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Saran Toure On Interning At The American Museum of Natural History

Interview by Alex Hanson

Photo: Saran working at the museum. Courtesy of Saran Toure.

One of my favorite place in New York City is the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). 869 kata lagi


“R.I.P G-Man,” Petworth, Washington, DC, February 2017

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Postdoctoral research fellow in biological oceanography at University of Tromso

The Arctic University of Norway, (BFE). has a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position vacant in biological oceanography, financed by The Norwegian Research Council and part of the international project… 321 kata lagi

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Visiting Playa Blanca/Isla Barú from Cartagena

When I was in Cartagena after the New Year, everyone I met said Playa Blanca was just too packed to visit. It was high season and many people were on holiday. 687 kata lagi


Scientists used underwater drone swarms to solve the mystery of plankton mating

Swarms of airborne drones can already dance in unison, so it was only a matter of time before marine scientists tried to have them swim in formation underwater. 692 kata lagi

Dear ....,

Mompiche, ECUADOR

January 4th, 2017

Dear ….,
I hope all is well with life back home. I’m writing because I just had one of the most amazing experiences here in Ecuador. 140 kata lagi

From Drifter to Dynamo: The Story of Plankton - Video

Most plankton are tiny drifters, wandering in a vast ocean. But where wind and currents converge they become part of a grander story… an explosion of vitality that affects all life on Earth, including our own. 60 kata lagi