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Painting: Long Gone

I’ve been creating Acrylic paintings on old watercolour paintings that I never finished, never liked, or in this case was used for some watercolour exercises. I thought I’d share the evolution of this painting… 328 more words


The Places We Share

There is a place on the face of this planet that we share
where a certain colour of skin was considered superior
to another certain colour, 310 more words


The PEA: The Earth & Her Rich Targets

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Admiral in the Peoples Earth Army. As far as I know, the organization isn’t real. Nothing to see here.

The Peoples Earth Army… 448 more words

How It Goes Down...

Earth Hour very soon - sign up to turn your lights out!

At 8:30pm today everybody is invited to turn their lights off for one hour to show they care about their planet.

If you sign up on the… 27 more words

Farmers, Food, and Fatal Flaws

The science around pesticides and herbicides is fascinating, but also terrifying.

Firstly, though, to give credit to scientists, how cool is it that they have learned how to keep bugs and weeds from choking up our fruits and vegetables so that production stays steady? 657 more words


Saturn transit 12th house

Keywords: Saturn – work, burden, Sisyphean, limit, blockage, delay, tedious, strong, effort, rules, regulations, authority, bones, structure, long-lasting, efficient, organized, real, concrete, mundane; 12th house – unconscious, diffusion, loss, death, illusion, delusion, loneliness, isolation, unknown, escape, fantasy, dreams, consciousness, dissolution, potential, unmanifest, formless, the Absolute, psychoanalysis. 2.141 more words