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pHun with pH

After the weekend I spent recently in the UK doing plant dyeing with friends there, I came home with a fistful of pH strip packages and a lot of curiosity about what my dye baths would do if I made half of a bath acidic and the other half alkaline. 2.837 kata lagi

OF ROCKS & ROCKETS: Launching rockets from PH

By Lanz Lagman

The Philippines will soon have its own space agency.

While one of its more urgent objectives would be to design and make satellites that help us in various ways – such as improving the Internet speed, enhancing territorial defense, and monitoring different environmental activities – one of its long-term objectives would be the construction of several rocket launching sites for our own rockets or have other countries launch theirs at our sites. 1.477 kata lagi

Planetary Geology

62 - Last Day of Internship

Today’s my last day as an intern at DMCI and well, I’m kinda sad. “KINDA”

Btw this one is gonna be lengthy af (and personal) coz of all the motha freakin mmrs. 1.079 kata lagi


61 - Tomorrow is Ya Boi's Last Day

So today’s blog is gonna compose of ya boi being in the site lang. Tomorrow’s gonna be my last day kasi. Sad no

Let’s get started then. 191 kata lagi


60 - Wednesday and Thursday 

Wasn’t able to publish yesterday’s blog coz ya boi was busy so sorry bout that ma mehn.

Lemme start by telling yesterday’s events (June 21) … 301 kata lagi


LUMINOUS WHITENING BODY MASK (My bare skin specialist)

Disclaimer: My bare skin specialist sent me these products. So for the sake of all I will do an unbiased review. Please know that we don’t have the same tolerance of using products. 649 kata lagi

59 - The View

Today’s just a continuation of yesterday coz ya boi is still working (playing lol).

It’s 8:30 in the morning while I’m making this blog and I just wanted to show you some shots I took while it was early in the morning… 200 kata lagi