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The bespoke midwife

Midwives Made to Order

‘Call the midwife’: yes, but call as you go into labour, or call well in advance of the due date? Today, when we talk about having something ‘bespoke’ we mean having it made to order – for example, a suit, or a pair of shoes. 778 kata lagi


"First" Dr. Appointment

Yesterday was our first real doctor appointment with the doctor Jessica chose to be her OB.  Even though it seems as if we have spent plenty of time in doctor’s office already it was actually our first time seeing our doctor since Jessica found out she was pregnant.   239 kata lagi


The Day the Month the Hour the Minute the Second the Time That I Was Born: To Victo Dolora

That summer hot and sultry
mid month mid year mid way past midnight
bright lights shining blinding
hands grasping fingers smashing
through the air
i did not really care… 213 kata lagi

Melbourne research to be a lifesaver for premature babies

Two-year-old Shifra with her parents Michelle and Neville Matar.  Photo: Joe Armao.

By Peter Barrett

Shifra Matar arrived too early. Like 500 babies born prematurely in Australia each year, she spent less than 25 weeks in her mother’s womb and came into the world dangerously unprepared. 523 kata lagi


The Birth - a journey through postpartum depression

Caution: this blog post might be triggering for some people

I find it so ironic that when you are expecting your first child people always recommend that you attend a prenatal class. 1.008 kata lagi


Thirst for Immortality

Previously we have clarified that the concept of the “tree of life” is a metaphoric image that refers to the placenta. Starting from this premise it is easy to understand how the “drink of immortality” that, in various mythologies, is obtained from the aforementioned tree is nothing but the liquid nourishment that from the placenta reaches the fetus by means of the umbilical cord: let’s see some examples. 540 kata lagi

European Traditionalism

Lucchini Plant Placenta $199

Lucchini Plant Placenta

Origin: Switzerland

Plant Placenta is the natural substance found under the pistil of flowers. Plant placenta has an extraordinary regenerating power of nourishing fruits when they are formed. 447 kata lagi