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Philodendron micans

This is one of My favourite phillys here. It is awesome because of its different leafs. The bronze-ish velvety baby leafs turns into light green teenager leafs, then the teenager leafs turns into dark green velvety Young adoults. 89 kata lagi


Philodendron inconcinnum 

This one is very interesting!

I havent seen it before and when i try to find some info about it, i get lost.

It has 20-25cm long leafs, medium green and Pretty thick. 87 kata lagi


Philodendro bipennifolium 

I just had to have this Guy once i saw him on eBay.

He came a long way from Spain to Sweden. Very well packed with two big leafs. 64 kata lagi


Philodendron tuxla (?)

I have gotten this beauty for a while ago, i have been said that it is ph. tuxla, a bit later on, i saw some discussions on FB about this plant. 172 kata lagi


philodendron painted lady

This is one of My favourite Philodendrons right now.

She is still little, but she is very Pretty lady! New leafs are almost yellow with red petioles, leafs get less yellow and more green as they get older. 44 kata lagi


Heartleaf Philodendron

Isn’t she lovely?! This one was really small, in a 2″ pot from the local grocery store. I saw a mature plant and LOVED it. I decided to get this as a baby and love her up. 427 kata lagi