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How Did This Happen? (Stupid Things I Do Every Day): Episode One


It was kind of cute. I imagined the microscopic zoomed photos of baby spider eyes staring at me from my front door. He was fuzzy, small, and seemed to have little cerulean spots on his back. 356 kata lagi



When you officially hit the dead end and yet push through the storm.


So i did not get through with the job at the gallery

I am sad but i am sure i will get through with something soon… 14 kata lagi


wait a minute, who ARE you?

GREAT QUESTION! Glad you asked.

I am an adventurer.

I am an introvert who will sometimes trade a blanket and Netflix for a denim jacket and a night out. 461 kata lagi


Such A Nice Girl

Lately I’ve been involved with the sweetest and most offbeat girl. When all has been going so well, I tell her she reminds me of one of those fabulously pretty ladies from an early ’70’s soda commercial.  42 kata lagi