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BHT (Adult)

I’m back, this time with a more in depth perception of my life as a BHT (behavioral health technician) for the adult population.

Being a BHT has been the most challenging and the most rewarding time of my life. 745 kata lagi


How I have been dealing with my grief

Ten months ago, my older sister died of complications arising from Multiple Sclerosis. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what that means but I will not go into details of how she died. 784 kata lagi




There is a cost for each gift we give to others,

Saving them from trouble, it takes away our own gift,

It feels terrible, a punishment, 70 kata lagi


Reading and Writing

The last time my life was consumed with reading and writing was back at UCSB. As a Black Studies major the majority of my work was reading material and then relating it to current times, to myself and to society. 889 kata lagi

Life Abroad

« Pour aller jusqu’à toi, quel drôle de chemin il m’a fallu prendre. »

J’ai gardé le souvenir d’une balade nocturne que l’on a faite entre Bercy et Bastille. De cette nuit, je n’ai retenu aucune trace tangible. Pas de photos, ni de notes. 298 kata lagi


Friends with Space

Friendship is not always about being there sometimes it is about letting the other one to be alone. I am blessed to have got such Friends who believe in me, who has faith in my decisions. 351 kata lagi

Best Friend