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Eating the placenta: would you like yours raw, medium or well done?

BBC health recently entertained me with the headline ‘Eating your placenta does not bring health benefits’. I was glad to hear that. Although I never considered eating my placentas, I felt a little cheated after my own births because I never even saw them. 573 kata lagi


Stop Eating Your Placenta!

“oh you’re taking your placenta…that’s a waste of money since it doesn’t do anything for you anyways”, said the nurse at one of my local hospitals as my client labored. 915 kata lagi

Bakersfield Doula

Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Sticks Review Part2

Hi guys! I’m back for the second part of my review of the Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make the review exactly after the… 1.485 kata lagi

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PLACENTA - Deutschland-Dates am Wochenende

Vor 2 Wochen noch haben die Deathcore-Veteranen PLACENTA in Berlin ihr 15-Jähriges Bandbestehen mit einer großen Party im Rahmen des DROP THE BOMB FESTIVALs gefeiert. Viele Haare flogen und gingen verloren, viele weitere Bands bestaunten gar großäugig das Treiben der talentierten Groover und natürlich wurden auch viele Herzen gebrochen. 50 kata lagi


Tree Of Life

The placenta is a unique physiological miracle. Every placenta has a highly regulated process and contains what is called the Tree Of Life, serving to give nutrition to the baby throughout the 40 week gestation. 26 kata lagi

Audrey, London

JUNE 2015

Audrey gave birth over a year ago and she kept her placenta safe in the freezer. She ordered a 4 x 6″ Placenta Photo Frame in black. 166 kata lagi

Amanda Cotton