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Pita Pizzas

So, it’s been a while. One has the best of intentions to maintain, sustain a project; then life somehow gets in the way.

After having spent 10 days in Europe for our family holiday, returning and hosting one of my best girlfriends chez moi for a weekend and preparing and hosting my daughter’s 4th birthday party, my life is somewhat starting to resemble my otherwise tranquil existence here in Battery Park, Manhattan; that is if by tranquil existence, I am referring to waking up, dressing, feeding and bringing my two little ones to run our quotidian errands, venture to the neighborhood playground and perform my usual household duties. 396 kata lagi

Main Dish

I don’t understand how, but I love that I can roll out a circle of dough and when baked in the oven it turns into a pita pouch. 94 kata lagi


On July 5, 2011, Phoenix was enveloped in a moving wall of dust so monstrous that the news media started using the Arabic word “haboob” to describe it. 953 kata lagi


Adventures of Pita Pan and Falafel

In spirit of International Falafel Day…

Having spent 5 years in Montreal, falafels in pita wraps are one of the many things I miss about that beautiful city. 529 kata lagi

Bread Box

Chicken Pita Pockets

I’m back with a vengeance. That frightful throat infection had me down for awhile, but now that I’m back, I suddenly have a new inspiration to cook and snap pictures for you. 400 kata lagi


BBQ Chickpea Pita Pizza

Sweet, Sticky, crispy, caramelised, BBQ flavoured pita pizza delights. Oh so YUMMM!

These pita pizza’s are SO easy to make and really budget friendly! They make such a good lunch or a quick and easy weekend dinner. 319 kata lagi