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The Shuka Truck

It’s time to shake your shakshuka.  For the past few months, I’ve been seeing positive reviews about The Shuka Truck, a truck that specializes in Israel’s national breakfast:  shakshuka.  400 kata lagi


Meals on My Own: Falafel platter, Eggs and Plants

Eggs and Plants, Seattle, WA (5th and Blanchard/Bell St.)

Ordered: Falafel platter. All this for only $13! And definitely can feed 2 people, shared. Or, if you’re a fatty like me, no share :P The falafel was great. 118 kata lagi

Meals On My Own

Greek chicken wrap

Based on a recipe from Midwest Living

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 60 minutes
Servings: 3 to 4



Quesadilla Pita Pockets

Okay I admit it.. I am OBSESSED with Mexican food. I didn’t even really realize it until I started this blog. I find myself trying to avoid Mexican recipes so that I can have an array of recipes but darn it Mexican food is the best. 367 kata lagi


Shrimp Gyro & Chobani Tzatziki Sauce

Recently, Chobani has been challenging everyone to come up with some great summer recipes that are #madewithchobani. Greek yogurt is a very versatile ingredient and one that I use often while cooking, especially as a substitute to create healthier meals. 416 kata lagi


This is such a versatile dough…There are a few types of “flatbreads” out there such as naan, pita, focaccia, lavash, pizza dough. I could go on and on and on….They may have a one or two different ingredients or a slightly different preperation method, but they’re really all one in the same. 546 kata lagi

Fillos Souvlaki

Gone is BurraBerkshires free range food van from the Hamlet and up popped Canberra’s newest Greek eatery: Fillo Souvlaki, which opened less than 3 weeks ago. 244 kata lagi