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The Paradox of Existence

This is just going to be a short one today, but it’s about something that I think about quite often, and probably something that a lot of people think about on a daily basis. 664 kata lagi


A decent book. Below some quotes and links.

“[A]ll mass spectrometers have three essential components — an ion source, a mass filter, and some sort of detector […] Mass spectrometers need to achieve high vacuum to allow the uninterrupted transmission of ions through the instrument. 1.637 kata lagi


5-7-5 (take two-hundred-and-forty-six : colliding)

under my footsteps
they are splitting the atom
so I walk on stars


Energy of a Proton

In our discussion of the proton model we have looked earlier at the equation

E^2/16π€D^2 = µE^2V^2/ 32π^2 R D ……. (I) which equates the electrostatic repulsive force to the magnetic attractive force experienced by each of the half protonic charge current rings. 322 kata lagi



She flicked one end of the pencil and watched it spin, a yellow sun on the desk. ‘Explain it again,’ she commanded.

He leaned back in the chair, crossing his arms. 1.220 kata lagi

Short Fiction

Physicalism and consciousness

A: You’re always banging on about “physicalism” and “physicalist monism”. Frankly it all sounds like “goo goo ga joob” to me…..

B: Monism is just the belief that there is only one kind of “stuff” in the universe, and physicalism is the belief that that stuff is physical stuff. 2.174 kata lagi


Day 53: Multiple Choice, Quiz, & Polyatomic Ions

AP Physics: Multiple Choice

Students took their last quiz for the trimester, then we spent the rest of the hour using Plickers to practice multiple choice questions. 215 kata lagi

AP Physics 1