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BF: End of the Saturday Thought

Today, I carelessly thought of you.This portion of me thinking about you drowned me and sort of shattered me to pieces. I hate it when I do this because the longing stirs raw emotions, making me want to board a plane and fly to you. 104 more words


A Storm in a Calm Night

It was a stormy night. Metaphorically. It was night with a high leveled flood drowning me with fear. Four unanswered calls. Every bit of concern rushed in like flash flood eating away the idle calmness inside. 119 more words


First Love

I remember when I was a stray cat inside the university.
Everything were black and white.
I have thick walls between everyone.
I found peace. I found comfort. 105 more words


Factors affecting the efficacy of disinfection and sterilization

The germicidal activity against microbes depends on a variety of different factors, some factors which are intrinsic quality of organism and other that factors based on the chemical and external physical environment. 251 more words


Which is the actual neutral pH? Acids and bases

No, 5.5 is not the neutral pH. When asked about an acid, most would say it’s a corrosive liquid that’d make a hole through any material. 282 more words


Thoughts from a student of evidence-based physiotherapy

I’d like to discuss some of my thoughts and frustrations around the area of evidence-based physiotherapy. I have been looking for black or white in a sea of grey and have found my attempts paralysing and as a student I have decided to adopt a more progressive approach of treat first, ask questions later.  1.250 more words


Aquino satisfaction ratings plunge February 18, 2015 11:09 pm by RIGOBERTO TIGLAO MANILA TIMES COLUMNIST

Conclusion to the Laylo Survey

President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s public satisfaction ratings in Metro Manila have plunged steeply to just 34 percent, according to an opinion poll undertaken by the reputable pollster Laylo Research Strategies (LRS) February 6-10. 652 more words