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Why is PETA mad at Justin Bieber?

PETA takes issue with this photo Justin Bieber recently posted of himself petting a chained tiger and calls on him to “never to use animals as selfie props or party entertainment again.” 162 kata lagi


PETA’s None Too Pleased About That 'Silicon Valley' Horse Sex Scene

HBO’s breakout tech sitcom Silicon Valley finished last Sunday’s episode with a bang. Specifically, a bang between two mighty horses; in what might be the single most graphic sex scene ever aired on the premium cable channel, a stallion mounts a mare and goes to town on her horse-parts as start-up creator Richard (Thomas Middleditch) confronts his new CEO Jack Barker (Stephen Tobolowsky) about unwelcome changes to their company. 343 kata lagi


'Phasing Shamu out': SeaWorld CEO declares end to kissing, dancing for killer whales in performances

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.’s killer whales will no longer pose, dance or kiss each other in performance, Chief Executive Officer Joel Manby said in an interview, providing new details about how the theme-park operator is adapting to new animal-friendly policies. 793 kata lagi


IFLScience: PETA claims eating chicken could affect your unborn child's penis

(NEWS10) – Being a vegetarian is a growing trend. People do it for animal prosperity, the environment and their health. Well, PETA is taking the movement to a whole new level. 271 kata lagi


Photos: PETA slams Justin Bieber for posing with chained tiger

Justin Bieber is under fire for posing with a chained tiger.Justin took the photo when he went to celebrate the engagement of his father, Jeremy Bieber, to his now fiancée Chelsey Rebelo. 120 kata lagi

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Review of These Boots are Made for Butt-Kickin

It’s two for one night–second book review of the evening!

I admit that I came to These Boots Are Made for Butt-Kickin’ by Kalan Chapman Lloyd quite prepared to enjoy it because I liked the first book in the series, … 641 kata lagi

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PETA ataca a Justin Bieber tras posar con un tígre

El canadiense posó con un tigre durante la fiesta de compromiso de su papá

PETA hizo un llamado especial a Justin Bieber, después de que se hiciera pública una fotografía en la que el ídolo del pop posa junto a un tigre encadenado. 240 kata lagi