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Fala-Full Sandwich

I returned yet another time to the Veggie Grill after the gym on a Friday night. The menu has begun to bore me as I’ve tried most or all of the mock meat dishes. 51 kata lagi


Grill Peppers, Minced Pita & Feta

Attempted some grilling the other day that pretty much impressed my tastebuds. I could do a little dance just thinking about it. Despite the constant nagging from my friends, hounding me for my ‘actual’ address, I didn’t give in. 407 kata lagi


Cooking the Mediterranean Countries-Lebanon

The Mediterranean countries include France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal along the north; Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel on the east; and the African countries of Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia on the south. 1.484 kata lagi

Healthy Italian Cooking

Instant Pot Greek Gyros

Okay, so the other night I was just hanging out at the Instant Pot Community Facebook page (can you say cooking nerd? and proud of it!) when my friend Tonya messaged me. 999 kata lagi

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Review of Pita Plus


We all have things in our lives that we are so sure about that they aren’t worth arguing. If someone told you that Britney Spears has a better voice than Adele, there wouldn’t be much to do but shrug your shoulders and move on. 577 kata lagi


Pacific cod, chickpea purée, and collard greens. 11/10/17

Quick note about lunch – I had the cauliflower soup again but this time with tofu cubes. I also added the tofu to a tomato and lettuce pita pocket sandwich. 77 kata lagi


Vegan on the road. 11/5/17

We stopped at a Mediterranean restaurant, Hummus Express, in Bakersfield, California in the search of a vegan lunch that was tasty and quick. I ordered hummus, tabbouleh, and pita. 35 kata lagi