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This is how NFHS made wives' mood changes as marital rape

In my previous article in this series, I have shown you how some feminist lies are now used to change our law and break family system. 1.204 kata lagi

Crime Research

The PILs of The Blue Whale Challenge: PILs filed at Delhi and Bombay High Court

A lethal and apparently life taking game has been doing the rounds on the internet lately. It’s called the Blue Whale Challenge and is arguably a list of eerie things which one is asked to do, the final one being committing suicide. 281 kata lagi

MySQL shortcuts and icons

Having a SQL server available always comes in handy. There are many implementations, most of which are at least partly freely usable. Previously I’ve worked with an enterprise installation of Windows Server 2008 R2. 728 kata lagi

Public Image Ltd - This is (Epic #226)

The Epic 2017 Project #226: 170814

Public Image Ltd – This is (2012)

OK you lucky lot. Today you’re getting eight episodes of ‘Epic’ all on the same day; essentially because I’m away for a week with no possibility of updating blogs etc. 255 kata lagi

Epic 2017 Project

689. ease

Nobody saw this coming in the mid-1980s. Public Image Ltd (aka whatever original Sex Pistol John Lydon feels like doing) hooks up with Bill Laswell, Ginger Baker, Riuchi Sakamoto, Stevie Vai (and… 48 kata lagi

All Vinyl Apocalypse

The Basque Mother Sauces Explained

Pil-pil, vizcaina, green sauce and black sauce: from classic recipes to modern interpretations of these sauces with the help of top Basque chefs.