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I'm Still Here!

I wanted to apologize for my extremely long absence I took from this blog. I am fine and doing well. I guess I was unsure of myself as far as being someone who blogs. 300 kata lagi


Honestly feel so defeated. I guess this is normal considering I worked my ass off for over a month studying for this test knowing nothing about what I was getting into. 213 kata lagi


I had a bit of a moment of nostalgia earlier this month as I was walking down the city, thinking about how different this environment feels compared to the different settings I grew up in. 341 kata lagi


Happy Weight

They say you gain weight when you in a happy relationship, I never really understood this theory. In my case, I have been dating this guy for coming up on  a year and have gotten unsolicited comments on getting thicker or putting on weight. 144 kata lagi



My two oldest children are off to school. I am feeling the withdraws. I miss them. I made a video with my littlest to cheer me up.

#hugapony my friends


Walk a mile in my shoes. 

You know how sometimes people tell you to “just snap out of it”? The context may differ, but mostly, if you’re on the receiving end of this, you might be slightly annoyed because no, I cannot just snap the fuck out of it. 999 kata lagi



i have so many pictures of him.

not the kind that people can see; they are the ones i take in the dark when we are alone, when i hold him close praying he will never disappear. 315 kata lagi