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Divergent: a case study of Plato's Republic

In the world of Divergent, society is divided into five factions, each based on a different virtue.  At the age of 16, teenagers are forced to take a test to see where they best fit into this society.   753 kata lagi


Adopting a Classical Cosmology

Ascension Day


Since coming to St. Paul’s and the Diocese of San Diego, I’ve become keenly aware of the mainline American church’s decline over the past four decades. 1.623 kata lagi


Allegory of the Cave

I wonder if everyone who retires from a consuming and intense career that they love needs a lot of time, not just to deal with the big change retirement involves, but to fully understand what they did for however long they did it. 1.087 kata lagi


The Key In The Wine

In one of Plato’s early dialogues, The Euthyphro, Socrates asks this perplexing question:

“Now think of this. Is what is good good because the gods approve it, or do the gods approve it because it is good?”

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#Poem Love Asleep by #Plato

We reached the grove’s deep shadow and there found

Cythera’s son in sleep’s sweet fetters bound;

Looking like ruddy apples on their tree;

No quiver and no bended bow had he;

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Speechless About the Life of the Mind

Recent teaching advice from the Chronicle of Higher Education: Go Easy on the Socratic Method.

Plato, Philebus 21d-e

P: This argument has made me completely speechless right now… 78 kata lagi