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Muscle Memory & Your Perineum

You may or may not have ever heard the term “muscle memory” before and if you haven’t and your’e pregnant now is the team to get familiar with it. 744 kata lagi


Endometriosis & Perineum

Well, this was a first for me.

I’ve read numerous studies of Endometriosis developing in scar tissue after c-sections or other abdominal surgeries, but this one caught me by such surprise that I wanted to share it with you!   474 kata lagi


Well you know where your perineum is now

Stealth boast: it often surprises people who have observed my gazelle-like limbs and absent derrière that the greatest pleasure of my life is food, that is eating it.  546 kata lagi

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Si Bayi Terlilit Tali Pusar (3-Habis)

Saya masih tenang-tenang saja saat air ketuban pecah dan membanjiri kamar mandi. Saat memberi tahu keluarga, semua langsung panik dan membawa saya ke bidan tempat saya kontrol tadi. 1.385 kata lagi

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Tearing - What you should know

You probably didn’t picture this part when you first envisioned the miracle of childbirth. Tearing, unfortunately, happens. Up to 95% of first time parents will experience some kind of genital tissue damage. 1.274 kata lagi