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Making Sure


PSA: when you get your trigger worked on, maybe check to be sure that it actually fires (you’ll need the sound for this).

Someone had installed some Apex internals on this M&P, but they failed to check that the new sear would reliably release the striker. 28 kata lagi


The Blaster In Question #0020: Voidcaster



If I had to attribute my love for toy blasters to one thing, it’s wanting to recreate my favorite video games in real life, one of the most notable examples being the Halo franchise.  697 kata lagi


When The Last Leaves Fall (~chapter ten~)

*This is a short companion story to the novel The Reputation of Booya Carthy.
It may contain spoilers apropos to the original story.

As the day continued to drift towards darkness, the Englishman had told Hunter of the link between Helland and this house. 1.916 kata lagi

Say Hello To My Little Friend

I have had a fascination with AR-Style pistols for a while (actually, more with SBRs but I am not willing to deal with any NFA items for now). 360 kata lagi


Sig Sauer P320 Drop Safety Alert

I don’t own a Sig Sauer P320, but for those of you who do, please check the Sig website for voluntary upgrade information. The issue is if the firearm is dropped with a round in the chamber it may discharge. 48 kata lagi


July 22nd gameplay

July 22nd 2017 was my most recent gameplay. There was a total of three of us that played. We mostly played death match. The first game was 1 on 1 with CO2 pistols. 125 kata lagi