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Solar system Cookies project

I (Littlebird) am learning about space in school. For my homework project I made cookies  with  dadybird 🐦 and decorated them to look like the eight planets and the sun. 59 more words


A planet of kindness?

That’s the intention. Earth is a planet nursery for love in all its forms. Kindness, patience, care, nurturing, and celebrating life demonstrates in all kingdoms. Only human beings willingly chooses and acts otherwise. 83 more words

Current Round

World stands up against Monsanto: Over 400 cities protest GMOs

Thousands of people across the world have joined together in a global movement, protesting against American biotech giant Monsanto. Activists from over 400 cities are speaking out against GMOs and Monsanto’s monopoly over the food supply. 227 more words


Plantations, Oreos and a Man called Lan

The first thing that struck me about my visit to Taman Negara National Park was not the park itself nor the diversity of animals within. No, what got me was the endless miles of Palm Tree plantations surrounding the park, choking it right up to the boundary line. 860 more words


Humans' heartbreaking effects on our beautiful planet

Our home planet is under extreme stress. It’s sad that phrases like this have become cliche, because the stakes now are higher than ever.
Humans are harming this beautiful planet in more ways than we know. 14 more words

Daily Inspiration for Living a Spirited Life

Practice knowing that everyone you meet, and everyone on the planet, and every being and every thing in whatever form, is a reflection of the Creative Spirit and thus is each and every one connected to you. Namaste!