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मेरे पिता

A son love towards his father. I dedicate this post to Himanshu Gupta who requested me to write his feelings towards his father.

हे पिता, मैंने तुमसे,
बहुत कुछ हैं पाया।
तुम्हारी छत्र- छाया में,
ये जीवन मैंने बिताया।
दुआ से तुम्हारी,
मैं इस दुनियां में आया।
दुआ है अब मेरी,
बना रहे ,यूही ,तुम्हारे आशीर्वाद का साया।

Prerna Mehrotra


Pita Pizza

Pita pizzas are one of my favourite and easy lunches to make. You don’t need to use real pizza dough to have an awesome meal. I just put some great toppings on a pita and popped it in the oven. 23 kata lagi


Intangible Pie

Greece, understandably, is very proud of its heritage. For most people outside the country, this is symbolised by the shining white columns of the Parthenon on the Athenian Acropolis and the numerous other antiquites seen throughout the country. 279 kata lagi


Hair clip

Aneka macam jepit rambut ,dengan modifikasi jepit rambut untuk bros
Untuk katalog selengkapnya ,silahkan klik gambar di samping

IDR 10k

IDR 8k

IDR 8k

IDR 8k… 92 kata lagi


Clean protein challenge day 5: Baked cauliflower pita

It’s the last day of the clean eating challenge, bummer! Even though the week I did this was a long time ago (I mean a real long time ago), I still use a lot of what I learned in that week in my normal cooking. 212 kata lagi


ode to my p.i.t.a. kid... (g2)

OK, so today wasn’t the epicness it usually is. I love my kid, my Spawn, I thoroughly do.

They are a 60/40 split of the other contributor’s and my genetic makeup (not in my favor) in all the visual ways and they got all the good bits. 881 kata lagi