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Only in Thailand: Super Placenta

When you have lived in a place for a while you stop noticing the strange things that once used to leave you wide mouthed and confused. 91 kata lagi


Curious About Placenta Encapsulation? Read This Interview

Interview with Leiann Saniger, doula and placenta encapsulator.

Recently I interviewed Leiann Saniger, a local placenta encapsulator and doula, about the benefits of placenta encapsulation. 531 kata lagi


Placenta: is it a normal organ or magical panacea?

Zhang Xiaoqing, 29-year-old, gave birth to a baby girl in a Shanghai hospital last weekend. Before she was discharged, her mother-in-law asked the hospital for Zhang’s placenta but got refused. 1.068 kata lagi



She noted, “You seem happy and buoyant this evening”

I replied, “Perhaps I decided to be an adult.”

She retorted, “Whatever that is.”

“Perhaps”, I gathered as quickly and cleverly as i could, “it is being happy and buoyant.” 169 kata lagi

Baha'i Faith

Newborn baby abandoned on roadside with umbilical cord still attached.....

Horrifying moment a newborn baby is found ALIVE after it was dumped in a black bin bag by the side of the road with its umbilical cord still attached… 66 kata lagi


Breakthrough: Targeting cancer cells using an armed malaria protein

History has borne witness to numerous innovations and discoveries by scientists that were created or discovered accidentally. In many cases they have ended up to be life-changing to humankind.  810 kata lagi


Malaria protein shows potential as cancer treatment

Source: Malaria protein shows potential as cancer treatment – Medical News Today

Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to the malaria parasite because it produces a protein that binds readily to a sugar molecule in the placenta. 477 kata lagi