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Redsfest Is Not Decadent and Depraved

I have only myself to blame, for this all began when I asked my sister to make me an aunt and specified the form of a nephew. 4.551 kata lagi

2016 Reds

Camera Tracking

Pete was teaching us how track images but first he was teaching us how to make the camera look more stable. We dragged the composition into the box, with it highlighted, we selected the Warp Stabilizer tool and the Optics Compensation. 148 kata lagi


Time Crunch | Pete

“The madly complicated modern world was something I took little interest in.”

– Bob Dylan, Chronicles


Believe me, Bob, when my check for SEK 8,000,000 arrives, I’m out of here too. 80 kata lagi

Tumis TeTe (Terong peTE)

Bagi resep kali ini akan membagikan resep Terong yang di campur dengan pete atau di kenal dengan TUMIS TETE (Terong peTE). Caranya simple, mudah juga, bisa di jadikan pilihan menu saat waktu masak mepet. 134 kata lagi



In peters class he showed us how to do tracking for objects in After Effects. We used the pan behind tool and activated all the objects as 3D objects. 147 kata lagi