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North Bali, Indonesia

I was confused by Bali’s different references such as how Denpasar airport didn’t match the actual airport name and why the real Denpasar city was located hours away from the airport, far from the tourist center. 287 kata lagi


Penjor - Galungan & Kuninan

The penjor is a tall, curved decorated bamboo pole. There is an offering at the base. This is one of the media used by Hindus in Bali as part of almost every important ceremony, especially for the anniversary temple celebrations. 48 kata lagi


Installed artworks: Day 6 - The Palm Tree

The Palm Tree

Samples taken in February 2017 from a cross section of the Palm tree branch resulted in some fascinating Scanning Electron Microscopic images. Hassett was specifically interested in the circular bunching of cellular tubing. 290 kata lagi

2017 TCD Trees

Behind the art works - the Cordyline Palm

Before the team and I decided on which trees to include in our project we visited the various trees on the Trinity College campus. Personally I was drawn time and time again to the mesmerising swaying of the flexible tree branches and the soft meditative swishing sound created by the wind rustling through the leaves of the Cordyline Palm. 728 kata lagi

*2017 Project - 8 TCD Trees*