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Sea of Thieves Weaponry

Sea of Thieves showcases some amazing battle mechanics and promises to be an truly captivating multiplayer game however one thing fans have been clamouring for is the knowledge of what weapons players will get to utilise within the Sea of Thieves universe. 884 kata lagi

The Partner-in-Crime

Admittedly, her face didn’t turn out just right.

You never know, though. She’s starting to grow on me.

Hi again! I’m writing from the past once more, and I’m scheduling this post for the 25th (at which time I will be about to attend another family reunion–just like last summer!). 217 kata lagi


Remington R51 Reintroduction

Apparently the Remington R51 is coming back out in August. You may recall it was first introduced in 2014 to much acclaim, but quickly it became apparent it should have never left the drawing board. 58 kata lagi


Friday Night Fights [Round 2]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another pistol-whipping edition of Friday Night Fights!  Tonight’s featured bout is a match up between two constant readers of the Manifesto, one famous and one obscure.  186 kata lagi


The Do's And Dont's Of Talking About Gun Violence

Guns.com noted in their piece Americans for Responsible Solutions rebranding gun control the message is changing and gun owners should take note. I’m not sure what legislation might be proposed, but changing the message to take focus off the NRA and and Second Amendment would certainly make any message more palatable and appear more benign. 46 kata lagi


The Tale of the Pink Mosquito

Not so long ago, my lovely wife and I happened to have a Sunday off together.  It was a fall day, raining and just kind of “blah” out.  1.250 kata lagi