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A photographer experienced a magical moment near Swansea, Wales, this weekend as the sea glowed and glimmered an otherworldly blue. The glow that lit Three Cliffs Bay near Swansea that night came from tiny plankton that emit their own light. 28 kata lagi


Long-term toxicity of surface-charged polystyrene nanoplastics to marine planktonic species Dunaliella tertiolecta and Artemia franciscana

Plastic pollution has been globally recognized as a critical issue for marine ecosystems and nanoplastics constitute one of the last unexplored areas to understand the magnitude of this threat. 386 kata lagi


Why do policy makers need plankton taxonomy?

It might not seem intuitive, but plankton taxonomy is critically important to informing marine policy and conservation. At its most basic level, biodiversity is an inventory of the organisms present in an ecosystem. 715 kata lagi


Plankton migration is system-dependent

Lake zooplankton commonly switch microhabitats on a regular day-night basis by migrating horizontally between stands of vegetation and open waters, or by migrating vertically between deep and surface waters. 307 kata lagi


How the terrestrial landscape affects aquatic dispersal

How does the surrounding terrestrial landscape affect the dispersal of pond-dwelling organisms? Although some studies suggest that small aquatic crustaceans can disperse efficiently across a range of intervening environments, other work has pointed to dispersal limitation, especially over large distances.  158 kata lagi


Receiving the Light; Fighting the Darkness

You know those times when you’re just sitting on your bed, scrolling through social media (or whatever you do when you have a moment of free time)? 1.255 kata lagi


Plankton decline hits marine food chain | DW Environment | DW | 04.04.2016

Plankton is the basis for the entire marine food web – and it is under threat. From the Mediterranean to the Pacific, animals have been struggling to survive, due apparently to changes with plankton.

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