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Reunian Jenny-FSTVLST di Konser Tanah Indah

18 Februari 2015 menjadi momen yang sepertinya cukup mengharukan bagi anggota orkes melayu *disetrum penggemare* nggak…nggak, becanda, FSTVLST. Bertempat di PKKH, UGM, Yogyakarta, band yang dulu bernama… 209 kata lagi


Seminar Lintas Batas, Art & Science Collaboration with Academician

In August, Lifepatch had the opportunity to do a presentation in a seminar organized by PKKH UGM, a cultural center hosted by UGM. They asked us to share the experience on working collaboratively with academician like Microbiology Department of Agriculture Faculty UGM. 436 kata lagi


ISI operates from within IAF‏

ISI operates from within IAF‏

A Delhi court has sentenced a former Indian Air Force employee to three-and-half-year prison term for passing on defence information to Pakistani intelligence officials. 180 kata lagi


Indian Govt. Lays Hands on Facebook Users in JK

Srinagar: The state government is now seeing social networking websites ‘a major threat to the public order’ and has reportedly summoned several youth in Kashmir besides booking Mirwaiz South Kashmir, Qazi Yasir, under Public Safety Act for ‘instigating violence and justifying stone-pelting through Facebook.’ 322 kata lagi


ISI will bury India, US in Afghanistan: Zaid Hamid on PressTV

Former Chief of IB Brig. Imtiaz (Rtd) and renowned Pakistani defence analyst Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid in a candid discussion on the recent history of Afghanistan and why it lives up to its reputation of being a graveyard of empires. Must watch analysis (English language)


PKKH and Takmeel further distance themselves from Zaid Hamid (Press Release)

Earlier today we published an article where we discussed how PKKH has slowly started to distance itself from Zaid Hamid. About 30 mins ago, PKKH and Takmeel have released a… 200 kata lagi


PKKH slowly parting ways with Zaid Hamid?

PKKH has been a strong supporter of ZH for a long time now. One important factor which must be mentioned here is that PKKH existed even before ZH became popular, and later joined hands with ZH. 272 kata lagi