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The Real Reason Why Your Business Needs a PIM Tool

Today’s guest blog post is the second one from Dan O’Connor, a United States based product data taxonomy guru. Here are Dan’s thoughts on why you should have a Product Information Management (PIM) tool: 1.387 kata lagi




Welcome to my second blog post! Today’s topic is blogging – what it is, what its benefits are and how it can improve your PIM and PKM. 578 kata lagi

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How to exchange product information with trading partners?

In the era of digitalization, you need to exchange product information with your trading partners in an agile and automated way. At Product Data Lake… 53 kata lagi

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PIM- Individual Reflection

About previous project in CMWP, it was a digital storytelling which was my first time to hear this term and also I did some research on it. 595 kata lagi


Regularity is the key to success.

MortalCultural Kitchen (MCK) project for me was the first media product I have ever distributed via social media.  I cannot identify myself as an advanced internet user; there is a huge difference between the usage of social media platforms for communication with friends and for commercial or promotional aims. 683 kata lagi

Little Pim: Foreign Language and Fun - French, Volume One Review | Learn French

Little Pim: Foreign Language and Fun – French, Volume One Review Posted on January 22, 2016 by jpm Your child really can learn a new language. 145 kata lagi