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Little Pim: Foreign Language and Fun - French, Volume One Review | Learn French

Little Pim: Foreign Language and Fun – French, Volume One Review Posted on January 22, 2016 by jpm Your child really can learn a new language. 145 kata lagi

Tyler: Finding a Place

So we spent last weekend in Tyler as a family.   It was stressful with 3 boys running around with a real estate agent all day looking at houses. 554 kata lagi


Läätse- ja kaerajahuga vegan-pannkoogid

Olen korduvalt öelnud, et krepid pole mu sõbrad. Ei saa kunagi aru, kui  vedel tainas peab olema. Nii et see retsept oli mu õudusunenägu, siin polnud isegi ligikaudset kogust kirjas. 198 kata lagi


Multilingual? Mais oui! Natürlich.

Is that piece of data wrong or right? This may very well be a question about in what language we are talking about.

In an earlier double post on this blog I had a small quiz about… 232 kata lagi


Tech Terms: PIM

Stands for “Personal Information Manager.” A PIM is a software application that serves as a planner, notebook, and address book all in one. It can also include things like a calculator, clock , and photo album. 45 kata lagi

ZEROFAIL Southeast

Starting up at the age of 56

It is never too late to start up, I have heard. So despite I usually brag about having +35 years of experience in the intersection of business and IT and a… 262 kata lagi