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sketch2-PIM project4

STAY TRUE from AILEE MA on Vimeo.

At first,I should select a shooting theme, it is a classic way to select shooting the cloud change , but if I did not put it as a background material in a complete film,it will looks kind of  boring. 88 kata lagi


PIM - week 9 iteration

This is a raw video. I did the sketch on St. kilda beach. Actually, at first, I want to use my sketch 1 which is on a skateboard as my final project but i don’t know how to improve it. 304 kata lagi


Project 4, video 3: Sailing to a private world

How the video explores the affordance?

I keep exploring my affordance (privacy and non-privacy) from all possible angles. This video is my journey to a fascinating world of sailing, yacht clubs and the sea. 724 kata lagi


Reflection: 2015 Mobile Video Iteration_2

Shot with: iPhone 6

Sound recorded with: iPhone 6

Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014


How it was made, technically?

For making my Iteration_2, I have visited many places in Melbourne city and filmed different sky at different places. 602 kata lagi


Reflection: 2015 Mobile Video Iteration_1

Shot with: iPhone 6

Edited with: iMovie App


How it was made, technically?

Within this mobile video iteration, there are actually two filming techniques included. 411 kata lagi


Facing up to a Digitally Transformed Future

According to one memorable opening line, “the past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” It’s a quote that has enjoyed more lasting fame than the novel it came from because it sums up something everyone knows: nothing ever stays the same. 630 kata lagi

Master Data Management (MDM)