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Three battlefronts waged for green jihad

So far there are three other areas where environmentalists that stick out as significant areas of attack on mankind. Their successes mean that environmentalist polices will encroach on our lives in some way down the line if they are not stopped. 455 kata lagi


Why China's Yulin Dog Meat Festival Won't Be Cancelled This Year After All

Carla Thomas writes: China’s most controversial celebration of food, the Lychee and Dog Meat festival in the city of Yulin, was widely reported last month to have… 364 kata lagi


Victory for Wild Animals!

BREAKING NEWS! Victory! #JaneUnChained talks to animal activists in New York City as they celebrate a huge win! The Big Apple has just banned wild and exotic animals in circuses and shows! 88 kata lagi


Color.Me - Kevin Murphy

CityWax are proud to announce that we are now one of the exclusive salons in Ireland offering Color.Me by Kevin Murphy. The revolutionary hair colour range for salons by the iconic brand will launch on the 29th of June in CityWax.  334 kata lagi


'Hurry up, I'm dying!': Matador survives goring to die from suspected heart attack

Warning: This story contains graphic content

He danced in a swirl of pink and yellow, dodging the bull’s horns – until he tripped. Ivan Fandino, caught in his cloak, fell to the ground, rolling. 293 kata lagi


Where the Hell is PETA?!

By Jim O’Neill

“I’ve seen cats being played football with.  I have seen cats with their legs torn off and their eyes gouged out.  We see cats that have had their heads torn off, and ones that had skin ripped away, or had their legs and back broken. 432 kata lagi


PETA tries to pitch CGI cat video as real

People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) recently released a video of a cat allegedly being abused by its owner as part of an effort to highlight alleged abuse of animals used in circuses. 62 kata lagi