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Peanut Sauce Pita

This was a use of leftovers to be proud of: We had leftover pitas, spinach, and thinly sliced purple onion from a falafel… 49 kata lagi


Falafel King - Westwood

In Westwood Village, restaurants come and go, but Falafel King has managed to withstand the test of time. After more than 30 years in business, Falafel King still serves freshly fried falafels and shawarma to hungry UCLA students and locals alike. 394 kata lagi

BYOB & Bosnian Food at Café Pita

Do you have a bottle of wine at home that’s just a tad too nice to enjoy on your couch while watching reality TV show reruns in your PJs? 464 kata lagi

It's Fare

Gyro! Gyro! Gyro!

Saw this recipe and had been itching to try.

This Gyro recipe was brought you by! (Just follow the link to really learn how to make this) 305 kata lagi


Greek Week

Do you know what is so great about college, and doing what you freaking love?? Taking classes are so specific to what you like to do, so you actually enjoy them. 467 kata lagi

Week Five

My prep time is now getting easier. It takes 1 hr. or less to cook/prepare 8 meals, which is great, because it took 2 hr. the first week! 138 kata lagi


Syrian lunch

Went to a Syrian Imbiß near Oranienburger Straße for lunch with a friend from my orchestra before our rehearsal weekend away in Neuendorf – sadly he couldn’t make it to the rehearsal in the end as he wasn’t feeling very well, so hopefully it wasn’t the food!! 17 kata lagi