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From the beginning God chose His people to be the conduit of His grace to a broken world. God created all of us in His image; therefore, as image-bearers, we all have value. 557 kata lagi


Song Review: Victon - Remember Me

Compared to other rookie boy groups, I’ve had a hard time getting into Victon’s music. It’s not that any of it has been markedly bad, but each title track has bopped along nicely without an element that pulls me in. 231 kata lagi


October 2017 shoot for Plan A

I headed off to Finn Slough again on October 22 to take another series of photographs for Assignment 6. It was about 1 hour or so before low tide which was 2.6 metres (measurement for the Steveston Harbour which  is about 6 kilometre walk west from this location), the weather was alternating between light rain and sun, with a bit of a breeze coming off the ocean. 159 kata lagi


A Path besides Plan A

Life doesn’t always stay on the path that we expected. Very often, after we have set out for the day with every intention of following a well used and clearly marked trail, we suddenly find ourselves waylaid and forced to cut our own path through the wild and unruly foliage of the unforeseeable. 495 kata lagi

Exercise 1.5 Idea for Plan A for Assignment 6

For my Assignment 6 I would like to return to a scene that I have previously shot and was encouraged by my TAOP tutor, Robert Enoch to explore more fully in a later module. 341 kata lagi


My Story Chapter 1: The Opening Chapter

The Chapter Series: Writer of this sometimes nonsensical blog

Dear readers,

I guess it’s time to begin to share a little bit of my own story, so that the context of this blog makes sense. 858 kata lagi

Autoimmune Disease