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Billions and billions of dots.

Some planet sketches I posted earlier, now with finished inks and backgrounds.

Wonder #3 - Black Holes, White Holes, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy

When I was about seven years old, my dad got me my first astronomy book. It was somewhat thin compared to other books these days and had locks of pictures so a kid like me could understand everything. 1.007 kata lagi


Wonder #2 - Super Earths / Exoplanets

Two weeks ago, I started thinking about Jupiter for some weird reason. Jupiter is a giant planet made completely out of gas, with over 30 moons and has a bunch of wild storms. 404 kata lagi


7.27.15 Writing Prompt

A long time ago, there was a planet just like Earth. Beings just like humans lived there. Craters dimpled the planet from previous generations’ constant warfare. 289 kata lagi


And try to take over the world

When you were a kid did you ever notice that every villain’s dream was world domination?

Now that I’m older, I wonder why that is. Why on God’s earth would anyone want the responsibility of running the world and was it really worth them getting their ass kicked by the hero every episode? 20 kata lagi


Kepler 452b...wow maybe The Doctor is real? 

So, the recent discovery of the new Earth like planet is pretty exciting. New discoveries like this not only inspire me, but make me love Doctor Who even more and then appreciate our planet even more. 308 kata lagi