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Things They Just Don't Tell You About Birth

When Darv & I first started trying to have a baby, we did 0 research on the subject matter, and what it was we were going to expect. 685 kata lagi

Placenta encapsulation; Yes, I ate my placenta!

“Ew that sounds absolutely dreadful! Why, on Earth would anyone do that?!”, I think was the remark I blurted out when first hearing about placenta encapsulation and consumption. 2.192 kata lagi


Placenta Encapsulation

This is surely my most controversial post to date, and definitely not for the squeamish. If the title alone gives you the heebie jeebies then stop reading now, but I hope that you do continue to read with an open-mind! 1.228 kata lagi


Enhancing placental function - my first publication explained

Four years after my Masters of Research in Maternal and Fetal Health at The University of Manchester, our paper is finally published in Theranostics which means I have my first science journal publication! 1.223 kata lagi

Gluta Drip Cavite is in the House Price List

Congratulations and you are going to reward your self.

I am offering a very reasonable and affordable services to fit everybody’s budget to give everybody a chance to experience the benefits of iv gluta that will give you an immune booster, self confidence and feeling good inside out. 17 kata lagi

Beauty Drip

Inaccurate Reporting on Encapsulation and GBS

If you or a loved one was hospitalized for a systemic major infection, get sent home, then relapsed quickly, what would be your logical conclusion?  Personally, I would suspect the original infection was not cured.   626 kata lagi

Birth Prep

Birth Traditions

As you can imagine, my thoughts are very occupied by the subject of pregnancy and birth in these days (because I am pregnant). A lot of things that I heard over the years about this theme are coming back to mind. 1.229 kata lagi