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For plant newbies: How I got started with plants

I used to think maintaing plants and growing a garden was complicated and time-consuming. On occassion I would walk into one of those amazing gardening stores and be instantly in love with the “naturalness” of it all, but also intimidated by all of the varieties and product choices. 309 kata lagi


Tofu Tuesday: Tofu and Philippe (a series)

Tofu and Philippe the Philodendron Imperial Green.

I hate to pick favourites but Philippe is my favourite houseplant. I love the banana plant look he has going on. 135 kata lagi


Green Thumb

My plant is dying. I don’t know why. It was so lush and green when I bought it, a beautiful hanging philodendron. It grew vines almost to the floor. 603 kata lagi


Philodendron verrocossum

A velvety philodendron that spans across much of central and south america, whose leaves can reach over a foot long.

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Gardening Day 22

I finally took the plunge and bought a house plant. I was at WalMart yesterday looking at discount Easter junk (I was hoping to find some chalkboard eggs a friend showed me) when a cart of plants caught my eye. 148 kata lagi


Installation Day for Contact 2016

Michelle and I have spent the last two days installing our fiber and metal installation piece  called, Invasives, at the Honolulu Museum of Art School. 63 kata lagi


7 Days Until Contact 2016 Opening...

…but only 4 days until installation begins!

My stitch partner, Michelle, and I had a face to face today and I got to see the thought she put into her fiber choices for the kahuli, Hawaiian Tree Snails. 111 kata lagi