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Aquascaping: The Art and Science of Aquariums

The natural world is widely used as a source of inspiration for countless works of art. Some of the world’s most well-known artworks illustrate nature to convey the artist’s message. 1.662 kata lagi



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Live in the SUNSHINE. Swim in the SEA, Drink in the wild Air.— Emerson

 Why is it called Isla Gigantes? long time ago local legend describes coffins found inside Bakwitan Cave that contained gigantic sets of human bones, which constituted the name change.For this reason, locals also believe the island is inhabited by enkantos.

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Warisan Berkerjasama Dengan PH - Terence Siambun (Edisi Kantoi)

Kemunafikan Warisan terburai, terkantoi!

Akhirnya dan secara rasminya tembelang Warisan terbongkar terburai kerana sebelum ini Parti Warisan yang diketuai oleh Shafie Apdal bertegas tidak akan bekerjasama dengan mana-mana parti daripada Semenanjung, kerana menurut Shafie kerjasama itu nanti hanya akan mengongkong tuntutan yang akan dikemukakan berdasarkan perjanjian 1963 atau perjanjian Malaysia. 253 kata lagi


Delta state (Hydrology) water quality index

Study was carried out to determine the water quality Index (WQI) using fourteen physicochemical parameters on the basis of weighted Arithmetic Index in order to access the suitability of water for consumption, recreation and other purposes from selected rivers in Warri, Delta state. 177 kata lagi

Research Development

The Andromeda Strain: Amino Acids & pH

When the Wildfire team tries to determine the composition of the green substance recovered from the satellite, they find that it contains no amino acids. Why is Dr. 43 kata lagi

Class Discussion

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration: Weekly Reflection 2/5/18

We kicked off this week in biology with a test on cellular respiration, which I did actually okay on if I do say so myself. After that we proceeded to do a pre-lab on Tuesday and then Wednesday we did the second part of that lab.  382 kata lagi