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Fix Blemishes in Photoshop!

Using Photoshop to Clean Up Milo!

Taking photos of Mr. Milo is great and all, but when he has a freaking tree on his butt, It makes it hard to show him off. 927 kata lagi


Black and White Sunday: Slated

Nothing comes between Nine and an open window.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

This is part of the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop. Thanks to… 14 kata lagi


Hoppy International Rabbit Day!

Hoppy International Rabbit Day from all the Kronenbuns! 6 kata lagi


Hard Life Lesson

Monday was a very hard reminder that sometimes we take on too much.  It started off as any other Monday normally does for us.  Hubby goes to work and mommy stays home with the twins.   562 kata lagi



I remember when you were young; a ball of fur with two liquid chocolate eyes looking up so trustingly at me. I remember teaching you what a ball was, and how to play games. 246 kata lagi


Great weight loss "tool".

I’d like to share a weight loss secret. Here she is:

#1 Go to your local #SPCA or rescue shelter.

#2 Fill out an application for a puppy. 82 kata lagi