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Lucy cat

This is my model today; it is my pet and called “Lucy”.


Adopt Don't Shop

Is that not the coolest picture filter? If you haven’t tried the app Font Candy I recommend it! I’m obsessed with it, there are a ton of cool fonts and effects you can use to edit your pictures. 247 kata lagi


Day 20: Lucy

And sure enough even waiting will end… if you can just wait long enough

-William Faulkner

We are watching Lucy for some friends while they are on vacation. 46 kata lagi


Pet Video of the Week: Animals fail at simple tasks

There are so many clips in this video that I love. I feel for these animals, but couldn’t help but laugh out loud at some of them. 47 kata lagi

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The 'Vampire' Hedgehog

Huff aka Sir Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer is a 3 year old African Pygmy hedgehog from Utah. He was born with protruding teeth and was rehomed from a rescue centre by Carolyn Parker as his previous owner had mistreated him. 107 kata lagi

If You Always Suspected That Your Labrador Was A Glutton, You Were Right!

Is your Labrador always begging for food with those puppy dog eyes? He’s not the only one.

Scientists from Cambridge University have found that roughly a quarter of all Labradors and other flat coat retrievers have a genetic variation that causes them to overeat and makes them more prone to obesity. 247 kata lagi

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