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[CURRENT TOPIC] Using PIM to Ensure Products Get Removed

Author: Chad Cosper

The horrifying and cowardly actions of a single gunman in Charleston, South Carolina last week has begun a national conversation about the Confederate Battle flag, sometimes referred to as “Stars and Bars.”  President Obama has said that the flag belongs in a museum.  358 kata lagi

Master Data Management (MDM)

Special Father's Day Gift--Efficient Man's Organizer Makes Life Happier!

As the Greatest Father’s Day is coming, have you prepared any special gift for your father? whether you do or not, here is a special gift recommend to you–Efficient Mans’s Organizer, an productivity improvement… 481 kata lagi

Appointment Reminder

How Do You Rate The Quality Of Your Data That Is Used For Your Operational Analysis And BI Reporting?

When using your operational reports to make critical decisions, the informational data quality score should be listed as a report element qualifying the quality of the decisions being made. 1.093 kata lagi

Data Cleansing

Data Quality: The Union of First Time Right and Data Cleansing

The other day Joy Medved aka @ParaDataGeek made this tweet:

Indeed, upstream prevention of bad data to enter our databases is sure the better way compared to downstream data cleaning. 301 kata lagi

Data Quality Tools

PIM Final sketch

Wingman is a comedy about a guy looking for a companion, it can be interpreted in many different ways, and for this course, Post Industrial Media, I have restricted myself to using only my smart phone as the tool for the production. 238 kata lagi

RMIT Stuff

Axion's PIM polymers at PRE 2015

ERT’s raw material supply partner Axion Polymers has announced that it will be demonstrating innovative applications for its Axplas range of engineered polymers produced from recycled plastics developed for ERT’s PIM plastic moulding process at the Plastics Recycling Expo in Telford between 16-17 June 2015. 206 kata lagi

Plastics Recycling


Post Industrial Media has been one course that I thoroughly enjoyed this semester. The course is designed to perfection. I believe that the kind of practice that we did throughout the course has instilled in us a number of seen and unseen capabilities. 1.242 kata lagi