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The Plight of the Pangolin

Staff writer Hunter Savery ’20 explores how changing environmental factors have affected the survival of many mammal species, including the most endangered one: the pangolin. 484 kata lagi


Harry Coumnas Solved The 60 Year Old Mystery Of The Dark Moon

Harry Coumnas, a famous astrophysicist along with his team solved one of the great mysteries of the moon, and took a new frame of reference. 195 kata lagi

Harry Coumnas


A Chapter by Peter Rogerson
The function of the watch is explained, though neither Juju nor Unbaga can understand the explanation

Aurora smiled at Juju. Although she knew there was no chance of a shared kinship between them she felt a kind of connection with the primitive woman, because we’re both female in a world of males, she thought, and because we know best! 1.240 kata lagi


Challenge: Break up with Quinoa

It’s almost as bad as saying don’t go near that sourdough loaf – but that’s not what we’re saying. Eat the sourdough, eat the rice, eat the couscous, just don’t eat the quinoa for pete’s sake (who the hell is Pete anyway?). 285 kata lagi


Beauty Favourites

At TGB, we love getting all glam for a night out with the girls. Unfortunately the make up brands we once used were full of pretty little toxins like parabens, phthalates, and sodium laurel sulfate. 497 kata lagi


Right way of living 

When we start thinking about others, we feel the pain,when we see others are in pain when each moment we feel like doing something which gives happiness to others, when we start thinking about how we can save and protect the living rights of every being when every being on the planet is like our own when every old person is like our parent when before putting food in mouth we feel that others are hungry too when we feel that water is necessary for every being it’s not only for us , whenever any being is put on the fire for food and the immense pain of that being is become our own pain like someone has put us on the fire, when though we are connected to the whole planet but deep down in our heart there is no connection there just resides the infinite Love, love and love from that moment the universe puts its focus on us and all our prayers are heard all are actios breads fruits from that moment immense happiness can be felt. 14 kata lagi

Venus and Saturn Together Again

Hey, hey, Sky Fans. Welcome back! Over the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed a bright light in the skies after sunset. I don’t mean the Moon, though that’s bright, too. 739 kata lagi