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Tofu Tuesday: Tofu and Philippe (a series)

Tofu and Philippe the Philodendron Imperial Green.

I hate to pick favourites but Philippe is my favourite houseplant. I love the banana plant look he has going on. 135 kata lagi


Green Thumb

My plant is dying. I don’t know why. It was so lush and green when I bought it, a beautiful hanging philodendron. It grew vines almost to the floor. 603 kata lagi


Philodendron verrocossum

A velvety philodendron that spans across much of central and south america, whose leaves can reach over a foot long.

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Gardening Day 22

I finally took the plunge and bought a house plant. I was at WalMart yesterday looking at discount Easter junk (I was hoping to find some chalkboard eggs a friend showed me) when a cart of plants caught my eye. 148 kata lagi


Installation Day for Contact 2016

Michelle and I have spent the last two days installing our fiber and metal installation piece  called, Invasives, at the Honolulu Museum of Art School. 63 kata lagi


7 Days Until Contact 2016 Opening...

…but only 4 days until installation begins!

My stitch partner, Michelle, and I had a face to face today and I got to see the thought she put into her fiber choices for the kahuli, Hawaiian Tree Snails. 111 kata lagi


It's St. Patrick's Day

I don’t have any shamrocks, blarney stones, shillelaghs, or banshee photos just this image of a philodendron to represent the showing of the green.  No Guinness or Smithwick’s but I may run to the pub or grocery store for a good Magners Irish cider.  122 kata lagi