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Work so far within around two hours.

Hate artwork being unfinished…

Police respond to street fight, seize handgun, marijuana and a car

WEST YORK, Pa. –  A violent fight in West York Borough could lead to criminal charges against half a dozen people. Borough Police responded at about 4:51 p.m. 114 kata lagi


Bathroom Meme Explains Why Gun Buster Signs Do Not Work

I absolutely love it when people prove a point you have been trying to make for a long time, by trying to prove their own. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have stated gun buster signs do nothing to keep criminals out of an establishment and only serve to keep law-abiding citizens who were never a threat from entering where a sign is posted. 83 kata lagi


Brad with a Y = Brady

I guess people will do anything for money. When news broke Brad Pitt would be hosting the Brady Campaign Bear Awards I had to go check for myself and sure enough there his name is on the center banner for the event. 37 kata lagi


Do as I Say, Not as I Do!

Just in my last blog post I mentioned how we try not to get TOO political here on the blog.  But, sometimes I just cannot help myself, particularly given the fact that this figures to be a pretty important election year.  546 kata lagi


Is There a Doctor in the House? Why Yes, Unfortunately!

It was never my intention, nor John’s, to use this blog as a political soap box.  A few of our posts have dabbled in this area, but we feel like others do a better and more focused job in the political arenas.  893 kata lagi