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Look at the Filters on that Rack!

I am a biological oceanographer and I study plankton – microscopic floating plants and animals. That means to do my research, I filter seawater – liters and liters of it. 519 kata lagi



Tiny plankton likely to ride out global warming

Plankton have evolved to survive a wide range of conditions, thanks to their unexpectedly vast ocean travels, a new study suggests. 260 kata lagi

Global Warming

By the wind sailors (Vellela vellela) at Witty's

While F block was getting ready to do their transect study at Witty’s Lagoon – Tower Point yesterday, Mara found the first of many ‘by the wind sailors’ ( 85 kata lagi

Marine Organisms

As Pacific sardine collapse worsens, scientists worry about ecosystem ripple

From the Oregonian

By Kelly House | The Oregonian/OregonLive
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March 10, 2016

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Nearly a year into a West Coast sardine fishing ban enacted to protect the collapsing population, the fish formerly worth more than $8 million to Oregon’s economy have shown… 857 kata lagi

So Why Does Ocean Acidification Matter?

Because it affects our oceans and the huge amount of organisms that live in it

Here are just a very few that will be affected negatively: 131 kata lagi


Shedding a Light on Bioluminescence

by Julia Cohen, Michelle Gervais, Alexandra Moisan.

Bioluminescence is an emission of light caused by an oxidation reaction that occurs in living organisms. Many diverse microbes and marine animals are able to produce their own light, predominantly those concentrated in the ocean. 1.177 kata lagi

Costa Rica

“Gasping Gherkins: A Puzzling Predicament for Pelagic Pickles”

The purpose of fertilizer is to add nutrients and encourage healthy plant growth. The end result should never be mass death, near extinction, or the withering of a nutritious species, cucumbers for example. 1.079 kata lagi