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Two Halves Make A Whole

Developing on from both Funny Faces and Two Face sketches, this video is directly influenced by the MINA video and the chosen affordance of collaboration. It is the same vision in both the other sketches, but I have edited it in Premiere Pro, and flipped my face so that both our faces create one face. 167 kata lagi


Two Face

This sketch evolved from the Funny Faces video. I’m still interested in collaborating with someone in the same space at the same time. Using the same vision but editing it in a different way, I wanted to see if the outcome had a different interpretation. 96 kata lagi


Funny Faces

By collaborating with someone in real time and in the same location, I was able to create this sketch. It is a call and response style video where we both filmed each other with only half a face revealed. 105 kata lagi


Split Vision

The intention of this video was to film with a collaborator in the same location. It was upon my direction that we both filmed out of a tram window, with one phone filming an upper view and another filming a lower view. 113 kata lagi


Product Information Management: Why Should You Do It?

When it comes to products, companies spend approximately 25 minutes per SKU annually in cleaning out and syncing data. It takes about a month for them to launch their offering. 333 kata lagi


Sketch 14: Makeup

I saw a good example of collaboration on the window display of a makeup store. As we can see, many makeup artists are doing their jobs but each person is doing just one part of their faces: eyebrows, lips, cheeks,… Collaborating together, they give to makeup beginners a complete tutorial of how to make up for the whole face. 35 kata lagi


Sketch 13: Melbourne in my eyes

What makes me impressed about Melbourne is the density of tramways and overhead wires. Melbourne in Minyi’s eyes is the city of cross-culture where she can feel like home in some ways. 44 kata lagi