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Jungle Animals......

The Urban Jungle Bloggers topic for February is Jungle Animals. It got me quite excited though we do not have any pets, I felt this is my chance to show off the cat I bought on a trip to Brussels and a pair of giraffes given to me by my beloved husband. 123 kata lagi


Fruits et thé à Madère / Fruits and tea in Madeira

Aujourd’hui un article rapide pour parler des fruits que l’on peut trouver sur l’île de Madère, au Portugal. On peut certainement les retrouver ailleurs, mais je ne les avais jamais vu avant. 1.052 kata lagi


Philodendron species (section Pteromischium?)

Here’s another beautiful and unidentified species of Philodendron that may be in the section Pteromischium.  It has proven to be trouble free in growing, other than being painfully slow!   86 kata lagi

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Philodendron Central Peru

Philodendron Central Peru

Philodendron Central Peru

Philodendron central peru

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A Common Plant

Do you recognize this leaf? It belongs to a common plant, grown in many people’s yards. It’s a Monstera Deliciosa, also known as Ceriman, Split-Leaf Philodendron or Swiss-Cheese Plant. 452 kata lagi