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Out & About: Dinner & Lecture in Deep Bay

On Thursday 30 April, join fellow PROBUS members at the Deep Bay Marine Field Station for dinner catered by VIU Culinary Arts department and listen to a lecture by Dr. 335 more words

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Ocean Drifters

I love plankton. Its amazing it has so much diversity if you don’t believe get out this link….

Julia West: Bongos! March 22, 2015

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Julia West
Aboard NOAA ship Gordon Gunter
March 17 – April 2, 2015

Mission: Winter Plankton Survey
Geographic area of cruise:  1.646 more words

NOAA Teacher At Sea

Protest never works. Because we are all plankton. And the world is run by whales. You can be a big and important plankton but that doesn’t make a jot of difference if a whale has decided to eat you up.

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How predators see prey patches

Optimal foraging theory has proved to be a very useful framework for researchers interested in predator behaviour. A basic prediction of the theory is that predators should choose to feed in habitat patches that provide the highest energy return. 379 more words


UK House of Lords: Regional cooperation key to managing North Sea marine environment

The UK House of Lords has declared the North Sea marine environment under ‘severe pressure’ from human activity and blue growth development. The North Sea urgently requires conservation measures to reduce biodiversity loss from these pressures and protect North Sea ecosystem services while allowing sustainable use by North Sea stakeholders. 954 more words


Koh Rong - Paradise, Plankton, and a Full Moon Party

After a couple of days in Sihanoukville we were ready to get off the main land and head out to the island of Koh Rong.  We bought a ferry ticket at the pier called the “Backpacker Ferry” for a $15 return trip to the island.   1.832 more words