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DogDaz Zoo: Golden, The Gardener

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His garden is going 2 be lovely, don’t you think? -DogDaz


Almost...Not Yet

There was a photo of a dog on the Animal Control website that was going to be euthanized yesterday. My adult son, who lives two hours away, filled out the paperwork to adopt him online. 361 kata lagi

Jericha Kingston

  Cross Stitch Update

So I have been working on multiple projects since I have been away from the blog! I wanted to share this photo update of Pug :) it’s been slow going but I think it’s coming together! 9 kata lagi

What are you feeding them?

Chinese consumers angered at the recent news that fast food chains were using meat beyond their expiry dates have even more cause for concern. The threat may have already infiltrated their home, in the food they feed their pets. 568 kata lagi


Enjoying the weather

I am currently out enjoying a walk with Toki in our favourite park. I snapped a few photos to share. I am really thinking of starting an Instagram for our adventures as well, just because I can show a lot more photos. 11 kata lagi

Service Dog

I'm Marley!

Hi, I’m Marley! (aka Marley Blue, Marl Grey)

My friend’s name is Hemingway. I’m grey and he is white. We are 9 (months…).

We have been in our new home since last week. 241 kata lagi