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Millie's Birth Story - Part II: After The Birth

 Part I: Natural Home Water Birth

My blood type is O negative so blood would have to be drawn from the umbilical cord to be sent to test. 444 kata lagi


7 Things You Can Do with Your Placenta...Instead of tossing it.

Our appprentice, Hayley, is also a placenta specialist. She encapsulates, makes tinctures and cord keepsakes for many of our families and her private clients.  She has written this great article about all the things you can do with your placenta. 1.373 kata lagi

Information For Families

Anterior Placenta

So I’ve recently been told I have an anterior placenta. When i first heard it at my 20 week scan I asked the technician if that was normal or not and she said that everything is normal and it doesn’t matter where are placenta is. 284 kata lagi


Radio Silence

This is probably the longest I have gone without blogging in quite some time.

Before I begin, it is important that I say that I do not by any means want to take away from the wonderful fact that we are now 17 weeks pregnant…I still can’t believe it and thank God numerous times a day. 1.083 kata lagi


6 Isan Foods Westerners Won't Dare Eat

We all know what Thai food is like, but there’s a part of Thailand – the northeastern part called the Isan – whose food westerners have yet to explore. 525 kata lagi


Planting the Tree of Life: Placenta Burial and Postpartum Healing

For two years, I kept my placenta frozen in my kitchen unsure of what to do.  

I knew that I didn’t want to get rid of it – I grew that beautiful and powerful organ and after the intense of capital “F” fast birth of my daughter I never got a chance to explore my placenta.   1.221 kata lagi


What Disorders Can Affect the Placenta During Pregnancy?

The placenta and its health are vital to the health of a woman’s pregnancy and fetal development. This organ provides oxygen, nutrients, and filters fetal waste during pregnancy. 1.061 kata lagi