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'New goal: Destroy debt waves before they destroy us'

It’s time to take constitutional authority seriously, protecting all Oregonians, Rep. Vic Gilliam says

The Committee on Ways and Means. Is this the legislative committee responsible for using honest methods for balanced budgeting? 37 kata lagi

Oregon Legislature

County talks money woes

Major Revenue Sources Either Canceled or Uncertain

Getting a handle on the county budget while state and federal revenue sources could be slipping from the grasp of the county’s coffers was a main topic of discussion at Wednesday’s Baker County Board of Commissioners work session. 8 kata lagi

State Budget

Local legislator proposes PERS changes

Shortly after entering his legislative office Monday, Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, wasted no time in introducing a bill battling the controversial state pension system.

Kruse and Sen. 45 kata lagi

Douglas County News-Review

Lawmakers have busy agenda when next session begins

The Oregon State Legislature convenes on Feb. 1, and lawmakers will have their work cut out for them.

With 17 bills pre-filed pertaining the state’s Public Employees Retirement System, the multi-billion-dollar financial liability to the state is likely to take up a considerable amount of lawmakers’ time. 14 kata lagi

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OUR VIEW: Brown’s speech a mixed bag

Voters secured the opportunity to hear from Oregon’s newly elected governor last week regarding some of her goals for the future. While there was a general feeling of optimism around her words there didn’t appear to be a lot of substance. 18 kata lagi

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Waspada Tololisasi!

Menurut Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) versi online/daring (dalam jaringan), kata ‘tolol’ berarti: sangat bodoh; bebal: (http://kbbi.web.id/tolol)

Maksud ‘tololisasi’ diatas adalah perbuatan membuat orang lain yang ‘kurang beruntung’ menjadi tolol/bodoh ( ini menurut saya, bukan KBBI). 268 kata lagi


Time to pay the piper 

If there was one telling quote from Saturday’s legislative town hall in Florence held by Oregon Sen. Arnie Roblan and Rep. Caddy McKeown, it was when Sen. 39 kata lagi