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Philodendron sp. Peru

Philodendron sp. Peru

Philodendron sp. Peru

Philodendron sp. Peru

Philodendron sp. Peru

Philodendron sp. Peru

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300 Days Oxygen - Day 2


listening to wind’s whisper.


Watercolor Painting|Drawing Project “300 Days Oxygen”

Day Two. 8 kata lagi


Details Revealed

In the last post, I presented some photographic macro mysteries for you to identify with your discerning artistic eye.  Today, I will reveal the true subjects represented in those interesting images.   119 kata lagi


Cut Leaf Philodendron In Bloom

There is a certain finesse that you need to garden here in South Florida.

I’m not sure exactly what that finesse is.

After we hacked back the undergrowth in the yard, cut the 30 foot tall Sea Grape tree to 20 foot sticks, lopped the head off of the Podocarpus and bougainvilleas, we held our breaths. 438 kata lagi


A few of my favorite things~ in my balcony!

Take a glimpse in my little balcony garden. I don’t have much but I have enough! These little friends of mine are a few plants in my balcony. 211 kata lagi

Balcony Gardening

Plante-Felthospital, forhåndenværende søm og potte til 95 kr.

Det er noget af en udfordring at fotografere planter.

Jeg har ikke noget arbejdsbord til omplantning, det skal være nemt at gøre rent, så jeg sidder på hug (av mine knæ) udenfor terrassen, hvor jeg har lagt en sæk med 80 liter tørvejord (ikke pottejord) og kan spilde uden at det gør noget. 386 kata lagi


Did you know ~

Climate Change Chief victims of global warming are women, women grow the food, walk miles for water and gather the firewood.

Fend off Allergies … 265 kata lagi

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