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Fabulous freeware - updated!

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Photoscape is a photo editing program that allows user to easily edit photographs taken from mobile phones or just downloaded it from google. This is the example of Photoscape that i edit during in our computer laboratory. 6 kata lagi

Swamp Cicada

A couple of days ago, the girls went to climb the front tree, and discovered this cicada on the side of the tree. It was perched on the bark, near the bottom branches, not moving. 29 kata lagi


Abandoned at the Altar

On a recent walk around a marina, I passed a set-up for a wedding. Petals scattered on the aisle, a few chairs askew; it was obvious a ceremony was held some time earlier. 67 kata lagi


Fiddling with Photoscape

I’d forgotten I had a picture, from my recent trip up to Scotland, that I wanted to have a diddle with.

We’d visited the ruins of Urquhart Castle and it was brimming with tourists. 281 kata lagi

Amateur Photography