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I am going to say, well write, this in public for the first time ever.

Duke is the best Genesis album without Peter Gabriel.

I am well aware this contravenes common opinion, we are all supposed to bow down to the glory and pomp of A… 456 more words


"In the Air Tonight"

There’s just something about this song.

Phil Collins often gets dismissed as creator of shallow, inoffensive Pop music.  While that isn’t entirely false, it isn’t entirely true, either.   291 more words


What does burying Richard III mean?

Late last week, England laid to rest King Richard III, whose legacy was, shall we say, mixed.

The Guardian’s Polly Toynbee was intensely displeased (with typical British understatement, she called him a “child-killing, wife-slaughtering tyrant who would be on trial if he weren’t 500 years dead”). 242 more words

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Track of the Week - Week Thirteen

‘In The Cage’ by Genesis

From the album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974)


 This Saturday evening I got into a heated debate with a local promoter about the merits and faults of Genesis, where I was championing the merits and the promoter the faults, stating the (admittedly popular) opinion that Genesis are shit. 299 more words

Track Of The Week

Radio XLVIII, side B, track 11: "Another Day In Paradise" by Phil Collins

Oh, Phil Collins, way to bring everybody down for the weekend, bro.

Just pullin’ your chain, Phil Collins, I feel like shit already, so my weekend started out crummy anyway.   814 more words


Carter Alan's Rock 'n' Roll Diary: March 28 in Classic Rock History

Aerosmith rocked the Music Hall in 1978. What was their most recent album at that point?

ANSWER: “Draw the Line” – released December 1977

What else happened on this day in rock n’ roll history? 206 more words


Classic Rock Almanac March 28, 2015


2012-Bluegrass banjo great Earl Scruggs dies at 88. The North Carolina native worked for many years in a duo with guitarist Lester Flatt that was best known for recording the Beverly Hillbillies theme. 460 more words