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I made some designs that you can walk over, sleep on, shower behind, and carry stuff in.

If you’ve never heard of  Society6, definitely check it out. There are tons of super creative designs that you can purchase in tonnnnnnns of different forms. 48 kata lagi


The Architecture Building

The architecture building will forever be my favorite spot in the urban sprawl of the River District. The first time I stumbled upon this property was sometime in 2006 with my close friend Michelle. 253 kata lagi


Afternoon relax

EARLIER THIS week, I was on the Jesus Patio relaxing, a talent I have possessed in spades for most of my life.

That’s my foot you see there in a Crocs shoe, the footwear designed for semi-professional relaxers. 286 kata lagi



House plants are nature at home.


1) Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water. 172 kata lagi


About vines...

Read John 15

Focus on verse 5

When we lived in Minnesota I had grape vines in my back yard. I had not grown grapes before, and discovered quickly that they require aggressive pruning in order to produce grapes. 396 kata lagi

Daily Devotional


Philodendron, 12×9″, watercolor on 140# HP paper

If you are a philodendron, the Tropic of Capricorn is where you want to live, not in the upper latitudes clinging to life in an office planter, overwatered, underfed, starved for daylight. 96 kata lagi

Tropic Of Capricorn