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SITUATED around three miles north of Bradford, Greengates  is unfairly known by many as no more than the busy Bradford to Harrogate and Leeds to Keighley crossroads.  518 kata lagi


Hello Mister Kettle Black, My Name Is Pot

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“Gratuitous deaths”…LOL! Act III was built on gratuitous deaths…well, in fairness it was only one. But still, it was REALLY gratuitous. Sigh, they don’t kill ’em off like that anymore, no siree they don’t. 218 kata lagi

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We Can Be Zeroes Just For One Day

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Yes, because these NEWFANGLED COMIC BOOKS TODAY always insist on blurring the lines between heroes and villains with their complicated dark, grim and gritty characters and (zzzzzzzzzzz). 203 kata lagi

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O Pete the Cat is Ready to Rock //kindergartencrayons.blogspot/2011/09/pete-cat-is-ready-to-rock.html This blog has a few activities that can go along with the book. o Chalk Talk //larremoreteachertips.blogspot/2011/08/pete-cat-rocking-in-my-school-shoes.html This website has many creative writing prompts that go along with the book. 509 kata lagi

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There are no such universally well-dressed people in the world as the Americans. It is not only that more of them than of any other nation have good clothes to their backs, but their garments are better made and adjusted to their persons, and worn with easier grace. 58 kata lagi

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tom

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So, after five weeks of plodding ponderous dialog and endless time-wasting the premise is at long last revealed and…believe it or not…it involves comic (sigh) books…again. 362 kata lagi

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Grim And Bear It

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Ha ha ha ha. TOM BATIUK, of all people, is doing an arc about how Chester dislikes “grim and gritty” comic book titles. 173 kata lagi

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