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Puppy Graduation Week

This week, two of our dogs had final exams.

Norton aced his Beginner Phase 2 test.  He did everything perfectly and is now ready for the intermediate level class.   99 kata lagi

finding Islay

In honor of National Puppy Day, I decided to document our early journey with our spoken-for puppy, Islay (pronounced “EYE-luh”). She’s named after the Isle of Islay in Scotland–home to breathtaking nature and our favorite scotch. 701 kata lagi

Photo-A-Day: March 24th 2017

Sometimes the cats forget to put their tongues away. It’s funniest when they stop part way through washing themselves and leave their tongues hanging most of the way out. 26 kata lagi


Shelter from the 70s

I realize it has been awhile since River has had the spotlight.

She realizes this too.

So, here is a “Where’s River?” picture:

More often than not, when I can’t find River, she is hiding in the “Junk Room”. 42 kata lagi

A Dog's Life

Mamma's Home!

My mom was away for several days this week, and when she came home yesterday, my Piper was a little upset. She started thumping when she heard her voice from across the hall. 115 kata lagi