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What's in the bag (7)

Anger is an energy, just in case anybody was wondering. I plan on getting more P.I.L on vinyl if I can. At the moment this is the only one I have and it was, for new vinyl, a decent price at £13. 29 more words


Questa non è una ripresa

Traduco un post di Robert Reich, economista, professore a Berkeley, ex ministro del lavoro al tempo di Clinton (l’originale lo trovate nella sua pagina di facebook). 292 more words

Post In Italiano

Johnny Tales #3

At this point, it’s worth giving a mention to some of the shenanigans that took place on the first Brian Brain tour because it was madness, start to finish, an absolute crackers of a time all done on a prayer and a shoestring. 1.084 more words

Johnny Tales #2

So, the Flowers of Romance did eventually get finished, thanks to a kick up the arse from Martin Atkins and the studio skills from Nick Launey who produced the album. 473 more words

Johnny Tales

These stories of mine first appeared on my website back in the day when I had a website. Due to apathy, and a lack of interest in anything I let the website fall into disrepair to be honest, the technology was moving on at such a pace I couldn’t keep up. 620 more words

GDP Eurozona in crescita

Il PIL del IV trimestre era stimato a +0,2% e quello annuale stimato l +0,8%. I dati pubblicati oggi indicano invece una crescita di +0,1% per entrambi (+0,3% trimestrale e +0,9% annuale). 150 more words


"Pil-Pil" Codfish with fried Castilian Chickpeas

“Pil-Pil” Codfish with fried Castilian Chickpeas Olmeda Orígenes

Ingredients: (4 people)

4 Salted cod loins special flap “Pil Pil” (1 tray) Olmeda Orígenes… 646 more words