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Birth of Gabrielle

After two weeks of prodromal labor, two false-alarm visits to Labor & Delivery, and an external cephalic version to turn baby girl head down since she was breech, like my second baby, my birth time had finally arrived at 36 weeks 5 days.  2.869 kata lagi


Birth of Luke

Here is a little background on my pregnancy.  I have Type 1 Diabetes so my doctors were very cautious and wanted me to have more ultrasounds than the low-risk pregnant woman.  3.037 kata lagi


The Best Sheet Mask from Korea

This sheet mask- the best there is.

One of the very rare masks which lives up to its every promise. 

Gobdi Goun is a highly professional skincare company from Korea which is all about providing the best quality to its customers. 441 kata lagi

Benefits of Placenta

The very first time I came to Japan, one of my wishes was to buy a whole bunch of Japanese cosmetics about which I only used to read from fairly limited sources at that time. 489 kata lagi

Melsmon Placenta $600



MELSMON PLACENTA® is manufactured in Japan, and approved as a Pharmaceutical Product, with Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product, and listed on the Nippon Health Insurance Drug Tariff (NHI) and complies to Japanese Pharmaceutical Regulation. 285 kata lagi


Placenta Encapsulation

Recognized Benefits of Ingesting Your Placenta:*

  • Lowers your risk of suffering postpartum depression
  • Increases milk supply
  • Increases iron levels
  • Helps to level hormones
  • Gives extra energy…
  • 346 kata lagi

Planting the Placenta

According to our midwife, the placenta that nourished my little guy for 41.5 weeks was something special. Of course all placentas are miraculous, and I haven’t seen enough to know the difference, but our midwife was weighing it, and exclaiming over it’s large size. 268 kata lagi

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