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Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) Profile


To become an international charity foundation that can deliver a religious and harmonious quality of life to the community.


  1. To play an active role in solving social problems of society through the implementation of programs in a planned, efficient, effective and participatory manner.
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Prominence of Pest Control Products & Services Surges after Recording Failure of Numerous Preventive Measures

Dumping organic waste on open grounds summons small creatures existing in the vicinity and soon as they start to feed on such waste, the view of it becomes unbearable for humans. 518 kata lagi

Consumer Goods

Damned - 2.15

“Lords and ladies, salutations!” the tattooed girl said.

The giant door had opened out onto the street of a slum, the sky blood red above. The girl had been waiting for us. 2.115 kata lagi