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a little thing called LOVE

Bring a little personal touch to your Valentine’s this year with these crafty decor inspirations:

Paper Heart Garland, make & do crew 

A perfect table topper for your at-home date: 80 kata lagi


A Selection of Works Inspired by a Split-Leaf Philodendron & a Snake

Originally I started with a ballpoint pen sketch of a philodendron in my living room.
The same plant as a black and white pencil sketch done for lithography printing class. 207 kata lagi


The Most Chill Houseplants

Through the years, I’ve hosted a variety of houseplants, all with different needs. I’ve drowned some, underwatered a few, baked some with too much light, and neglected others with not enough sunny goodness. 645 kata lagi

Decorating Tips

Baby Monstera

How gorgeous right! I purchased this beauty from my local Trader Joes. Like many of my other foliage plants their exact species wasn’t clear on the label at purchase and required some research to correctly name. 49 kata lagi


The Architecture Building

The architecture building will forever be my favorite spot in the urban sprawl of the River District. The first time I stumbled upon this property was sometime in 2006 with my close friend Michelle. 253 kata lagi


Afternoon relax

EARLIER THIS week, I was on the Jesus Patio relaxing, a talent I have possessed in spades for most of my life.

That’s my foot you see there in a Crocs shoe, the footwear designed for semi-professional relaxers. 286 kata lagi