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Alternative to Azure AD Premium's Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM)


Azure AD Priviledged Identity Management aka PIM is a great set of features to control who can access what in an organization but this is part of Azure Active Directory Premium P2, which costs about 7 euros/month/user at the time of writing. 1.175 kata lagi

Azure Active Directory

PIM Assessment 3 Reflection

Tram Station, is a transit station in people’s life. I always keep my eye’s on this public area, and starting observation. Every passing guest waits and then leave here, and this is not something they have noticed that each of them gathered in one place, meeting different people, using the same transportation. 165 kata lagi


Adding Things to Product Data Lake

Product Data Lake went live last month. Nevertheless, we are already planning the next big things in this cloud service for sharing product data. One of them is exactly things. 293 kata lagi


Final mobile video with reflection

The final video work was adapted from the sketch –


How the video was made

The video recorded the process I saw different transports in daily life and got on. 251 kata lagi


Let's Play!

Let’s Play

Affordance: Collaboration

Research Question: How can a smartphone be used to create an experimental collaborative film with other contributors?

This final experimental video is a product of collaboration with my 4 year-old nephew. 343 kata lagi


Approaches to Sharing Product Information in Business Ecosystems

One of the most promising aspects of digitalization is sharing information in business ecosystems. In the Master Data Management (MDM) realm, we will in my eyes see a dramatic increase in sharing product information between trading partners as touched in the post… 331 kata lagi


Four Reasons BlackBerry Hub+ on Android Beats Samsung Focus

This August, we released a new version of our much-loved communications and productivity app – the BlackBerry Hub – specifically tooled for non-BlackBerry Android devices. … 460 kata lagi