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Update on Madison's Health

I’m writing this far from my usual spot of the comfort of my parent’s couch. I’m actually in the ER waiting room in Lakeridge Health Bowmanville with my mom as we wait for Maddie to be checked out. 584 kata lagi

High-Tech Plant Helpers; Hydroponics, monitoring systems, even an electric pollinator (PHOTOS)

What busy person couldn’t use a little help to make life a bit easier? From soil humidity sensors to computer-generated growing tips to weather detection devices, a new generation of high- and somewhat low-tech gadgets are available to assist us all in indoor and outdoor gardens. 1.146 kata lagi


Let it all out!

Hi! I’m kind of sad… nah more angry than sad.

Because I realized (in a terrible way) that we, consumers of services, don’t have any sort of rights (at least not in my country). 24 kata lagi



I am just a girl whom will you laid
when your demons want to taste
the heaven in me.

And that moment I—
knew that the hell… 52 kata lagi

pH products: Simple's Micellar Cleansing Water

For this week’s pH product I will be testing Simple’s Micellar Cleansing Water. In case you missed my chemistry lesson on pH, water should have a neutral pH of ~7. 144 kata lagi


Water Visioning Workshop

Improving Groundwater Quality in Rural Areas for a Potable Water Supply

As a tropical country, rainfall in the Philippines occurs more often than usual in most countries. 232 kata lagi

CE 131

Boracay - Apr '16

Of the 7,107 Philippine islands, there is one which is fondly called “Bora.” Boracay is a small yet impossibly majestic island known for its powdery white sands, long shore and clear waters. 880 kata lagi