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The 16 most high-tech guns in the world

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Militaries around the world are creating and testing futuristic guns that are like something you would see in a James Bond movie.  478 kata lagi


Rohnert Park Public Safety Officer Dave Rodriguez - So Wrong

I’m surprised I kept this one to myself when the video surfaced last year. Here’s the story, a man claimed to have been harassed by the police at his home so he would photograph or video them when he could. 294 kata lagi


Gun Control 3: So, you think the 2nd Amendment was for deer hunting? Watch Video

A test: Why do we have the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution? And why does it follow the 1st Amendment?

  1. The 2nd Amendment was written into the Constitution because a bunch of old white guys that were slave owners wanted to make sure they could go deer hunting whenever they wanted too?
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Catch An Officer Doing Something Right

Hopefully in the future we will see more examples of Police Officers doing something right. It seems as of late we only hear about them doing something wrong. 94 kata lagi


May 25, 2016 | Dream Journal | Running With A Pistol | Dragon Ball Z And A Fashion Show And A Missile (Bomb) Attack?

The end of my last dream was so sudden and surprising and confusing that I woke up by accident, I immediately tried to organize my memory of the end of the dream so that I could voice record it, but this and some other things caused me to forget most of my other dreams and even most of my last dream including some of the parts that I had remembered when I first woke up but forget right before I could voice record them. 1.906 kata lagi


Should We Abolish Gun-Free Zones?

I noticed where Trump indicated he would abolish gun-free zones as part of a recent speech and it got me thinking, should we abolish gun-free zones? 276 kata lagi


May 24, 2016 | Dream Journal | A Wedding And A Boy Band On Fire And An Armed Christian Anti-Muslim Merchant

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place inside a shopping mall-like building that had some house-like areas in it like those areas were used for special events, and it seemed that a wedding and wedding reception were to take place there during the dream. 1.060 kata lagi