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Photoshop: Solar System

Well, I have a cold, and instead of doing an essay that is due tonight, I thought ‘Why not learn how to make a solar system in photoshop, then blog about it.’ 82 more words


Global Pledge

No matter where you live, this should be our daily promise to Mother Earth.


Spacey weather

I got started on this before I watched Interstellar and finished 2 days afterward. The movie had no effect on my art. It did remind me how much I love science fiction, especially relativity twists.



This video is important.

Sometimes we are selfish sometimes.

Sometimes we can concentrate too much on our meaningless and vain “problems”.

Sometimes we forget that we can actually make a change. 41 more words


Planet of Exile

Planet of Exile

What had become of the Earth Farrow had known? Gone were the proud cities and teeming millions. He found only desolation — and fear! 21 more words