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Waste Product or Tasty Treat?

Eating placenta: ritual and science

The human placenta is a remarkable organ. Derived entirely from the developing foetus it acts as substitute lungs, stomach, liver and bladder throughout a woman’s pregnancy. 1.357 kata lagi


My Tiniest Heartbreak- IUGR

When I first really saw Isabella, I cried. A wave of guilt rushed over me cutting my visit with her short. After 10 minutes with the baby I gave birth to just 24 hours before, I asked my husband to wheel me back to my room and I cried. 734 kata lagi


Synthetic oxytocin& the effect on mothers' mental health

I have a bit of a love affair with oxytocin (aka the love hormone – pun intentional!). For that positive labour experience that birthing mothers are looking for it’s vital to keep her body producing good quantities of this hormone to help her birth baby as efficiently as possible. 201 kata lagi

Thinking about placenta encapsulation? You may want to read this...

5 reasons why hiring a trained/certified placenta encapsulation specialist is worth the money:
1. Encapsulating a placenta is not rocket science. prep, slice, dehydrate, grind, encapsulate. 511 kata lagi

Mama's Mama's words

I had a lot of interesting input when deciding on a birthing class to take.

My sister said her birthing class scared the shit out of her. 220 kata lagi



The Placenta is a Greek word which means “a flat cake”. Placenta can be defined as a temporary organ which is formed jointly by the extra embryonic membrane of the fetus and maternal tissue and by which the developing embryo or fetus of viviparous mammals obtains the nourishment from the maternal tissue. 875 kata lagi


Cindelle 3000

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