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Vapor trail

I caught this image during a writer’s seminar with SafariLand….I’m not quite sure if that’s a vapor trail, or the sun’s reflection on the bullet on the move. 34 more words

Old Art Projects


A quick timelapse of a watercolour painting.

Steampunk Pistol

This is the process I went through when making my steampunk revolver. The gun is called the Vapor Anima Mark I and is just slightly smaller than my hand. 54 more words



The SIG Sauer MPX is now shipping to stores near you.

SIG Sauer has announced that their first civilian production MPX is shipping to distributors and will be available in stores within the next two weeks. 149 more words

And Now This...H725

Yesterday House Bill 725 was filed in the NC General Assembly and she is a doozy or rather a wolf in sheep’s clothing. At first it looks benign enough with some deadly force against an intruder verbiage, but quickly changes to require background checks for all firearm transfers. 188 more words


Pistol Ammo Preference: 9mm and .40 caliber

There are an endless variety of pistols that can be utilized for home and personal defense. People ask me what I think a good caliber is for home and personal defense, and I have to say either a 9MM or a .40 Cal. 35 more words

Home Defense