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Song of the Day: Plan B - In The Name Of Man

After four long years, Plan B is back with his latest, In the Name of Man – a song that definitely speaks to the times.

The Telltale Mind

Plan A and Plan B

Some people always have excuses for not showing up when they plan to do something with me.  They will promise to be at a place at a certain time, and then not show.   121 kata lagi

The blehhhhhhh of plan B

Plan A was to write this blogpost about Plan B. Then my boyfriend said, “Not like going to the pharmacy for Plan B?” and then Plan B was to preface this blogpost with this paragraph. 632 kata lagi

Musings Of A Creative

Plan B - In The Name Of Man

Plan B returns with a new emotional song and powerful video. Artistic brilliance depicitcing the reality of war and it’s consequence’s.

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Is this it?

Everything is disheartening.
Everyone is getting on my nerves.
I’m anxious.
I’m nervous.
I’m irritable.
I’m sad.
I’m confused. 813 kata lagi


My Plan B

Often, when I find myself struggling, I move myself into another space. A world of color and movement. It is my escape hatch, called Plan B. 455 kata lagi


The Turtle & Plan B

If it’s not the bees, or crazy cardinals, or whacko fishing stories, it’s those darn turtles. I truly love and learn something from all my visitors, critters or otherwise. 342 kata lagi