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Si Bayi Terlilit Tali Pusar (3-Habis)

Saya masih tenang-tenang saja saat air ketuban pecah dan membanjiri kamar mandi. Saat memberi tahu keluarga, semua langsung panik dan membawa saya ke bidan tempat saya kontrol tadi. 1.385 kata lagi

Urusan Saya

"it was my fault..."

I recently learned that a close friend is pregnant with her second child. I lived close by when she had her first. I remember her postpartum. 656 kata lagi

Tearing - What you should know

You probably didn’t picture this part when you first envisioned the miracle of childbirth. Tearing, unfortunately, happens. Up to 95% of first time parents will experience some kind of genital tissue damage. 1.274 kata lagi

Product Review (Postpartum Tips)  : Earth Mama Angel Baby

Being 6 weeks postpartum with my little angel baby I wanted to my review and tips on POSTPARTUM, NIPPLE CARE and DIAPER RASH with other mamas (daddies and others too) that are going to have a baby and are planning one. 1.334 kata lagi


Fat Grafting + Revision Surgery {June 20th, 2016}

*** I never got around to making a formal update on this blog about how this revision and fat grafting went. I did cover some light details within the other online groups but I was saving this post to be the all inclusive space to talk about how those procedures went. 4.067 kata lagi


To my midwife: I'm sorry. This will hurt.

To my dear midwife:

I miss you every day. It sounds weird, doesn’t it? To miss a care provider? But I do and it’s uncomfortable and scary for me to write this and set it free. 1.080 kata lagi


Perineum Millennial

I’m middle class, I’m middle class, I’m middle class, I’m middle class
In a pub called ‘The Rut’ betwixt a pussy and an arse,
Ordering another to fill this shot glass, 70 kata lagi