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Court Martial

At Taylor’s place, we talked about what had happened in his back garden. Scotty really wasn’t happy and used an old climbing rope to tie Taylor to a tree out of sight of the house. 229 kata lagi


Quick build: Mei's endothermic blaster

Mei’s endothermic blaster (Overwatch)
Build techniques: 3D modeling, 3D printing
Build date: July-August 2016

3d Modeling

Redwall Reworked Post Apocalyptic Warrior: Amaury

“Redwall Reworked Post Apocalyptic Warrior: Amaury” – color pencil, August 2016


Review: Holosun 403GL

This is the first in a series of reviews of red-dot scopes for Bullseye.

Holosun 403GL Photo from holosun.com

Holosun 403GL Photo from holosun.com… 1.226 kata lagi


Fresh tactics

While the setup to test and perform this drill may be more than you have available it could be adjusted. It’s really something you will need to practice to get good at, but I do love these little field notes from SureFire.

Apparently Failure IS An Option

So part of my training is that I have to become qualified with a pistol and a rifle. Well apparently, me and pistols do not get a long. 274 kata lagi