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Taurus Spectrum

Shot Show 2017 introduced the Taurus Spectrum and I must admit I kinda dig the style of their new pocket pistol. Black doesn’t quite speak to me, but the colors do. 8 kata lagi


Water Cooler Conversations

Sharon Killburn is really pissed off.

Her ears are burning.

While her face is a deep beet red.

She looks over toward the water cooler. 877 kata lagi

CZ P-10C INBOUND, Plus Formidable Force Review

Sometimes, work doesn’t suck.  As soon as the first shipment of P-10Cs hits the US, one will be en route to my department for T&E.  As lead firearms instructor and the Sergeant in charge of purchasing, it’s my duty to test the gun.   138 kata lagi

KWC P08 (Luger)

I like replicas of historic firearms, and they don’t get much more historic than the P08, better known as the Luger.  I have owned Luger replicas before: A Tanaka version (beautifully made and looked very good, but was made of plastic, was very light and was only an indifferent shooter) and a WE version (basically a metal copy of the Tanaka version, minus some of the markings and with the addition of some quality control issues that made it randomly shoot in full-auto mode) and I never really fancied the non-blowback Umarex version.  3.556 kata lagi

Making your own replica

I haven’t tried to build my own replica because of a complete absence of ability, talent and experience and a lack of access to the machinery and tools that I’d need. 1.733 kata lagi

Viking Pistol 1

Viking Pistol 1

I’ve had handguns since before I had a driver’s license. Over the years, I’ve hung around military guys who used weapons for a living. 310 kata lagi