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“spring has sprung” or something ~

*Embers ~Helen Jane Long 7 kata lagi


la luce nel cuore

*full album.

my cousin and i eventually took the weekend trip to Moc Chau that we couldn’t do last year. we booked a package tour and knew that we would be “grouped up” with a bunch of strangers to form a “group tour” (yes we were given a blue-and-white cap that says “group tour”~). 188 kata lagi


old friends

we got up at 6:23am for this ~sunrise view from top of the big rock

*full album.

took Lil Willow to Sapa for a weekend getaway ~of course we stayed at nhà chị Xú (officially Indigo Snail Boutique Hmong Homestay). 69 kata lagi



Adfectus plantae

Adfectus plantae literally means feelings of plants in Latin, I have chosen this title as Latin is the standard language that plants names derive from (Translate.googleco.uk, 2018). 545 kata lagi

Malva Afileius

Malva afileius, (used to be Malva Sylvestris), is an invasive annual angiosperm in class Dicotelydonæ, order Malvales, family Malvacæ, and subfamily Malvoidæ. They are found in Mediterranean Europe, northern Africa and West Asia. 131 kata lagi