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The recent hullabaloo over AIB episode is unfortunate and reaffirms the "Indian hypocricy"

Recently organized AIB (All India Bakchod) Knockout Roast has drawn a lot of flack from our so called “moralistic society”. The show was touted to break all the limit of decency and was severely criticized by our politicians and other factions of society. 635 more words


Supreme Court of India strikes down Section 66A of the IT Act as Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court struck down Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (“IT Act“), vide its order dated March 24, 2015, in a decision that is widely been hailed as a major boost to freedom of speech online in India.   1.179 more words

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Johnny Tales #4

Martin Atkins was the proverbial okey cokey drummer for PiL; he was in out in out shake it all about and was sacked on a almost weekly basis by Keith, then reinstated before being sacked again. 693 more words

La crescita indicata dal Pil in realtà non ci conviene

L’economia reale include le risorse in termini di capitale naturale, cioè tutto ciò che la natura dona e non dobbiamo produrre. Se guardiamo a questa economia scopriamo che a partire dal 1997 a livello globale sono andati persi circa 20.000 miliardi di dollari l’anno in servizi agli ecosistemi non contabilizzati, una cifra superiore al Pil degli Stati Uniti. Per approfondire …

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