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And then there were 4-Noa's Freestyle Friday

Life is magical and miraculous. That’s how I feel about our new lil girl that blessed us with her arrival 6 days ago. With every contraction and every hour that passed by I knew she was close. 215 kata lagi


Comerse la placenta, ¿en realidad es beneficioso?

Salteadas, mezcladas en batidos o convertidas en cápsulas, son algunas de las formas para consumir las placentas, este hábito se ha popularizado en los últimos años… 295 kata lagi


Week 39 Day 1

It’s THE DAY!!!

Jumped up from bed at around 2am when a gush of liquid flowed out. Water bag!!!

I walked quickly to the bathroom while liquid keeps gushing out. 1.528 kata lagi


My Boy's Placenta (pictures)

Today I buried the placenta in our back garden. It was an eerily quiet moment. Just as I was patting the soil down I could hear thunder rumble in the distance,making it even more of a magical moment. 113 kata lagi

What are the benefits of a multi-nucleus cell?

A compelling example of multi-nucleate cell benefit in mammals is the syncytiotrophoblast. Essential cell type of the placenta, arguably a successful pregnancy depends on healthy syncytiotrophoblasts. 1.270 kata lagi


Lisa in the Lab 11/04/16

When it rains it pours. After several quiet weeks everything I’ve been waiting on came rolling in all at once. To begin with I finally heard back about the review article I had written and submitted to Critical Reviews in Microbiology 6 months ago (cue: champagne!). 819 kata lagi

The Womb Makes It Easy Being A Girl: How The Placenta Protects Girls More Than Boys

In the battle of the sexes, a new study suggests that girls have a natural advantage over boys. Researchers have found that the answer to why women carrying baby girls statistically have easier pregnancies than those carrying baby boys lies in the placenta. 340 kata lagi