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The Lego Movie is So Last Year

(Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

It took well over a year for me to realize I don’t hate The Lego Movie; hate can’t be reserved for something that so painstakingly shies away from its true self. 906 more words

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1001 Uses For Dental Floss #47- Plastic Beads In Toothpaste (What?!)

My daughter Rebecca found this article about tiny plastic beads in certain varieties of Crest toothpaste, apparently put there by the manufacturer to give the toothpaste its blue colour. 684 more words

Singapore: Mass fish deaths overnight hit Changi farmers hard

By KashCheong

Workers showing the dead pompano and red snapper at a kelong off Pasir Ris beach yesterday. The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore attributed the deaths to gill damage caused by plankton. 440 more words

Discover the World of Plankton at Crystal Cove Today

Photo by South OC Beaches

Become a Citizen Scientist at Crystal Cove Alliance’s newest exhibit, “The Little Guys of the Cove,”today, Saturday February 28 2015. 90 more words


Bill to deal with Lake Erie HABs passes Ohio Senate

In August I wrote a blog post about the extensive eutrophication-induced Harmful Algal Bloom in Lake Erie which made Toledo’s water supply undrinkable and beaches unusable. 319 more words


Characterizing The Spongebob Squarepants Show: Mr. Krabs and Plankton

In addition to Patrick Star and Gary, Mr. Krabs and Plankton represent similar deadly sins, Greed and Envy. While both of these sins involve the perpetrator to desire more than what they already have, they differ in that Envy involves coveting someone else’s possessions and Greed involves wanting more while disregarding anything else. 307 more words