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Video captures moment plastic enters food chain

A scientist has filmed the moment plastic microfibre is ingested by plankton, illustrating how the material is affecting life beneath the waves.
The footage shows one way that waste plastic could be entering the marine and global food chain. 41 kata lagi


Checking the Ocean's Pulse with Plankton

By Joseph Bennington-Castro

At the very core of the marine food web you’ll find plankton, which are tiny organisms that propagate and feed the rest of the ocean’s marine life — indirectly feeding everyone who enjoys seafood. 759 kata lagi

Oscar Elton Sette

Deadly Killer You've Never Seen #poem #poetry #ocean #evolution #plankton #marinebiology

“Little bugs have littler bugs
On their backs to bite ’em.
And littler bugs have littler bugs
And so on in ad infinitum.”

No! Only to a single cell, 98 kata lagi


A Story of Dragons and Plankton

A landscape formed by an ancient dragon, hidden lagoons, glowing water and being castaway on an Island.

Our bus to ha long bay arrived just before lunchtime and from the bus (3hours) we hopped on a very small boat which took us to our ferry. 1.566 kata lagi


First Cast in Bronze Casting

Sydnee Opera House (Bronze)

Sydnee Opera House (Bronze)

Sydnee Opera House (Bronze)

Sydnee Opera House (Bronze)

Moai Head (Bronze)

Moai Head (Bronze)

Moai Head (Bronze) … 119 kata lagi