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Hulk's hidden Movie

So I think it’s easy to say us Gamma Bros and Gamma Girls have been vindicated in our love for the Green giant. Since the first Avengers movie he has exploded in popularity. 418 kata lagi


Post I Like: Are We On Tatooine?

Tatooine is a fictional desert planet in Star Wars saga. It is a harsh world orbiting twin suns in a galaxy far far away.

But why am I telling you about a place that doesn’t even exists? 45 kata lagi


hSOp012316_space_3 - Space music

hSOp012316_space_3 – Space music and image by Haldor Paulsson. (2:08) Copyright 2016.

Haldor Paulsson

We all need to take care of our planet

Vi behöver alla bli planetskötare

We have a radio program in Sweden, during the summers, where Swedish famous people talks about different subject from their point of view. 108 kata lagi

What Ever

on the objects orbiting KIC 8462852 and the things they might be (Part 3.14159)

So… it seems Sunday’s blog post on Tabby’s Star (KIC 8462852) was a bit premature- the argument over whether or not the star ITSELF is doing crazy things is far from over. 434 kata lagi


Milk Teeth @ Planet Sounds


Bring your own beer? Well, that is never going to be a good turn out by the end of the night, and who was I kidding when I said “It’s a Sunday, I’ll only have one or two.” Planet Sounds, a venue with the capacity of 35, situated underneath a bridge opposite the local Co-op (I can only imagine how much money they made from the four Fosters for £3.75 deal) a small crowd started to emerge. 489 kata lagi



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Yesaya 40:26 Arahkanlah matamu ke langit dan lihatlah: siapa yang menciptakan semua bintang itu dan menyuruh segenap tentara mereka keluar, sambil memanggil nama mereka sekaliannya?
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