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16 Arguments Parents Should Have BEFORE Baby Arrives

There are certain things that need to be discussed before the baby arrives. Although some are more on the serious side, others will leave you thinking, “Is that something I should be considering?” 159 kata lagi


May 19, 2016: "MY PLACENTA"

MY PLACENTA somehow got uncoupled
and was left on the train
bound for Alaska.

Erasure A Day

Placenta Previa - Grade 4

Let’s start by explaining what Placenta Previa is; it means the placenta has implanted at the bottom of the uterus, over the cervix or close by. 967 kata lagi


The benefits of eating your placenta

If you are expecting a baby you may have come across placenta encapsulation and smoothies. You might be thinking about doing it yourself…

What is the placenta? 291 kata lagi


Placenta Praevia

Placenta Praevia is a condition in which the placenta partially covers or blocks the neck of the uterus. In early pregnancy, this is not usually considered a problem as the placenta may move as the pregnancy progresses. 67 kata lagi


placenta encapsulation

I birthed 2 children at home, un-medicated and unfettered by conventional interventions and busy-bodied nurses poking heads in and out of one of the most intimate moments of truths a woman can endure. 176 kata lagi

the maternal and fetal connect - the placenta

I complete the glands that make up the endocrine system and learn there is also a secondary endocrine system made up of organs (not glands). The placenta is a part of this secondary system. 229 kata lagi