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Climate change is making oysters and other shellfish dangerous to eat

Oyster happy hours are going to be getting sadder in the coming years—and we probably have climate change to blame. The connection comes from a… 411 kata lagi

Plankton in Paris

Light pours through the ground floor of Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain in Montparnasse. The glass and steel structure, designed by Jean Nouvel, refracts the sun-spotted foliage of Lothar Baumgarten’s woodland garden, turning inside to outside in shafts of green. 765 kata lagi



Bello, rialssante, magico (spiego dopo)& sono gli aggettivi che sceglierei per Krabi.

Dopo le isole nella parte orientale della Thailandia, ci siamo spostati ad ovest, a Krabi. 299 kata lagi



Very small forms of plant and animal life that live in water, especially the sea. Greek “planktos”=drifting < “plazein”=to wander


Blooms at Lower pH Levels Could Upset Ocean’s Acidification Cycle

by Max Breitbarth

Ocean acidification—the absorption of atmospheric CO2 by the ocean—has increased due to anthropogenic emissions of CO2, resulting in growing concentrations of CO2 in our oceans. 740 kata lagi

Climate Change

Plankton Confessional

by chelsea schuyler

Your Definition of Plankton

Plankton – the little floaty things in the ocean that whales eat, right? So much more. For example: chalk. 989 kata lagi

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