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Salvia Divinorum

Originaria de México, es una planta herbacea, perenne, perteneciente a la familia de la lamiáceas. 561 kata lagi


Lophora Williamsii

Conocida como Peyote, endémica de México, es una planta perteneciente a la familia Cactáceas (Cactus). Su principio activo es la mescalina, sustancia responsable de sus efectos… 758 kata lagi


Oregon Summer 2017 Trip Day 1: Eclipse Bee and Riparian Zone Visit

I went to go see Totality today. I didn’t manage to get anything fancy or competent enough to photograph the eclipse so I don’t have any photos of that. 453 kata lagi


I don't have the patience to photograph bees.

I complained in my last post about not being able to take pictures of things that are moving. This is the result:

(best viewed in hd and also nothing happens after 8 seconds) 100 kata lagi


Sisyrinchium montanum “Montana Strict Blue-eyed-grass” Iridaceae

Missoula, MT
May 27, 2017
Robert Niese

It’s easy to miss these little, unassuming members of the iris family. As their name suggests, at first glance they look very much like grass, but their showy purple blooms give them away quickly. 46 kata lagi

Pacific Northwest