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Misurare qualcosa

Il PIL non misurerà ciò che rende la vita veramente degna di essere vissuta, ma almeno misura qualcosa, ed è sicuramente meglio di prima.
(Dati Istat)


ILRI and ReSAKSS-ECA train African researchers in influencing agricultural policies

Correct identification and implementation of comprehensive agricultural policies is an important step in the fight against poverty and food and nutrition insecurity, in line with Sustainable Development Goals One and Two on ending poverty, and hunger, respectively. 616 kata lagi


USAID supports the commercial potential of cassava peel for livestock feed in Nigeria

Women peeling cassava roots in a cassava processing centre (photo credit: IITA).

‘The US government, yesterday, said it has invested $75 million (about N2.3 billion) in  agricultural sector, just as it launched agribusiness partnerships with Chi Farms and Niji Foods. 316 kata lagi


Double-Slit Experiment

Light is a fascinating thing in our universe. We perceive it as color, warmth and vision. Yet it does things one may not expect it to do. 897 kata lagi


2 - Hardware (1990)

Film Jerks own Paul Salzer brings the ARZ network a bite sized film review series based on his blog FORSAKEN FILM REVIEWS.

This episode, he discusses Richard Stanely’s Cyberpunk horror film, HARDWARE. 95 kata lagi

Forsaken Film Reviews


Jeg er i øjeblikket i lære som kurvmaker (2015-2018). Jeg forventer at få mit svennebrev  januar 2019.

Herunder vil jeg vise de kurve jeg har fletter i min læretid: 42 kata lagi



So there we are, all the excitement and madness has calmed down and we can get back to the mundane drudgery of life. I had a lovely Christmas thank you; nice and quiet, which generally how it is most of the time out in the country. 117 kata lagi