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The Pugilist at Rest | Pete

“For me it was easy: Produce text that was so good, an editor could not reject it,” he said.

Every couple years I search the internet to see if there’s any news from A Girl Called Eddy or Thom Jones. 79 kata lagi

Solomonilla - Pistol Pete

Solomonilla is back with another bubbly, uptempo banger, perfect for your Friday evening. Pistol Pete is the first installment of Solo’s NBA EP releases, as he plans to drop three homage-paying tracks over the course of the next few weeks. 78 kata lagi


Man and Zimmerman | Pete

Recent news – and that’s “recent” in both the hebdomadal and geological sense – recalls this exchange:
Cliff: I’m ashamed God made me a man. 95 kata lagi

Dorothy Declares War

Dorothy seems to have a new place to spread her slander and misinformation, as well as a new open case to mess with. She has some how found her way to a missing person case and a Facebook page set up for people to share information on the case: 1.114 kata lagi


The Unforgettable Fire | Pete

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

The above quote is probably a metaphor or something, which should have occurred to me before I started lighting matches in the classroom. 76 kata lagi

being early

We were in Santorini and needed to be up in Northern Italy in a week to meet our dear friend Kathy. While being truly stunning, Santorini is like an amazing desert and you can’t really eat dessert for very long so we had some time to make our way. 530 kata lagi