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Changing Partners: iterations of a breakup

I caught the musical Changing Partners last night and it was tremendous. Written by Vincent De Jesus, it is a powerful and deeply moving exploration of an argument that escalates to its most heart wrenching conclusion and the inevitability of a relationship to deteriorate for reasons outside that which is obvious. 962 kata lagi


From Baywatch bombshell to barricade-stormer: The incredible evolution of Pamela Anderson

She was the quintessential blonde: a beautiful, buoyant Marilyn Monroe repackaged for modern times. She hung out with Hugh Hefner, went on Australian Big Brother and auctioned off her red swimsuit for charity. 825 kata lagi


Windsor humane society apologizes for offensive ‘grab a pussy ... cat’ Trump poster

Staff at the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society are apologizing after a cat adoption poster shared on social media poked fun at Donald Trump’s lewd comments from a video earlier this month. 432 kata lagi


Blogtober* Natural Beauty Makeup

Hey guys!  Today, I’ve been lucky enough to be doing this collaboration with Maison Jacynthe. Shout out to my dear friend Ingrid from Curly Spring Blossom… 666 kata lagi

Beauty Makeup

Good News: Trip Advisor Will Stop Supporting Cruel Wildlife Experiences

There is strength in numbers. The more people sign petitions and speak up against animal cruelty, the better chances are that those involved will listen: 209 kata lagi

Animal Welfare

PETA under fire for Donald Trump-inspired ‘Grab a pussy’ cat adoption campaign

Animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is facing some backlash for its latest cat adoption campaign, which uses a lewd quote from presidential nominee… 875 kata lagi


PETA blasts duck treatment, the Elkhart high school saga, Main Street rubble

Monday Oct. 17, 2016

Never a dull moment.

With our bare bones staff, I cover a lot of territory — animal rights activism, the double murder of two kids by their mom and moves to radically reshape the Elkhart school district, to name a few topics of late. 525 kata lagi