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Two cats and one box - the result!

I love – just before the final pounce – how the ears go back in a naughty “you’re my kitty now…..”


LA dog  

Too hot in Los Angeles! Ya feel me?!

Conflict of interest 

“Heel!” I shouted as I leaped over a mossy log, scraping the tips of my white converse. “Get back here you little shit!”

The dog bounded in front of me, tongue wagging as she caught sight of me over her shoulder. 662 more words


Licks and Cuddles

“Sweetie Bun”



I put a folding chair in Glenda’s pen to sit on to pet her yesterday. Of course then she decides to sit under the chair. 148 more words


KyXy's Pet of the Week: Patches

KyXy’s Pet of the Week is brought to you by Nicholas Adamo and Joe Adamo in partnership with the San Diego Humane Society. Tune in to Jeff and Jer every Thursday in the 7am hour to learn about KyXy’s Pet of the Week. 351 more words