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ARTICLE ABOUT Genesis from New Musical Express, September 13, 1975

Been a busy week and I was also laid flat for a couple of days by that very dangerous (for us men at least) disease called “Winter Cold”. 2.435 kata lagi

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Thornton stands firm to win at Ardglass GC

Simon Thornton made light of gale force winds to win the PGA Grand Prix event for the Conor Mallon Trophy at Ardglass GC on Monday. 198 kata lagi


Short Album Review: Genesis – Calling All Stations (1997)

Everybody’s talking about which lead vocalist did a better job for Genesis and which ‘era’ made the best Genesis music. You have the die-hard Peter Gabriel… 324 kata lagi

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“I Missed Again,” Phil Collins
Director unknown

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Review: How You Gonna Live Your Dash – Platform, Easterhouse

First published in The Times, Tuesday February 2 2016

Three Stars

Memento mori – “remember that you must die” – is a familiar theme in art, signifying those skulls, hourglasses and clocks that remind us of our mortality. 400 kata lagi

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Today’s keywords: Moving Forward Fearlessly

This card is all about the babysteps, if you will. I’m a worrywart. That’s a fact. I want to consider each and every possible scenario and have counter plans (and I tend to particularly focus on all things bad). 701 kata lagi

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Doug Camilli: Nick Jonas babbles on about Kate Hudson

Oh, shut up: Complex mag asked Nick Jonas about the rumours that he has had something going on with Kate Hudson, who’s 13 years older. … 479 kata lagi