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Malva Afileius

Malva afileius, (used to be Malva Sylvestris), is an invasive annual angiosperm in class Dicotelydonæ, order Malvales, family Malvacæ, and subfamily Malvoidæ. They are found in Mediterranean Europe, northern Africa and West Asia. 131 kata lagi


The End... And the Beginning of @folk_jee

As you may have noticed (go figure) this blog has been so so quiet for the past 6 months. There is a personal reason for that: I had to start focusing on myself more, had to think about my life priorities once again. 210 kata lagi


Plantae uel Animalia

(Picture from Memory Foundation.)

If you were to assign a flower to my childhood personality, you might search among the less-desirable weeds. I wouldn’t have minded; I’d have stuck my prickly, unwanted self even further into your business. 68 kata lagi

Very Short Story

Salvia Divinorum

Originaria de México, es una planta herbacea, perenne, perteneciente a la familia de la lamiáceas. 561 kata lagi


Lophora Williamsii

Conocida como Peyote, endémica de México, es una planta perteneciente a la familia Cactáceas (Cactus). Su principio activo es la mescalina, sustancia responsable de sus efectos… 758 kata lagi


Oregon Summer 2017 Trip Day 1: Eclipse Bee and Riparian Zone Visit

I went to go see Totality today. I didn’t manage to get anything fancy or competent enough to photograph the eclipse so I don’t have any photos of that. 453 kata lagi