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What About Me

Last year 2016, when we were in Landsberg, Barvia, I spotted this little cutie.   I love taking photos of dogs, and this little one caught my eye, you just knew there was a question in the air……as the children were drinking from the fountain…..me, what about me, I need one too.   26 kata lagi


Day 27 of 365

Urban Art,

Hey everyone hows my favorite people doing this Friday? Bet everyone is exited for the weekend huh? My Friday is not over yet but I just know I’m going to end it in a good note I promise you that. 278 kata lagi


Our home would have a garden overflowing with all variety of roses

His loneliness was so alive, it could write a book. Find me. He was seated by the window in a carriage on a train going into central London, and the train stopped to let off passengers and to let other passengers on, and opposite the man by the window on the train, another man on the platform looked at him with clear longing. 85 kata lagi


The Bigfoot of Sun Giant

When it rains
it pours. One year
you are starved
for love, the next
you are so drowned
in it, you cannot write
enough poems to climb… 28 kata lagi


To my husband

I write
whenever I am miserable
and my heart cries in silence
for the empty seats of love within me,
when my mind is heavy… 108 kata lagi