long, and that you’re becoming boring and stale, you have been doing things for less time than other people. 413 kata lagi


Tailored 38 Special

When I turn to page 38 of The Art
of the Steal by Frank Abagnale, I see “North
Carolina.” I think Highlands, the town where… 607 kata lagi


Mulla Sadra's Primacy of Being

            Muhammad Kamal’s Mulla Sadra’ Transcendental Philosophy has the merit of explaining Mulla Sadra’s complex ideas without falling into the trap of oversimplifications. This book consists of five main chapters with the introduction and a conclusion. 1.972 kata lagi


BTCC 2017 Season Preview: Best Grid Ever?

You may be sat reading what is primarily an F1 site wondering what this is all about, but variety is the spice of life. In 2017, rather than simply analyse and enthuse about one series, it’s high time I broaden my horizons. 925 kata lagi


Plato, one of the most recognizable thinkers of all time, believed that democracy leads to moral decay and mob rule and eventually tyranny.

Delight and Wisdom

Philebus was saying that enjoyment and pleasure and delight, and the class of feelings akin to them, are a good to every living being, whereas I contend, that not these, but wisdom and intelligence and memory, and their kindred, right opinion and true reasoning, are better and more desirable than pleasure for all who are able to partake of them, and that to all such who are or ever will be they are the most advantageous of all things.  

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Hunching in the chaos of phenomena

It is the year 1810, and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel has awoken from a bad dream. His hand still shaking, garbed in his nightgown as was his habit, he puts pen to paper, describing… 1.020 kata lagi

Conceptual Analysis