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Using India made instrument, Nasa discovers planet in 4-star system

Using a new instrument developed with Indian collaboration, Nasa astronomers have discovered a planet 136 light-years away which is attached to four parent stars. They also discovered another planet in the care of a three star family. 468 more words


Planet Arcus

Even though Second Life seems like another planet at times, my friend and i decided
we wanted to visit ‘another planet’ sim, so i found this one in the search. 181 more words

Second Life

It’s Real. First Direct Observation of Carbon Dioxide’s Increasing Greenhouse Effect

Posted on March 1, 2015 by FQtQ Contributor in News, Our Amazing Planet

Scientists have observed an increase in carbon dioxide’s greenhouse effect at the Earth’s surface for the first time.  773 more words


Our Journey On Earth Is A Minute By Minute Miracle!! Love Life In And Around You.

Human beings are the culmination of an evolving end product made from billions of years of random chance and/or intelligent design. Making Earth life friendly is a remarkable combination of so many different factors. 502 more words


NASA's Dawn Spacecraft approaches dwarf planet Ceres - sends beautiful and surprising images!

Ceres rotates in this sped-up movie comprised of images taken by NASA’s Dawn mission during its approach to the dwarf planet. The images were taken on Feb. 122 more words


Some Flowery Antics

Sometimes frozen dust gets lodged in the flower zone. And petalling your way out is the unbloom of it all. Edges will meet the air and make shapes that we call existance, yet the the unseen,like love, exists too. 46 more words