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Tangis Rosihan Anwar di Tengah Pesta Kemerdekaan Indonesia

Pagi hari, pukul 06.30, sosok renta itu terbangun, keluar kamar tidur, lalu turun ke dapur. Setelah menjerang sedikit air, dia menyeduh kopi kesayangan. Ini semacam ritual khidmat sebelum dirinya tenggelam dalam timbunan bacaan dalam koran di teras depan. 774 kata lagi


Oregon schools cut staff and programs despite big budget increases

Oregon’s public schools have seen their budgets increase by more than $400 million this year, roughly double the bump they’ve gotten each of the past three years. 31 kata lagi

The Oregonian

Oregon receives approval to add 27 investment staff

Oregon Investment Council will add 27 positions to its investment staff over the next two years, bringing total division staff to 66.

The Tigard-based council oversees the $73.6 billion  32 kata lagi

Oregon Legislature

Oregon PERS to Lower Fund’s Assumed Rate 0.3%, Increasing Unfunded Liability

A unanimous vote at Oregon Public Employees Retirement System’s (PERS) July 28 board meeting will lower the pension fund’s assumed rate of return, further straining the long-term budgets of the state’s school districts and other public agencies. 42 kata lagi


Editorial: Oregon continues to be unrealistic about PERS

They just couldn’t do it. The men and women who sit on the state’s Public Employees Retirement System board couldn’t bring themselves to face reality and make a deep cut to the assumed rate of return on investments that finance public employees’ retirement benefits. 25 kata lagi


Editorial: PERS board should be realistic

Raise your hand if you have $12,500 to spare. That’s your share of the state’s unfunded liability for Oregon’s public pension system. The state isn’t exactly going to come tomorrow to collect, but keep an eye out. 45 kata lagi


Oregon Public Pension Debt Officially Rises By $2.4 Billion

The official estimate of the deficit for Oregon’s public pension system climbed by $2.4 billion Friday.

As a result, state and local agencies and school districts face even higher pension costs over the next two decades than they had earlier expected. 13 kata lagi