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(Untitled thoughts of one who is feeling inspired)

Inspiration truly can come from the most unlikely of sources when you least expect it. It’s not like I have been in need of any inspiration recently, because I feel more focussed and more driven now than at any point since leaving the UK. 435 kata lagi


Friendly Reminder from my Mom

Last night an earthquake hit Zambales and it was felt by some parts of Luzon (Bulacan, Quezon City, etc).

So this Morning I was some-kind-of expecting my mother to message me to know if we’re doing okay since I live in Bulacan. 66 kata lagi



Stray lambs wander the lawn
Counting sheep grew tiring;
Start with smaller numbers
The phone rings, it’s her again
…Not sure she gets the hint… 53 kata lagi


After Eight Moments...


Shout out for the little guys! Hey, I can’t climb to trees… I don’t know how I could even dream about climbing up a tree with my house on my back!


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Mui-Mui was adopted by my sister in UP Diliman.


No Anniversary Celebrations!?

Nitin and I met on 28th of the month so we kind of celebrate this ‘anniversary’ thing monthly. And by celebrate, NO! I do not mean any fancy dinners(there might be some exceptions). 557 kata lagi



Life is hard.

And it’s messy.

And  filled with tears.

I’ve been thinking about my life lately. In many ways, it hasn’t turned out how I ever expected. 404 kata lagi