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Coral Bleaching

Ocean Acidification is the decrease in pH levels of the ocean due to the overabundance of Carbon that is absorbed by the Earth’s oceans. The decrease in pH levels and the increase in sea surface temperatures has had a big impact on the ocean’s functionality and productivity. 174 kata lagi


PH Power Protocol

My name is Winslow E. Dixon.

I have adrenal insufficiency, endometriosis and medullary sponge kidney disease. I constantly struggle with my health. I went from working two full time jobs and pursuing a career in medicine to being 100% home-bound, unable to work or drive. 331 kata lagi


Book Fiesta 2018

I am so happy to start this week by joining this year’s Book Fiesta with my bestfriend. It’s our first time to attend this event, so we didn’t know what to expect, aside from what was already indicated in the uploaded schedule. 447 kata lagi


Malaysia's Election: Mahathir Mohamad's Party Fights Off Deregistration Order

KUALA LUMPUR – The political party of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad can operate as usual for now after it was granted on Monday (April 23) a stay by the Kuala Lumpur High Court, against a temporary deregistration order by the Registrar of Societies (ROS). 631 kata lagi

Hello there mga Bes? Sawade krap! Look who’s reading my first ever blog post! Thank you and welcome to YMCBes Blogs. Enjoy your stay and please do continue reading this post. 504 kata lagi


Twice to Tampa: From the Field Continues!

This year, we were at it again, traveling down to Tampa Bay, Florida with Professor Wade McGillis’s class “Field Methods for Environmental Engineering.” If you recall… 1.934 kata lagi

Research Stories

Our first sour beer, a gose with apricots

The day had come. Until now, through these last years all of our beers had been fermented exclusively with the reliable and classic Sacccharomyces cerevisae, a.k.a. 2.186 kata lagi