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Man adds wife’s placenta into cocktails and pizza, then invites friends over for dinner

Tom, 31, put wife Amanda’s placenta into a pizza and ‘daiquiri’ cocktail, the Manchester Evening News reports.

When their first child was born, Tom had blended into a drink, but vowed to go one better after the birth of second child Nellie. 279 kata lagi

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Episode 12: Placenta, anyone?

It’s gluten free, grain free, dairy free, organic and paleo AF. But girl, you gonna EAT that!?!!? I am talking about your PLACENTA. Womb to table. 22 kata lagi


PLACENTA - Neuer Song "Evolution" mit Video veröffentlicht

Berlins Speerspitze in Sachen Honic Melonic Death Metal hat wieder zugeschlagen! PLACENTA, geschärft und nobel wie eh und je, haben ihrem neuen Song “EVOLUTION” eine Visualisierung verpasst, die sich gewaschen hat. 143 kata lagi


Facebook photo of baby with placenta attached prompts discussion of post-birth rituals

A photo of a Maori baby showing his umbilical cord still attached to the placenta and arranged in such a way that it spells out the word ‘love’ has gone viral on social media. 142 kata lagi

Burning the umbilical cord

When I am asked,

”Why don’t you cut babies’ umbilical cords?”

I say, ”Isn’t the real question: Why do you cut?”

It’s interesting that those of us on the path of nonviolence…

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What is a Lotus Birth?

I had no clue until a few days ago. It’s not the birth of a Lotus flower. Instead it is where the umbilical cord is not cut immediately after birth. 101 kata lagi