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Not Good with my Hands

Following a couple days off, I finally up and decided to assemble our grill for the back porch.  Figuring this was going to be 2-hour assembly, at best, turned out to be a 4 hour hassle. 286 kata lagi


Hear that sucking sound? That's Oregon tax Initiative Petition 28

Democrats and their union allies want to suck more money out of Oregon businesses than we thought.

Oregon’s Legislative Revenue Office predicted today (May 23, 2016) that Initiative Petition 28, if approved in November, would generate $6.1 billion in new revenue by the 2017-19 biennium. 484 kata lagi

Kebangkitan (Pers) Nasional

Opini berikut sebelumnya saya kirim ke Harian Kompas dalam momen perayaan Kebangkitan Nasional pada 20 Mei lalu. Namun artikel ini belum dapat dimuat lantaran kesulitan mendapatkan tempat (demikian menurut surel balasan yang dikirimkan kepada saya). 804 kata lagi

My Silly Dogs

Last night the husband and I had grilled blackened salmon for dinner. And, it was delicious in case you were wondering.

Anyway, whenever we have salmon the dogs get a treat of the skin from the salmon as it’s not something we eat. 246 kata lagi

A Little Of This A Little Of That