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My Persis

My Persis. I have been thinking about the possessiveness of such statements. In fact the other day I was talking to God about it and I found that I get so much joy in saying “MY father” “MY Jesus” . 489 kata lagi


The Penetrator #41: Hell's Hostages

The Penetrator #41: Hell’s Hostages by Lionel Derrick
Pinnacle Books, 1981
Price I paid: 50¢

Mark Hardin takes on one of the most explosive challenges of his career―on foreign turf.

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Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) Profile


To become an international charity foundation that can deliver a religious and harmonious quality of life to the community.


  1. To play an active role in solving social problems of society through the implementation of programs in a planned, efficient, effective and participatory manner.
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