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Curacen Human Placenta $650

Curacen Human Placenta– Specially for Woman

Promotion Price Now Only $650 usd !! (Original Price $780 usd)

Origin from Japan


– Treats infertility and sterility… 213 kata lagi

Lucchini Fresh Cell Therapy $220

Lucchini Fresh Cell Therapy provides stimulating effect on cell renewal of the epidermis on the entire body, by promoting the formation of new blood vessels, and nerves, thus leading to healthy looking skin. 443 kata lagi


Luxuriate in your shame and embarrassment; gorge on it like a mother eating her own placenta. I wanted this to happen

Luxuriate in your shame, and embarrassment; gorge on it like a mother eating her own placenta. I wanted this to happen; I provoked this humiliation with my wildness, my love of drama and storm. 157 kata lagi

Placenta Capsules FAQs

What qualifies you to provide this service?
Proper training and a lot of experience:  We’ve offered this service since 2009 and between us have done 500+ placentas, making us the most experienced encapsulators in Saskatchewan.  833 kata lagi

Birth Prep

What did you expect?

We have become obligate avoiders, dwellers in the middle of the field well away from boundaries –the just-right-baby-bears of the Goldilocks tale. We seek to protect ourselves from edges, no matter how pervasive, how common, how important they may be. 1.393 kata lagi

Have you heard about…. ?

There are a lot of new, modern and crazy things that people are doing when I comes to childbirth. Everyone is going to have a personal preference when I comes to the known or strange items people hear about now a days. 292 kata lagi

The Big Day...I Could've Died!

Yes, it’s been awhile….It was April 20, 2016, when I was sitting in my living room and I was playing around with pieces of a chair I had recently bought online from Ikea. 620 kata lagi