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Stone of the Week: Labradorite

The color play in Labradorite makes it many people’s favorite stone.  I can’t argue with that.  The flashes of blue-green are gorgeous.  I love how an unassuming yellow-grey stone can explode with color if you hold it just right.   9 kata lagi


The planet of my dreams ○

Each person has his own dream world, the idea of a planet in another way. Example, one imagines about planet that is large and painting it with a many color. 63 kata lagi

Record N Pictures

"The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet" by Becky Chambers (2015)

“As she woke up in the pod, she remembered three things.”

The publishing industry seems unwilling to take a chance on science fiction novels. Only a short time ago, … 945 kata lagi

Science Fiction

Planet Chasing

I can’t remember when I found out stars were really far away, but I sort of hate whoever told me that. The idea of catching a star is really cool. 32 kata lagi


for my whale brothers and sisters...

this planet is small,
too small.
sometimes, it seems, there is
nowhere to hide when
what’s inside presides,
when the storm
shreds the sails… 334 kata lagi


Study Material #1(5/28 2016)

The following is a short collection of video representations for better understanding what is going on in our experience as ever evolving 3 dimensional homo sapien mammals. 120 kata lagi