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Sending 100 http request using curl in phyton

just want to know how httpd will serve my request…

from subprocess import call
num = 1
while (num < 101):
   print (num)
   call("curl http://localhost/exprs/")
   num = num+1
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Codefight (Battle Coding Online)

Buat teman-teman yang merasa skill ngoding-nya dirasa wow, bisa mencoba untuk bertanding di salah salah satu halaman website yang menyediakan battle coding dengan sesama member… 87 kata lagi



Tuvalabs is another platform to learn data and phython. The website is http://www.tuvalabs.com. It’s a really cool and interesting thing. You should try it out!


Chronicles of a Young Wife: Python Visit

Prony is a Philippine reticulated python that is self-developed and trained. It was captured in 1996 weighing 5kilos already with a length of 5feet. In 2005, it was over 280kilos with a length of 27feet and 34inches wide. 151 kata lagi


Filter Field with Domain in Odoo/OpenERP

Sometimes we were found some cases that you should filter field by another field, in Odoo/OpenERP this cases could be found in Project module. if we develop new module and take data from project module we would take data from project and also task name. 128 kata lagi