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You might be a crunchy mom if...

  • …there’s an unmarked jar or dish of mystery substance in every room of your house. They’re all coconut oil.
  • …”put a little coconut oil on it” is not just a mantra, it’s a way of life.
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Eat My What? Placental Consumption and Why it Works!

Eating your own placenta, otherwise known as Placentophagy, is becoming somewhat of a new-age fad for new mothers of our generation. Kourtney Kardashian, January Jones, and Mayim Bialik among other celeb moms have publicly endorsed it. 479 kata lagi


Typological considerations on the Tree/Waters of Life and and the Tree/Waters of Death

The following reflection proposes one line of symbolic and typological development of the tree as a representational ideotype of the Source Abode, Provider and Sustainer. Also identified is a… 1.916 kata lagi


My Placenta 

I have nothing to write today, so I’m sharing a picture of the placenta that came out of my body after giving birth. One word: YUCK! :)

Logs / Diary

Top Ten Things to Do with your Placenta

Did you know that the placenta is the only temporary organ grown by the human body?

The placenta – expelled sometime after the foetus, and also known as the afterbirth – has become the topic of much discussion recently. 1.085 kata lagi


Millie's Birth Story - Part II: After The Birth

 Part I: Natural Home Water Birth

My blood type is O negative so blood would have to be drawn from the umbilical cord to be sent to test. 444 kata lagi


7 Things You Can Do with Your Placenta...Instead of tossing it.

Our appprentice, Hayley, is also a placenta specialist. She encapsulates, makes tinctures and cord keepsakes for many of our families and her private clients.  She has written this great article about all the things you can do with your placenta. 1.373 kata lagi

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