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For crying out loud!!!

OK, I am really frustrated today…I mean really frustrated. On another website a person asked, “Which is better for overall protection–AR-15 in .223 or AR-10 in .308?” It was game on! 2.832 kata lagi

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Charlotte Shooting Recap

Way back in September I posted about the CMPD shooting of a supposedly unarmed man. Videos and photos at the time appeared to show a holster and a gun, but two days ago the… 179 kata lagi


Cosplay Tip #1: Prop Gun Distressing Tutorial

For the first video of a new series called “Cosplay Tips”, I had this old bb gun lying around that no longer worked properly (my husband decided to take it on a trip with him…and naturally broke it) and thought I would give it a makeover to use for my cosplay. 22 kata lagi


Purses Are For Lipstick

This was sent to me from a female student. I must agree with the instructor in this video, Anna Taylor. As you watch it, try to guess where she is hiding a firearm.


Wallpaper of The Week: Gun Wielding Girl 9

Now this is a cool looking wallpaper featuring gun wielding girl. That yellow suit really gets me and that Qipao style uniform makes this girl looking beautiful and badass at the same time.



As we get closer to winter weather, I’m trying to get everyone’s hooves trimmed.  You might not have noticed Victoria’s feet in the image I shared a couple of days ago, but it was embarrassing how her feet looked.  99 kata lagi