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Draft Horse WIP 7

It’s time for another update on my draft horse.  I’m working on the neck now, which at first felt like a big, boring mass of one value, but as I have worked on it, the range of values seems quite varied.  38 more words

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Chum And Rascal's Memorial Day Breakfast

Chum & Rascal’s Memorial Day Breakfast Recipe

(Feeds one 23 lb and one 28 lb dog)

1/2 cup gluten free oatmeal (Red Mill Brand)

1 cup water… 44 more words


May 25, 2015 at 10:50AM

Riley by Jean Turner Cain

Happy Birthday my boy Riley. Six today!

I hope you are...

enjoying your long weekend! I know I am…


A "Funny" Story

One normal guy wakes up and goes outside.

A sloth was in the guy’s yard. It slowly crawled along the floor. “Oh no! My pet’s running away!” The owner exclaimed. 36 more words

Tribute to Syrus Mitchell, Border Collie 2002 - 2014

#BorderCollie, #Dog, #Syrus, #canine, #companion, #rainbowbridge

Syrus was a black and white border collie who served his entire life as my first forever dog. Although socially unacceptable in his behavior and never trained in any capacity, Syrus taught me how brilliant and demanding the border collie breed can be. 175 more words

Border Collie