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The new No. 1 PERS pension is a whopping $913,335 a year | OregonLive.com

An updated pension roll released by the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System includes at least one-eye popping number.

Source: The new No. 1 PERS pension is a whopping $913,335 a year | OregonLive.com

The Oregonian

Employers weighing benefits of PERS liability payments

Legislation created incentives for public employers to pay down their pension debts, but it’s unclear if the benefit outweighs other uses for limited cash.

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Portland Tribune

Eventyrlig NM på hjemmebane

Da var NM over for denne gang, og for et fantastisk mesterskap det ble for Bærum! Bærumsvømmerne tok med seg hele 16 gull, 14 sølv og 6 bronse! 539 kata lagi


Ondernemers zijn evenwichtig

Lieve kiezer,    www.evenwichtdegelepartij.nl

onze campagne wordt niet gefinancierd door buitenlandse mogendheden. We hebben uit eigen zak wel aan Facebook betaald, maar we hopen eerlijk gezegd dat we daarbij niet aan “microtargeting” hebben gedaan. 500 kata lagi


Making the $25 billion PERS liability real: Editorial Agenda 2018

As strange as it may seem, the alarming size of the $25 billion unfunded liability for the Public Employees Retirement System hasn’t been alarming enough. Despite more and more tax dollars going to feed the shortfall rather than schools, health care and other public services, leaders have shown little interest in tackling the PERS puzzle. 9 kata lagi


The age of the activist investor: State ready to clamp down on corporate boards

The state’s legal action against the board of Wynn Resorts shows its willingness to hold directors accountable.

We recently published a series of articles on how activist investors are pushing for change at corporate boards. 38 kata lagi



Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret adalah surar yang memiliki kekuatan dengan type “transfer of authority”. Pada mulanya, SUPERSEMAR diterbitkan pada tanggal 11 Maret 1966, saat Presiden Soekarno melakukan sidang pelantikan Kabinet Dwikora dengan nama “kabinet 100 menteri”. 289 kata lagi