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pHretting over pH

If you’ve ever measured the pH of your swimming pool, you understand that a proper pH range is important for anyone going into water. You wouldn’t want to swim in your own pool if the pH was not in a safe range for you. 832 kata lagi

Week 3

Sagada-Baguio Roadtrip

Man, I live for the days when I get to travel and get to experience how life is like from the other parts of the world. 39 kata lagi


Let Tomorrow Worry About Itself

It was three weeks ago when I went to Nora’s Resort at Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales together with my Cornerstone family. We are all excited to see the much awaited Anawangin Cove. 479 kata lagi


Teaching pH in a University Laboratory

The concept of pH is taught to students at an early age.  Starting in primary school, substances are classified as acids, bases, or neutral; continuing through secondary school and university, pH and related concepts are taught more in depth. 526 kata lagi

Application Notes

A Log About Logs

Calculators and computers have come into picture only in the last century. So how were complicated calculations done earlier? Finding roots (square root is ok, but 5th root?) or exponents (31 to the power 13?) was not an easy task. 933 kata lagi


Why Are the Tomato Leaves Yellow?

In the vegetable garden, some of lower leaves on the tomato plants have turned yellow. Why?

To answer that question, I researched and observed.

Research indicates the possible causes, in roughly descending order of frequency: 511 kata lagi

Healthy Living

Check Your Soils

Before planting something in your garden it is a good idea to use a test that tells you about the soils pH level. [<a href=” 18 kata lagi