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It’s about time this blog gets some beautiful pictures of my girl, introducing you all to my best friend Gidget :)


Don’t Let Your Dog Become A Statistic Be Prepared Before Your Dog Is Lost

The Statistics Of Lost Pets

Did you know that a family pet is lost every 2 seconds, only 1 in 10pets are found, and 10 million plus pets are lost each year? 384 kata lagi

Dog Walker

Holy Grail

See, my mom’s a bit of an outcast in our family: a fair-skinned, redheaded beauty beside a husband and children of a darker variety. I can’t blame her for wanting an orange kitten, another life in the house that matched her shade. 1.549 kata lagi


Mellica Charm

Mellica, the beloved gentle giant, passed away this winter. He was truly a member of the family and will be missed in his Northern home by the lake. 73 kata lagi


Lazy Mochi Monday

It is a lazy Mochi Monday.

Best way to spend it is lounging in bed!  Although, I would quite enjoy walkies and treats right about now as well.   7 kata lagi


We got a Puppy- Amber!!

Today was a super long day, but totally worth it! We got a puppy! Our family of five (including Jim, our 10 year old Border Terrier) grew to six with Amber. 536 kata lagi

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