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Do chronic diseases have their origins in the womb?

Heart disease. Stroke. Diabetes. Asthma. Osteoporosis. These common scourges are often pegged to genes, pollution, or the wear and tear caused by personal choices like a… 519 more words


The Placenta Burial

What do you do with a baby’s placenta? When I had my first child I needed an emergency caesarean. I had a blood infection and sepsis. 1.422 more words

Everyday Life

My last placenta pill

Yes, I ingested my placenta.

I am as surprised as you are, but I already had the midwife and the doula and was delivering my baby without pain meds in a bath tub – so why not go the whole nine yards? 286 more words


Previa what?

Finding out I was pregnant was one of the most exciting moments of my life! Also one of the most terrifying moments of my life…. 408 more words


Baby, Silas Philips, hailed a 'medical miracle'... born still within his amniotic sac

Daily Mail: His hands and feet were clearly visible – but baby Silas Philips was in no rush to enter the world.

Born still inside his amniotic sac, he has since been described as a ‘medical miracle’ by doctors. 57 more words


Too Posh to Push and Scaring the NHS Midwives: Four Women's Birth Choices Are Followed

Choice. It’s an incredibly powerful thing, and nowhere is that better demonstrated than in this smart documentary, which gets a late-night slot presumably because the word ‘vaginal’ is mentioned. 464 more words


[Viral] Trend Terbaru Di USA Memakan Uri Bayi

WASHINGTON: Trend kesihatan datang dan pergi, tetapi satu trend yang kian popular di kalangan ibu baharu di Amerika Syarikat adalah untuk makan plasenta atau uri bayi. 220 more words