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Can you Pistol Squat?

Open 2017 is upon us, and I anticipate pistols this year.   Do you have yours?

When coaching, I often see athletes struggling with the pistol.  It takes mobility.   25 kata lagi

Physical Therapy

Two 1911s at the Range: Les Baer Premier II and Dan Wesson Specialist

1911s are a curious thing.  As a design over 100 years old, they should be obsolete relics fit only for museum cases and antique shops.  Think of most machines or advanced technologies from this timeframe… many are no longer in use.  1.116 kata lagi


SP2022 and FNP-9 Range Day

The weather last weekend in Texas was great, and it provided the perfect opportunity to get a couple new toys out to the range.  “New” is a subjective term, as although the Sig SP2022 is in new condition the FNP-9 was purchased used (but in excellent condition). 390 kata lagi


Wish List 2017

I think the last time I posted a wish list was 2014. I figured it was time to revisit and determine what I’m currently dreaming about. 328 kata lagi


Replica Pistols in Canada from the Post 1998 era Part 2: CO2 and gas powered replicas

Crosman Airmag C11

This is a CO2 airsoft made by Crosman. It is not an exact replica of any known model and with the transparent model it is even more difficult to make a comparison. 1.996 kata lagi

Make Good Choices

No frills, no nonsense. Just simple, functional defense. Spend your money on training, not cosmetics.

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