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Quotes About Spontaneity

As we have been working all week on project three I want to keep this post very brief. I just thought I would share a few of the different quotes that have inspired me whilst making my sketches using the affordance spontaneity. 43 more words


PIM Project 3_Portability: Reflection on sharing and portability of content

Exploring the apps that allow users to create and immediately share video content really pushes the idea of portability. Not only is the phone portable, the content is too. 234 more words


PIM Project 3 Sketch: Portability: #letterboxes

b) sketch using short form video service (Vine)

Back in 2009, Simons observed, ‘Besides drawing attention to itself, the moving image is being put to tasks of informing and instructing, luring and persuading, performing and parading, surveying and summoning, and, of course, entertaining and amusing’. 584 more words


PIM Project 3 Sketch: Portability: My Sunday

f) a sketch that explores a new technique or constraint

For this sketch I wanted to explore the idea of portability from the point of view of the content itself being portable. 278 more words


Project 3 Sketch 5 (Other) Mobile Lens

My final sketch for project three is based off an idea from a video my group member Maria shared about 7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks… 342 more words


Response to PIM Lecture Week 7

After this lecture I felt better about project 3 and the direction I was going, Before class, I was really unsure of if the direction I was going in was correct and if I was understanding my affordance correctly. 183 more words


{Post Industrial Media} Project 3–Sketch 5

This sketch was made solely on the mobile. This sketch is just a small clip of a bigger idea that for the scope of this project, I was unable to execute. 217 more words