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Shiny Ruger

Cleaned up some surface rust on a Ruger Mk I. Glad to help preserve a family’s heirlooms!
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No Bluff--Potter & Potter Has A Genuine 19th Century Gambler's Case

What you see: A circa 1880 American-made gambler’s case, with several sets of mother-of-pearl chips, a pistol with a mother-of-pearl handle, a full set of playing cards, a cigar cutter with a mother-of-pearl handle, a two-bladed pocket knife with a scrimshawed ivory handle, an ivory dice cup, and miscellaneous dice. 400 kata lagi


Pen & Pistol : क़लम और बंदूक़ का रिश्ता पक्का हो गया

This one explores characteristics of Pen and Pistol and relationship between them in modern times.

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