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Grain Refinement of AA5754 Aluminum Alloy by Ultrasonic Cavitation

In this work, an experimental investigation was carried out on the grain refinement of molten AA5754 Aluminum alloy through ultrasonic treatment. The cavitation induced heterogeneous nucleation was suggested as the major mechanism for grain refinement in the AA5754 aluminum alloy. 115 kata lagi

Module 7 : Academic Integrity And Performance

In these topic, there are two subtopic in it that is :

  1.  Avoiding Plagiarism
  2.  Calculating Grade Point Average

This topic was taught by Mr. Norafizal. 308 kata lagi

Plagiarism is the bane of quality journalism

Please consider signing and sharing this Change petition set up by Ginger Gorman. Many freelance journalists have seen their work being ripped off by unscrupulous publishers and sadly by other journalists. 83 kata lagi


Missguided Missed The Mark In Plagiarism Dispute

Whilst we believe the #FreeTheNipple movement should be championed worldwide, it is hard to support blatant plagiarism when it arises, especially when a bigger brand rips off a slightly more independent company. 282 kata lagi


I’m just going to leave this here…

‘On brand’ Helen Dale accused of plagiarising tweets

My scheduled book review has been moved to tomorrow, because I want to share this story!

A couple of decades ago, a woman masquerading as a Ukrainian published a book that became an overnight sensation, a multi-award-winning book that allegedly was a mostly-true story about Ukraine in the Second World War, based on “her family history”. 384 kata lagi


What are you waiting for?

I can’t tell you the number of times I have dreaded having to do something and put it off until the last minute. Then once I work on it, it doesn’t seem so bad.  495 kata lagi


Hebrew Is Not Even A Language

It’s clear that Hebrew is simply a Canaanite dialect.

Christine Hayes, Minute 02:00, Youtube Link.