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Preview of Upcoming Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee Documentary

This past Saturday on Facebook, Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee posted Part 1 of their upcoming documentary with the following message:

The first part of the PIM documentary can now be viewed on YouTube.

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Customer unhappy with your online clothes shopping & delivery service? Start managing your product information

Fast and furious fashion: never simple enough

Do you remember the last time fashion retail was easy to manage? Because I can’t. The thought of manufacturing alone stresses me out – a wristband, stitch by stitch, would take me four hours to knit and it would be still be ridden with holes. 1.366 more words


Here’s an article titled Twelve Barriers to 2015 Retail Global Expansion, and Hacks for Breaking them Down that’s full of valuable insights, including 2 cents from our CEO Richard Hunt:

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Preventing Data Emergencies Before They Happen

Author: Chad Cosper

How many times have you gone to a mechanic for a routine state inspection or oil change only to find out that there are more serious repairs that need to be addressed?  547 more words

Master Data Management (MDM)


In environments that require redundancy towards clients, HSRP will normally be running. HSRP is a proven protocol and it works but how do we handle when we have clients that need multicast? 2.252 more words


Saturdate Part 1 : Cheesy cireng and Pizza Hut

Hai semuaa, lagi rajin-rajinnya bikin post ni gue,haha

Kali ini tentang malem minggu nya miko, eh, dewi maksudnya. Kaya biasa deh kalo udah weekend waktunya jalan ama si uda <3, sabtu ini jadwalnya nonton pelem Jupiter Ascending sama kuliner pastinyaa. 385 more words


Food Labels Matter: Using Accurate Product and Nutrition Information to Protect Consumers

Author: Jennifer Krizanek

This marketoon may give you a chuckle if you’ve seen or read about mothers obsessing over what to bring for their child’s classroom birthday treats. 398 more words

Master Data Management (MDM)