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"I'm Not Supposed to Have Needs" {A Life Overseas}

Elizabeth is over at A Life Overseas today, continuing her series on life in ministry families. Here’s a snippet:

The idea that “other people’s needs are more important than my own” sounds very spiritual. 132 more words


The Little Word that Frees Us {A Life Overseas}

Elizabeth is over at A Life Overseas today, beginning a discussion on the pressures of ministry life for both adults and children.

I believe, along with William Paul Young, that “since most of our hurts come through relationships, so will our healing.” 216 more words


Tak Ada Cinta Mati Kader PKS untuk LHI

Saya barusan baca ini, artikel yang ditulis 25 September 2014 lalu oleh bapak Nandang Burhanudin. Makin membuka pikiran kita tentang politik Indonesia -_-

Entah mengapa, kasus LHI yang divonis MA 18 tahun dan dicabut hak politik, tidak berlaku untuk para koruptor kelas kakap.

405 more words


Jessica Morris shares…
As someone who lives with depression, I’ve heard most of clinical talk that comes with the illness.

Stepping in and out of therapy for over a decade, depression and anxiety are something that I have carried all through my teenage years and into early adulthood. 1.239 more words


PK039s Jungle Village

Within the broadest scale, Australia is a major part of the Australasia biogeographic realm, as developed by the World Wildlife Fund. Based on this system, the world is also split into 14 Terrestrial ecoregion of which eight are shared by Australia. 190 more words