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Public functions to go vegan? PETA urges Modi to ban meat at govt meetings

Letter said Germany’s ministry went meat-free because meat production contributors to climate change


#LATEST| Animal rights organisation PETA India on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take meat off the menu from all government events, taking a cue from the German Environment Minister’s initiative to ban all meat products from public meetings. 602 kata lagi

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PETA Ad Controversy

Dubbed as one of the most controversial ad campaigns of all time, PETA’s campaign entitled “Holocaust on Your Plate” is an advertising nightmare that stirred up backlash around the world. 484 kata lagi

PETA's underhanded, racist anti-sealing campaign

A new video was released by PETA Monday on social media. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), it contains violent images of a seal hunt that took place on Canada’s East Coast. 448 kata lagi


PETA's ‘3 Stars and a Sun’, a Francis M. musical leads with 13 nominations in the 2017 PhilStage Gawad Buhay Awards

The Philippine Educational Theater Association’s “3 Stars and a Sun,” an original Filipino musical that featured the music of the late rap artist Francis Magalona in a story about youthful hope and rebellion in a dystopian Philippine setting, grabbed 13 nods to lead the 2016 nominations for Gawad Buhay, the Philstage Awards for the Performing Arts. 1.507 kata lagi


Animal rights organisation in war of words with Kremlin

Kremlin demands apology amidst uncertain political climate

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Illustrious animal rights organisation PETA (People for the Ethical Rights of Animals), is grappling with a PR disaster which advocates believe may threaten to derail its enduring credibility. 635 kata lagi


Mehla Shriners Circus brings back animal acts, PETA whines

Last year Melha Shriners Circus decided to nix using animals in its circus acts. The organization did so in light of other circuses coming under fire for using animals in their acts due to allegations of animal cruelty being brought to light in other circuses. 366 kata lagi