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Meet Vera Jo (a home birth story)

Hello everyone!

This post is not for the squeamish. Much like in the case of Loulou Maya’s birth story, I want to share with you as many details as possible, so that future parents feel informed and empowered to ask for the type of birth that best suits them. 1.543 kata lagi

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Lucchini Supreme Sheep Placenta $220

Lucchini Supreme Sheep Placenta Extract

Origin: Switzerland

Packaging :
2ml x 50 vials

Indications and Treatments for Lucchini Fresh Sheep Placenta Extract :

Eliminates wrinkles, acnes, eye-bags and dull skin. 218 kata lagi

Acro PP Total Skin Rejuvenating $650

Acro PP Total Skin Rejuvenating (TSR)

Origin: USA

Arco PP Total Skin Rejuvenation (TSR) is unique because of its patented formulation process which results in unparalleled levels of bio-activeness. 394 kata lagi

DIY Placenta Smoothie

Hey everyone!
As you probably guessed already, since I am posting a placenta smoothie recipe, I already had the baby. And the placenta. Her name (the baby’s, we didn’t name the placenta) is Vera Jo, she is awesome (obviously) and was born on the 11th of June, at home. 1.166 kata lagi


Laennec Human Placenta

The best anti-aging from japan.

Clinical Proven Effects:
– Restores youth quality (prevent ageing)
– Prevent the hardening of liver
– Prevent and improve of bloating, rashes, black spot and freckle… 136 kata lagi


Ancient Roman Skincare: What Actually Worked?

Probably know best by his work The Metamorphoses, the famous Roman orator Ovid, born in 43 BC, discussed current social and dermatological practices in the… 391 kata lagi


"stress hormones can also cross the placenta" by Julia at her desk

Thursday June 1, 2017
5 minutes

Your baby is not safe! Sorry, but it’s not. It’s figthing to stay alive every second and you know what? 82 kata lagi