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The Iroquois creation story is the tale that I chose for the comic. The imagery is loosely based on the artwork in the Serra da Capivara Cave paintings “World Heritage Center”. 81 kata lagi


Skeleton Bone Drawing

The skeletal image is drawn with pencil on 11×14 Bienfang paper.

The focal point being the skeleton is centered along a diagonal leading from the bottom left to top right. 101 kata lagi


Ilustration Office Equipment

Pengertian Peralatan Kantor (Office Equipment) adalah :

Alat-alat atau perlengkapan-perlengkapan yang dipakai dalam kantor  guna kelancaran perusahaan dalam melakukan/ melaksanakan kegiatan-kegiatan administrasinya.

I Am Sailing

I Am Sailing
by Feeza Jazri

I am sailing……into the sea
Like Jonah alone in the darkness of the sea
When the waves and winds no longer friendly… 99 kata lagi

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