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On Names

A reflection on Plato’s Cratylus

The names that we give to concepts, concrete and abstract, are of vital importance to the way in which we conceive ideas, and the manner in which we conduct debate. 689 kata lagi


Plato quotes

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

Looking for relevent quotes for this blog, you can not miss a Plato quote popping up. Plato was a philosopher in classical Greece. 960 kata lagi


Misguided Obligations To the Law: A Brief Response to Socrates and Martin Luther King Jr.

One’s relationship to laws, under which societies function, in an abstract sense is built upon the notion of social contract. Be it an implied or explicit social contract, one’s physical existence within a certain geopolitical territory and existential dependence on a certain set of systems and structures that allow a society to operate establishes some type of relationship between the individual and the state within which they live. 1.045 kata lagi

On Passion

A reflection on Plato’s Phaedrus

Although I have examined emotions singularly, I have yet to look specifically at the impulse which drives humanity to strive and achieve passion. 488 kata lagi


Concentrated Exchanges

“The concentrated exchanges between Valéry “who does not forgive himself for not having been a philosopher” (Cioran) and Alain who may not have forgiven himself for not being a great novelist, like his beloved Balzac, are themselves components of a cardinal dialogue. 234 kata lagi

Jean-Paul Sartre

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Around this time last year, I travelled to Greece to participate in a ten-day winter school themed “Athens through the Ages” organized by… 860 kata lagi