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Me and Bandicoot

This photo of mine, which was taken on Canada Day 2014, was in full color.  I have been using Photoscape photo editor and I like its grayscale filter.   31 kata lagi


The building on the hill

In the village it was a synonym of all that is unholy and dreadful.
― William Hope Hodgson, The House on the Borderland


Winter Warmth

Come watch with me the shaft of fire that glows
In yonder West: the fair, frail palaces,
The fading Alps and archipelagoes,
And great cloud-continents of sunset-seas
~ Thomas Bailey Aldrich


Resolution No. 3 - be nice to Teddy

We were at a marvelous Scottish New Year’s Eve party or Hogmanay and our friends had set up a unique photo booth. After a few refreshments, we looked as relaxed as newts. 187 kata lagi