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The Make Up Brands I Refuse to Use & Making A Lifestyle Change

Its estimated that between 100,000 and 200,000 animals are victims of cosmetic testing every year. They suffer and die for the sake of cosmetic companies making money. 929 kata lagi


San Francisco Passes Law Requiring Pet Shops To Sell Only Rescue Animals

In an effort to put an end to “inhumane” puppy breeding mills in the city, San Francisco has just passed a law requiring all pet shops to no longer sell dogs and cats that haven’t been rescued.   235 kata lagi


Pasinaya 2017, at Culture Shock

Niyaya lang talaga ako ni Hannah. Sumama naman ako para magkaganap lang sa buhay. Nakwento ko nga diba na parang ang stable ng buhay ko lately. 774 kata lagi


CAREDIVAS: A sisterhood in heels

Note: If you were able to nab tickets to the show, stay far away from this post because *spoilers*.

Back when my love for the theater was still in its burgeoning phase, I passed up the opportunity to watch ‘Care Divas’ in its first run at the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). 718 kata lagi

Mad In Manila

Spotlight: Joyce Wert Speaks Up For Animals

Author: Joyce Wert / Special to Eco Monthly

My name is Joyce Wert and I’m 18 years old. I’ve been a vegan and animal activist for the past three years.   803 kata lagi