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Aquatic environments videos

I’m developing a new course “ENVS 3480 – Aquatic Environments” and I’ve been discovering quite a few good aquatic environments videos & animated GIF files.  Inspired by Meghan Duffy’s… 734 kata lagi


What 415 million year old fossil plankton tells us about heavy metal pollution and extinction

These weird looking things are plankton – from the genus Ancyrochitina to be a little more precise.  They are also fossils – approximately 415 million old, from a period known as the late Silurian.   393 kata lagi

Open Access Science

415-million-year-old malformed fossil plankton reveal that heavy metal pollution might have contributed to some of the world's largest extinction events

Several Palaeozoic mass extinction events during the Ordovician and Silurian periods (ca. 485 to 420 to million years ago) shaped the evolution of life on our planet. 350 kata lagi


Tangled Up in Blue

I have been having a bit of a blue period in my art lately. But unlike Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period, mine does not stem from depression or sadness.  501 kata lagi


Deformed Plankton Reveal Cause of Mass Extinction?

Sometimes palaeopathology can seem a rather arcane subject. It can be argued that it is merely the study of aberrations; diseased or damaged individuals who might be able to tell you something interesting about a local behaviour, or perhaps even a wider ranging epidemic, but little else. 631 kata lagi


S U M M E R   2015 



Pohjoisnapa -installaatio vanhassa jääkarhulinnassa Korkeasaaressa,       Grey Cube Galleriat   9.6. – 16.8.2015                                                                                   North Pole installation in an old Polar Bear Castle in Korkeasaari Zoo,      Grey Cube Galleries 9.6. 429 kata lagi