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Private Practice Season 1 Episode 7: Baby Palooza

This episode is babies all around. You just can’t get enough of them. In this episode every obscure baby situation you can imagine is included! 351 kata lagi

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Menghilangkan Bau Pete di Mulut

Sebagai pencinta petai a.k.a. pete, bawaannya langsung gak santai begitu disodorin pete. Mau dilahap sekaligus gitu… Mendadak jadi rakus XD

Sekitar 2 hari yang lalu, ada sambal udang goreng pete. 260 kata lagi

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Pete Rose appeals to Hall of Fame

In case you hadn’t heard, our old buddy Pete Rose was in the news again. He has appealed to the Hall of Fame to restore his eligibility for the writers’ ballot: 139 kata lagi

Pete Rose

Private Practice Season Ep 6: Coming Together as a Family

This episode is tough one in terms of the sub-story subjects you just sit there and think I just wanna give the characters the biggest hug. 385 kata lagi

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Dahl’s Tiger | Pete

Years ago I had to read an assigned novel with 5th graders. The book – which I refuse to name, but will allow was written by a famous children’s author – began excellently. 88 kata lagi

Delayed Gratification

We are expecting a new puppy: a companion for Moses, and a respite–and new pupil–for Pete. My husband has misgivings about a third dog, and–although I generally keep it to myself–so do I. 292 kata lagi

North Of The Tension Line

Disney Magical World Replay Pt. 2 - Cafes, Cards and Questing

I continued on my journey with the goal in mind of finishing up the prologue so that the game would open up a bit more.  The Prologue leads you through most of the elements of the game so it was a bit of a crash course in what I will be doing for the predominant amount of the game.   667 kata lagi