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Portraits of Women by Frank Eugene, 1900s and 1910.

Born in New York to immigrant parents, Frank Eugene (1865 – 1936) was one of many young German-Americans to travel to Munich to study at the Royal Bavarian Academy of Arts. 89 kata lagi

The Myth of Permanence

My philosophical side attempts to welcome change, knowing that nothing is permanent, especially within of a mere human or even the lifespan of human civilization. I was wandering at Big Bend National Park when I took this photo. 309 kata lagi



What caused these two trees to end up so deformed? Approaching  the crossroad where these trees can be found I saw that there was another photographer in the process of making some images of a barn nearby. 106 kata lagi

Rituals Of Womanhood: The Himba Tribe in Namibia.

Tajiposa is a member of the Himba tribe in Namibia, where she lives in a community of approximately 80 women.
The image above, taken by… 158 kata lagi