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Semarak Penjor di Bali

Holiday is coming! Check and recheck kalender Bali, hati ini jadi riang sekali. Di bulan Juli, warga Bali, khususnya umat Hindu, sedang libur panjang untuk merayakan Hari Raya Galungan & Kuningan. 385 kata lagi

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Taukah Kamu Perayaan Galungan Dulu Sempat Dihentikan?

Hari raya Galungan merupakan perayaan kemenangan dharma melawan adharma. 322 kata lagi


Penjor and Gebogan Competition in Bali

The Penjor and Gebogan Competition held in Kuta. There are about 30 teams each representing a hotel from the area. The team making the Penjor have about 4 hours to complete it. 108 kata lagi

Penjor | Balinese Culture

Bali has a lot of tradition, start from their way of life until their god ceremony. relating Galungan and Kuningan that already finish, Penjor is a important part in that ceremony. 416 kata lagi



It has been a quiet few days as Bali is currently celebrating it most important 3 days plus of ceremonies and holidays Raya Galungan… All the families get together at the ” home village”.., and await the return of the ” deceased relatives” who must be suitably welcomed with gifts, offerings, and other ceremonies. 951 kata lagi

Let's talk Galungan

One thing you notice when living in Bali is the fact that local traditions have been preserved over the centuries. Even though today it is a modern island it still remained spiritual. 881 kata lagi


Relation between Galungan Ceremony and Penjor

Galungan ceremony have finished 2 days ago. The date is calculated according to the 210 days of Balinese Calender. talking about Galungan, the History of galungan remains a mystery. 278 kata lagi