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Plan A and Plan B

Some people always have excuses for not showing up when they plan to do something with me.  They will promise to be at a place at a certain time, and then not show.   121 kata lagi

When in Doubt

If you’ve been following our franchising journey then you know that Plan A is now up to 6 locations across Ontario – with inquiries coming in every single day.  649 kata lagi


I am Lucky!

My name is Sheri-Ann Morin, owner of Plan A Algoma. Today I have decided to take the plunge and share with you what led me to open a Plan A in… 528 kata lagi

Guest Bloggers

Turning My Soul Around

“The great late radical feminist theologian Mary Daley wrote in an introduction to her first book about the trouble she had just getting around to writing it. 795 kata lagi

What’s Next For RGIII? -- Plan B

What a sad day for RGIII fans, worldwide. Anywhere and everywhere there are fans of this Heisman Trophy winner, they’re all taking time to pout and pine and ache and anguish over this once prime and prized QB who tore it up at Baylor, had one good year in the NFL with the Redskins, but hasn’t been able to find his way since. 430 kata lagi


APink Chorong 03/02/2017

Instagram update of APink Chorong!!!

@mulgokizary: 빅톤이들 노래 나왔어요~ 사랑해주세요! #빅톤 #victon #eyezeyez

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! Our leader is soooo supportive on their hoobae huhu 초롱 사랑해요~♥