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The DURAGADGET Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 Handgun Carry

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Options DURAGADGET Kahr Arms CM9 Handgun Carry Storage

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Hartford man arrested on drug and weapons charges

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Hartford police have filed charges against a Michigan man who was found passed out in a car from a drug overdose.  Just after 5 p.m. 80 kata lagi


Are you shooting to "High?"

Okay, here we are, out at the range and spending all this money on ammo and I am still shooting high! Why?  What can I do to correct it?   197 kata lagi

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Gun Owner Liability Insurance - Great Idea Or Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks?

I recently saw a left leaning friend post a meme from the Facebook page “Occupy Democrats” which said, “If we simply required gun owners to carry liability insurance the insurance industry would destroy the gun industry,” and the post had cheers and jeers and so I thought we might take a minute to explore this idea and determine if it was intelligent or ridiculously naive and stupid. 534 kata lagi


SHTF, what do you want with you?

Hey Common Men and Women!

I thought I would write something to give us a little bit to think about today. This is somewhat of an internal debate I’ve had whenever I hear or read people who are discussing what firearm you’d want in some kind of cultural breakdown situation. 1.060 kata lagi