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How bad is Oregon's school funding situation? Ask one of its richest districts

Riverdale has been at an impasse with its teachers over cost-of-living adjustments for seven months. Teachers say they can’t afford housing; school officials say they aren’t getting enough from the state. 15 kata lagi

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Oregon National Monument Faces An Uncertain Future

Will President Trump shrink the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument?

President Trump ordered the shrinking of two national monuments in Utah this week. Attention immediately shifted to the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, which Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says should also be smaller. 45 kata lagi

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Board unveils latest projections for PERS

Projected 2019-21 increases may be tempered by 2017 growth in earnings from state investment fund; board will set rates next fall, but longterm liability ‘won’t go away’ 41 kata lagi


Great investment return for PERS demonstrates how deep a hole it's in -- Opinion

If you’re fortunate enough to be watching your 401.k and other investments grow rapidly and painlessly in the long-running bull market you have something to feel good about. 43 kata lagi


Rising retirement costs are placing pressure on college tuitions

Public universities are spending nearly 10 percent of their budgets on retirement benefits.

Oregon’s public universities are devoting a growing share of spending to retirement costs, a trend that factors into rising college tuition. 35 kata lagi

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Erik Lukens column: Ted Ferrioli, health care taxes and the PERS gravy train

O n its website, the Secretary of State’s Office has posted a slew of arguments for and against Measure 101, the referendum that will place a handful of health care taxes — officially “assessments” — before voters in January. 38 kata lagi


Editorial: Bad news stalks state's pension fund

If you’ve been watching our occasional editorials about Oregon’s troubled public pension fund, hoping to spy even a sliver of good news on the topic, well, today’s your lucky day. 46 kata lagi

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