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5 Points of Practice: Reloads

As the third entry in a series of six, today I’ll be covering the another point to focus on when practicing for 3gun.

Call them reloads, call them Mag Changes, either way it’s only slightly more important to keep ammunition in your gun while on a stage than it is to have a blazing fast draw.   358 kata lagi


Bloomberg Eyes The White House Should Gun Owners Be Concerned?

I read that Michael Bloomberg was contemplating a run for President and got to thinking about what that might mean for gun owners if he entered the race as an Independent candidate. 245 kata lagi


One liner Wednesday (c. Abyssbrain)

When you consider the word “necking”, the phrase “cocking his pistol” takes on a whole new meaning….



Last post we talked about your fire control computer and a good pistol shooting stance. I told you about controlling and respecting your pistol and about a good practical stance that will be modified according to the situation. 830 kata lagi


In the next couple of posts, we will talk about how to shoot a pistol. But, before I begin slinging wit and wisdom down from Mount Gooch, we need to talk about the subject that will save many more lives than taking out a herd of zombies. 1.100 kata lagi

Four Bodices

In Garcia Lorca’s famous poem, The Unfaithful Wife, we see the story of the Spanish Revolution as told through the eyes of a gypsy pistolero and his encounter with a married woman of means trapped in a loveless marriage. 202 kata lagi


First Trip to the Gun Club

So my daughter and I have been trying to join a gun club for a while.  After trying various options we signed up for a local archery, pistol, rifle and shotgun club.   844 kata lagi