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The Idea of a 'Video Diary'- Spontaneous Seconds

In this blog entry I would like to reflect on some of the feedback I received from my peers and tutor after presenting my second iteration last Friday. 402 more words


PIM Project iteration #2: The Gate

The second iteration of the video for Project 4 has advanced significantly from the previous iteration and sketches.

In this iteration I have worked focused on creating a piece that captures the feel of working on the street rather than focus on the interviews and the subjects. 248 more words


PIM Iteration #2: Reflection

The Gate

This  edit has really brought the work back to the affordance I am exploring, portability. This piece is beginning to capture the feel of moving through busy city streets and glimpsing as you go into people’s lives. 377 more words


Iteration 2

I continue using the idea from my Iteration 1 in order to develop my video work for Iteration 2.From last studio, my lecturer gave me suggestions that I should think about the transitions, colours, sounds to improve the second video work. 607 more words


Iteration 2- Spontaneous Seconds

The second iteration of my video now has a title as well as a quote that emphasises the value of spontaneity.

I had a lot of trouble in uploading the file to iMovie as the file type from the 1 Second Everyday application was not compatible when importing to iMovie. 89 more words


PIM Project 4 Iteration #2: Connectivity in Progress

App use for editing:


App use for visual effects:

Video FX

Sound Effects Sources:

sound bible website

soundsnap website

sounddog.org website

Theme Music source: 7 more words


Inspiration from 1 Second Everyday Facebook Page

At the moment I am trying to work out how to add titles and background music for my second iteration to the 1 Second Everyday (1SE) video. 265 more words