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5 reasons not to trust me

Ok yes, I admit this is random. Who writes about reasons not to trust themselves? Well… Me, that’s who.

1. I’m constantly asking what’s in it for me. 213 kata lagi


Quotes I Love #5

Hello everyone!

You might’ve seen in the news recently and on Twitter the Women’s March peaceful protest that has taken place in cities across the globe. 371 kata lagi


Day 0

I have always clung to the familiar.

I watch my favorite movies over and over, I order the same meals at my regular restaurant stops,  my parents’ home is still full of my stuffed animals. 740 kata lagi

Reasons To Be Fearful | Pete

1. Ooh, My Head

“This is my nuclear nightmare.”

One day a couple of decades ago the science teacher told our class that if a hydrogen bomb were dropped on Boston, it would melt the school. 80 kata lagi

Robert Pete Williams

Born in Zachary, Louisiana, to a family of sharecroppers,Robert Pete Williams had no formal schooling,   and spent his childhood picking cotton and cutting sugar cane. It was not until he was in his late teens that Williams began playing blues music. 14 kata lagi

Hawkshaw Goes to Court

Before we leave Hawkshaw to stew in his own juices i want to show you this article:


Hawkshaw is in court making sure he spoke to reporters so his “fans” know how involved he is. 339 kata lagi

Gilgo Beach Murders

Fresh Snow, Fresh Start

Resolution is defined as a resolve; a decision or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.

The new year always presents this idea.  To a lot of people, the new year is a gateway to a fresh start.  400 kata lagi

The Pack!