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A-Y, Plan Z !

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Assignment Post

Biodiversity sampling

On Thursday the 20th of October we began the day with, what I believe, was one of the most exciting activities of the whole week, going out on the RV… 958 kata lagi

SpongeBob Reviews: Season 1 (Jellyfishing/Plankton!)

Oh, Jellyfishing.

It’s hard to talk about this episode without also talking about post-movie SpongeBob and the way it’s influenced fandom consensus on this and other pre-movie episodes. 1.933 kata lagi


Living Beneath the Ocean – 6 Strange Sea Creatures

Survival beneath sea level can be difficult and creatures that live here have adapted in order to do so. Their general appearance and features can be extremely different from the animals that live on land. 468 kata lagi

Steven Becker

October 12 - It's Full Of Stars

Today’s factismal: Some dinoflagellates use bioluminescence to attract big fish that eat the little fish that eat dinoflagellates.

Obi-wan said it best: “There’s always a bigger fish”. 354 kata lagi


Microplastic pollution in the Greenland Sea: Background levels and selective contamination of planktivorous diving seabirds

Microplastics have been reported everywhere around the globe. With very limited human activities, the Arctic is distant from major sources of microplastics. However, microplastic ingestions have been found in several Arctic marine predators, confirming their presence in this region. 275 kata lagi


More Departures

Today I am having a break from writing, keeping flood watch. Here’s a little of how I have enjoyed my day.

May you enjoy this little departure.

Brighty. ;-)