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There are  “54 species” of seahorses.  seahorses life span is 1-4 years. Male seahorses are just a little bigger in size then the average female. The name seahorse is from the late Greek word.   240 kata lagi

National Marine Week

From the 29th July – 13th August we celebrate national marine week, a time to discover and embrace our connection and relationship with the sea. 386 kata lagi


SpongeBob Season 1 Episode 3b Plankton!

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob and Squidward doing their usual goofy fry cook and cynical cashier routine when one of SpongeBob’s krabby patties starts moving. 518 kata lagi


Visceral Visions in Vieques

Puerto Rico…. let me tell you. It was beyond what I had expected. This island, especially the island of Vieques, is extremely underrated. The raw beauty this place holds is beyond words. 415 kata lagi


Natural light, fangs, and the g value

Hello from the ocean! I’m Cassie Fries, a recent graduate from Stony Brook University. I’m part of the oceanography crew aboard the Bigelow, and this is my first time out on a research vessel. 367 kata lagi


More Tales from the Night Shift

Predator worms, spines with eyeballs, and a mystery

I’m Hannah Blair, a graduate student at Stony Brook University, aboard the NOAA Ship Henry Bigelow for the 2017 sea turtle and cetacean cruise.  475 kata lagi


SpongeBob Season 4 Episode 12b Wishing You Well

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with Mr. Cheapy Krabs trying to steal money from a pay phone when he hears money being dropped into a well. 886 kata lagi