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Lunch Recipes

I try to cook one tasty meal a week that I can divvy up across 5 days as either the main course or a supportive role to my packed lunch. 149 kata lagi


Mediterranean Turkey Pita Wraps

Ground Turkey is an item that has become essential to our grocery list. It’s healthy, easy to transition the flavor, and it cooks quickly.  Turkey is a rich source of protein, as well as iron, zinc and potassium. 300 kata lagi


Američka pita sa jabukama

Iskreno, ne volim da jedem jabuke ali zato u kolačima i u pecivima…to je već druga priča! 🙂
Volim da pravim pitu po ovom starom, dobrom receptu jer je jednostavan, bogat ukusima i uvek se može modifikovati prema sopstvenom ukusu dodavajući limunovu koru, orahe, muskatni oraščić, bademe, lešnike, đumbir…ili bilo šta što volite. 346 kata lagi


Thai Turkey Salad Pitas


  • 2 cups cubed cooked turkey breast (we used Beyond Meat’s grilled chicken strips and needed 2 (9 oz. each) packages in order to get 2 cups worth)
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Greek Village Grill, Alpine, CA

Wow, they have excellent lettuce wraps! The sliced chicken was spicy, combined with a cool and refreshing Greek style corn, tomato and onion slaw. You have an option of garlic or dill dressing and it comes with pita. 92 kata lagi


Healthy pitaschotel

Hey daar!

Ik weet dat het lijkt alsof mijn titel een contradictie op zich is, maar you have got to believe me! Deze pitaschotel is effectief gezond! 439 kata lagi

Hetty's filled pita bread - Spring Edition

Hey everyone!

It’s Thursday which means tomorrow it’s finally Friday. This weekend we finally got some good weather heading our way. I’m writing as much as I can to get this book finished by the summer. 539 kata lagi