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Buds On Two Branches

The buds on this bottlebrush tree had just formed on two different branches.


Buds Forming

The buds on this bottlebrush tree had just formed and on its way to flower.


Penghijauan di Pantai Sembilan Giligenting

Siang menjelang sore perahu yang saya tumpangi mendarat di pelabuhan desa Bringsang Pulau Gili Genting. Angin bertiup kencang..membuat hempasan ombak membasahi sebagian jalan akses menuju pelabuhan. 511 kata lagi

Travel Story

Capillary thread-moss

Bryum capillare Hedw

 Class:    Bryopsida

Order:  Bryales

Family: Bryaceae

Distribuition: Species widespread throughout the world.

Habitat: Typical habitat includes grasslands, damp soil, semi-shaded areas of semi-evergreen forest then woodland rides. 158 kata lagi


Mini bonsai

I love to go back to the photos that we took when we were in Japan a year ago. All these little details make me happy and there’s always something new that I found from the photos. 15 kata lagi


Aloe Vera: The Green messiah

The name Aloe Vera brings Memories of its taste that is so bitter that when you take it you enjoy the sweetness in the bitterness, Aloe Vera is associated with grandmothers who would lovingly choke us with a concoction of Aloe Vera and other herbs whenever we fell sick, the pungent smell and the strong bitter taste would make you regret of ever falling sick, needless say most of the times we would be cured. 350 kata lagi