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Who Am I?

From the moment of our birth into this physical world, we are told who to be. And then we spend the rest of our life trying to remember who we truly are. 265 kata lagi

Part 3: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Fact: There is a planet that orbits two suns rather than one. 

NASA discovered something that should bring all Star Wars fans a little hope: Kepler-16b, a planet in a solar system centred around two suns, rather than one. 146 kata lagi


Harry Coumnas Has Made A Jaw-Dropping Discovery About Jupiter

Harry Coumnas, a well-known planetary scientist is known for his jaw-dropping discoveries and solving mysteries of space. Recently, he hit the news headlines for discovering a new fact about the biggest planet in our solar system- ‘Jupiter’. 208 kata lagi

Harry Coumnas

Cloud Refinery

Following the new coordinates given to me by my robotic visitor, I pulled my ship away from its orbit around the Intergalactic Transport, and we headed further out in the star system.   2.110 kata lagi


denial and a sunset that blew up the entire solar system 

I saw a bright orange haze through the blinded in the kitchen windows. I stepped outside. the sky looked like the hot orange sun exploded and dispersed and a raging blue black wave weaved itself into it. 207 kata lagi