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Pita Pizza Provisions

Crave pizza, but don’t want your meal to be 90% grease?

Credit for this meal goes to my mom. When I was a teenager, she started making pita pizzas as appetizers or light meals. 885 kata lagi


Lunch out with the Wife

Pita Jungle for lunch

Mine was a lentil Fattoush with organic brown rice, lentils, assorted fresh veggies, caramelized onions and pita chips. Mmmmm good!

Labneh Pizza Toast

Long before toast became a trend, my family had its own toast-y tradition. On weekend mornings that weren’t filled with scheduled activities, we would make these labneh “pizzas” using toasted pita rounds, labneh, and vegetable toppings. 296 kata lagi




So a few years ago I made unleavened bread for our church. It was so much fun,that I started making my own rolls, biscuits, crescent rolls, and pita bread. 261 kata lagi

Breads And Rolls

Hellenic Republic, Brunswick

Greek Sam at work raves about this place, so I had to to try Hellenic Republic and see how it compares to Calombaris’s other venues which I have rated well in the past. 494 kata lagi

Grilled Lamb Burgers in Pita

These were inspired by a recipe I found in Bon Appetite. The only change I would make is find a thicker pita bread or make your own. 84 kata lagi


Mrvicasta pita od jabuka ~ Crumble Apple Pie

Ukusna pita od jabuka koja je prekrivena mrvicastim tijestom od oraha, smedjeg secera, cimeta i maslaca. Pita je idealna za ove hladne dane jer sadrzi “zimske” zacine, klincic, cimet i muskatni orascic. 366 kata lagi