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Word clouds in Python....what a PIL

For those of you that missed it – that was a Python Imaging Library pun. *bows* I’m here all week.

Figuring out ways to make data interesting has been a puzzle I’ve been working on lately. 721 kata lagi


Keith Levene

In one of those mysteries of social media, I now get messages from Keith Levene on LinkedIn. So do lots of people, I imagine, but the idea of getting messages from the guy who played the post punk Ur-riff on… 127 kata lagi


Tymon Dogg & The Dacoits Gigs in Spain Went Great!

Probably the best and coolest underground venue in Granada, La Planta Baja, was full on 1 April to welcome back the now expanded Tymon Dogg & The Dacoits – once there were three, then there were six! 68 kata lagi

Record Store Day 2016

Well, I was a little underwhelmed by Record Store Day this year as it seems to me that Record Stores are doing quite well nowadays actually and the reason for it’s existence is somewhat diminished. 882 kata lagi


8 april - Doping

We zijn weer begonnen. Dus heb ik weer doping nodig, nee ik ga me er helaas niet beter van voelen, niet sneller bewegen of langer uithoudingsvermogen. 237 kata lagi


Color clustering - Part #1: Clustering by color relevance

Hi all,

in a previous post, i promised you to post an article about color clustering & gif creation. After around half a year, i decided to refactor a bit the code & tell more about it. 1.204 kata lagi


Great Minds......

So there I am puzzling about the next subject to write about and as it seemed to be a logical progression after writing about our new kitchen, I thought I’d post a recipe. 601 kata lagi