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Water - the basis of life on the Blue Planet

Water covers about two-thirds (or more) of the Earth, giving it the blue colour. Half is covered with deep sea plateaus some kilometers deep.  I find it peculiar that our body also consists of about two-thirds of water. 158 kata lagi


Looking at Clouds

My sabbatical is long over, alas, but like any good project it has reverberations and influences that last well beyond the submission date.  So I am going to keep this blog going, as a place to air thoughts as I learn more about climate science and its attendant implications for life on earth and for all our lives. 2.393 kata lagi

Climate Change General

Cthulhu in the Mediterranean

According to Lovecraft, his dread god Cthulhu sleeps in R’lyeh, in the far south Pacific, but have Plankton Portal classifiers found him in the Mediterranean… 58 kata lagi

Citizen Science

Ocean to Sky - a #poem about #Plankton and #Clouds by Kate Rauner

From agitation of the waves
Aerosols float skywards,
Originating in the seas
And sending droplets higher.
Particles that form the heart
Of clouds reflecting light, 174 kata lagi


Two funded plankton PhD opportunities at Plymouth University!

Two competitive, funded PhDships with me are about to be advertised at Plymouth University. The formal adverts won’t be out until next week but we want our students to start this autumn, so here’s a heads up. 355 kata lagi


Michael Wing: What's there to see out there? July 24, 2015

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Michael Wing
Aboard R/V Fulmar
July 17 – 25, 2015

Mission: 2015 July ACCESS Cruise
Geographical Area of Cruise: Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary… 736 kata lagi

NOAA Teacher At Sea

Island Time on Koh Rong

Koh Rong, a breathtaking Cambodian island perfect for either the seclusive romantic getaway or  20-something partying paradise, added an exciting destination to my Cambodian itinerary. Fun fact: Koh Rong… 734 kata lagi