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Plankton Confessional

by chelsea schuyler

Your Definition of Plankton

Plankton – the little floaty things in the ocean that whales eat, right? So much more. For example: chalk. 986 kata lagi

Nature Factoids

The rum diaries (NL)

English version

Laat me eerst en vooral stellen dat rum in de Filipijnen belachelijk goedkoop is en dat dat al gezorgd heeft voor vele memorabele – of net niet – nachten.  2.855 kata lagi


Microscopic Monsters

I delivered my second Ocean Discovery Days kids club this week. It was Microscopic Monsters. We had three local girls joining us for this one and by the look of the smiles at the end I think they had a good day. 192 kata lagi

Life in the Clean Van

By Maitreyi Nagarkar, CCE LTER

This past April I went on the CCE LTER El Nino Rapid Response cruise, and it was my first ever time on a research cruise. 1.347 kata lagi

Marine Biology

Glowing Dolphins

These dolphins are swimming at night in an ocean teeming with millions of luminous plankton. This plankton typically glows when it’s disturbed and that can happen from anything; a wave, a footprint on a beach… Because the dolphins are moving, the plankton light up all around them.

via [Sploid / TheEarthStory]

Good To Know / Science

Plymouth Plankton Study

The wonderful thing about studying plankton is that they are not a single species, but rather the collection of hundreds of creatures too small to move any great distance without the assistance of ocean currents. 320 kata lagi

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