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Automating PKS Upgrades

Last night, Pivotal announced new versions of PKS and Harbor, so I thought it’s time to simplify the upgrade process. Here is a concourse pipeline that essentially aggregates the upgrade-tile pipeline so that PKS and Harbor are upgraded in one go. 745 kata lagi


PKS and NSX-T: I did everything wrong

I’ve fought with PKS and NSX-T for a month or so now. I’ll admit it: I did everything wrong, several times. One thing for certain, I know how NOT to configure it. 930 kata lagi


Yang Salah Dari 2019 Ganti Presiden...

Adalah tidak ditawarkannya alternatif dari sosok yang ingin diganti baik itu orangnya maupun kebijakannya.

Di banyak negara maju oposisi menjadi kelompok yang memberi alternatif, bukan hanya sekedar berteriak “itu salah, itu salah”. 686 kata lagi


Setting Up a vSphere Service Account for Pivotal BOSH Director using PowerCLI

BOSH Director requires a fairly powerful vCenter service account to do all of the things it does.

The list of permissions required is here, and it’s extensive. 70 kata lagi


VMware PKS - Hands-On Lab

Ok, I know what you are thinking. A blog post on a hands-on lab…really? What actually sparked this was seeing a tweet that VMware is… 582 kata lagi


Installing CloudFoundry User Account and Authentication Client (cf-uaac) on Windows

I’m doing some playing round with Pivotal CloudFoundry and Kubernetes and ran into an issue where during the setup I needed to use their cf-uaac tool (written in Ruby) to complete the setup and manage authentication to the system. 572 kata lagi


Free activities at Daintree Rainforest

We packed out luggage and left them in the lobby then caught a shuttle which dropped us off near PK’s, where we grabbed breakfast and mangosteens across the street then walked down to the Dubuji Boardwalk, which offered a route through natural Rainforest to Myall beach. 167 kata lagi