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My August 1985 Charts

6th August 1985

Following Live Aid and the heartbreaking video accompanying the news footage played along to the Cars’ Drive, the record was given a new boost with proceeds for charity. 3.053 kata lagi


Phil Collins 2017 on Bridal App

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Phil Collins pursues excellence in design and craftsmanship to create a gown worthy of a bride’s most treasured moments. 35 kata lagi


Music Gold

In the sweltering heat, sydney has been threatening to rain for days, but no rain, now all the clouds have disappeared too, leaving only scorching horrible heat and the only thought in my mind is… 11 kata lagi


One Random Single a Day #13: "Everyday" (1994) by Phil Collins

Well… you know what they say about the number thirteen!

To be fair, even though Phil Collins is so irresistibly easy to hate on, I really don’t dislike his music as a whole. 486 kata lagi

Rocks In The Attic #552: Genesis - ‘Trespass’ (1970)

I keep buying Genesis records, almost by accident, at record fairs. They’re always cheap – around the five dollar mark and so I reason that it can’t hurt to take them home. 160 kata lagi


Day 7. Tarzan (1999). Directed by Chris Buck and Kevin Lima.

Tarzan (1999) Score: 79%

Believe it or not, I’ve never seen Disney’s Tarzan. Quite frankly I’m appalled with myself, because it’s definitely one of their best. 80 kata lagi