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Little Pim: Foreign Language and Fun - French, Volume One Review | Learn French

Little Pim: Foreign Language and Fun – French, Volume One Review Posted on January 22, 2016 by jpm Your child really can learn a new language. 145 kata lagi

We need you, but we don't want you

“Where Si, where is he?” I repeated as I screamed the car into the dark car park. A man who’d been sent to prison for 10 years for a horrific assault with a knife on his wife was out again, and he had smashed a glass fish tank over her head this time.   1.593 kata lagi

Golden Records in Multi-Domain MDM

The term golden record is a core concept within Master Data Management (MDM). A golden record is a representation of a real world entity that may be compiled from multiple different representations of that entity in a single or in multiple different databases within the enterprise system landscape. 756 kata lagi


We Need More Product Data Lake Ambassadors

Product Data Lake is the new solution to sharing product information between trading partners. While we see many viable in-house solutions to Product Information Management (PIM), there is a need for a solution to exchange product information within cross company supply chains between manufacturers, distributors and retailers. 273 kata lagi


PIM Supplier Portals: Are They Good or Bad?

A recent discussion on the LinkedIn Multi-Domain MDM group is about vendor / supplier portals as a part of Product Information Management implementations.

A supplier portal (or vendor portal if you like) is usually an extension to a Product Information Management (PIM) solution. 209 kata lagi

Data Architecture

ILRI and ReSAKSS-ECA train African researchers in influencing agricultural policies

Correct identification and implementation of comprehensive agricultural policies is an important step in the fight against poverty and food and nutrition insecurity, in line with Sustainable Development Goals One and Two on ending poverty, and hunger, respectively. 616 kata lagi


Ensuring an inRiver PIM Connection

In my current inRiver PIM integration project, there are places all over where I need to make sure that I’m connected to my inRiver PIM instance. 181 kata lagi