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The Gray Sisters

The Graeae sisters,  Deino (the terrible), Enyo (the warlike) and Persis (the destroyer) are thought to be old crones from whom Perseus stole the eye… 594 kata lagi


Interlude II

Jilly was in a daze.

The military schtick wasn’t for her. What with the siren stirring her from too little sleep and the general demands on personal time. 2.309 kata lagi

Cyrus The Great (Cyrus II of Persia)

A bit of interesting research from my latest book, coming very soon!

Cyrus was born between 590 and 580 BCE, either in Media or, more probably, in Persis, the modern Fārs province of Iran.

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Steven Becker

The Cure for common cold is related to baldness

Today – Newswired: Researchers have found a cure for the common cold, and it’s related to baldness in Men and Women.

It seems the cure has been related to the symptom called “scalpscratchyness.”  This is the nervous response of scratching one’s scalp in which many people experience when trying to find something interesting to watch on television. 408 kata lagi

Muhammadiyah Kafir Menurut Syiah

Ada banyak bukti pengkafiran Syiah kepada kelompok Islam manapun, terutama Muhammadiyah, sebagaimana terlontar/tertulis dalam kitab kitab mereka. Kitab kitab mereka menyebut umat Islam, organisasi atau orman, individu dan kelompok Islam yang ingkar dan tidak setuju dengan 12 imam model mereka adalah kafir di matanya. 808 kata lagi