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Kaya + Hobing

Birthday celebration with my colleagues from my previous work. Double celebration with our ‘nanay’ then. Since we all love to travel (and love Korea), we decided to have a Korean feel night. 78 kata lagi


Analysis Of PH Bytes

PH BYTES is a technical blog which is owned by prakash hegade. The blog has got an interesting tagline which is that, MAN, MACHINE AND PIECE. 283 kata lagi

PH reblogged this on PH Bytes and commented:

Such a pleasant surprise! Thank you for the Analysis. It means a lot. :-)

Dakong Bato Resort-

After climbing the highest mountain here in Cebu, I felt pretty tired. I was physically and mentally drained and no, it’s not because of the climb. 532 kata lagi


How Does Product Chemistry Affect The Scalp & Hair?

Paying Attention to the Basics…

Years ago, people bathed and washed their hair once a week.  Typically, they used a lye-based soap made from ashes and animal fat.  483 kata lagi

Understanding pH Levels

Understanding pH levels is critical for cleaning effectively.  A common misunderstanding people have when buying cleaning products is that the higher the pH, the more effective the product will be.   282 kata lagi

Bruce County


One summer morning in 2009 I decided I was going to head to the Deerfield Fair in Deerfield, New Hampshire. It’s a nice little country town where the only exciting thing that happens there is the fair. 740 kata lagi


There is always a purpose for everything in your life or a purpose for everything you do. Life can be a twisting winding road with no guardrails that seems to try to veer us to the 30 ft cliff every once in a while. 369 kata lagi