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Part NINE can be found here:  EUROPE

Pete threw his jacket over his shoulder and rushed down to the morgue in the basement, where he found Matt (Matthew P Corbin),  the coroner up to his elbows in another suspicious death. 395 more words


Suicidal Lamentations of a Teacup Dog

For the sake of anonymity, Pete has declined to include pictures of himself at this time.

Some would say my life is charmed. I have a mother who loves me, all the food and clothes and entertainment I could ever want. 1.273 more words


New Tsumtsum! Pete!

I bought a new box! I got Pete, the new Tsumtsum!
His punch is powerful and knocks up to 28 tsums out! However it takes a lot of Petes to use his special.

Tsum Tsum

Camping at Langdon Reserve

Pete was off on another camping expedition, but just a one-night experience.  We packed up yesterday morning and headed off to who knows where.  We headed southwards to see what we could find.  496 more words


Failing Up

No doubt TB means to suggest that a “Netbusters” movie is barely a notch above “straight to cell phone.”

Me, two days ago

OK, I stand corrected: they are equivalent.

172 more words
Son Of Stuck Funky


Fired? Pete’s been fired?

Welcome to CloudFunkyCuckooLand, folks. Batiuk has at long last thrown off the bowlines and sailed away at last from the harbor of continuity and logic. 171 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky


It’s Badly Drawn Beard Guy’s turn to speak. Mega Comics has “leaked the news” (no doubt via an anonymous Tweet) of the coming Spongeclone Saga, and cover artists are fighting over the gig like it’s… 96 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky