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Ghid de indepartare a petelor

Aveti nevoie de sfaturi pentru curatenie? Va luptati cu o pata de vin rosu care pur si simplu nu vrea sa dispara? Nu va faceti probleme! 35 kata lagi

Ghid Practic

Rent Jar | Pete

Last week, due to a poorly constructed funnel, I produced a minor avalanche of peppercorns.

Such events are so routine in La Comédie Pete I wouldn’t normally record this, except that, hours later, I was surprised to read the following non-restrictive clause in the obituary of the UK’s richest landowner: 47 kata lagi

David Warms Up: Day 30


STEVE, late 20s, carries his umbrella over his head and a cup of coffee in each hand. He splashes up to the side of his friend PETE, who takes one of the coffees. 232 kata lagi


Pete's Dragon (Remake) Review

Saw this a few days ago with some friends and it was pretty good. The dragon looked nice compared to the original dragon in Pete’s Dragon and friendly. 115 kata lagi


Saturday - 160820

From Blackhill CrossFit
51 T2B
10 C&J 155/105
51 WB 20/14
10 C&J
51 Burpees
10 C&J
51 Cal Row
*If Partner, double C&J reps. Share other reps.

Daily WOD

Ep99: Pete's Dragon and the Cursed Child


You can also download this podcast episode on iTunes and Stitcher.

It’s time for another episode of Now Conspiring, the weekly podcast on all things…anyway. 220 kata lagi


Unhappy Birthday | Pete

One guy was a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. The other was the singer for R.E.M.

What do they have in common?

Who knows. Bipedalism and probably lots of other stuff. 91 kata lagi