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Support Garment Review

In addition to offering transformations, makeovers, a place to dress, accommodation and storage, Priscilla’s Services also offers a professional and personal shopping service. One of the services provided is an international shopping service for certain ‘specialty’ items (breast forms, gaffs, breast form glue, hip pads etc) that are not easily found in South Africa. 1.024 kata lagi


Coach Would Have Fucked Me Longer if I Hadn't Screamed

Jesus wept. The man had been a family friend. He was a greasy man. A fat man. He always offered Jesus little sausages. He touched Jesus a lot. 655 kata lagi


Stop dating guys with a small penis...

Not even kidding!  I wish I was!  She told me, and I quote “don’t bother with the men with small penises, it’s not even worth it.” 29 kata lagi


A Bloody Lesson

I’m going to talk about something from the male perspective, but I found out that something similar can occur to females as well.

I went through something recently that, although I’m middle-aged, I had never heard or read about, and it was rather a rude awakening. 523 kata lagi


Did Jesus have a Penis?

Some wonder about Jesus’ upbringing. What if Jesus would have been a girl? Jesus really never uses his penis for any of the old “in and out” and most likely just for urination purposes. 256 kata lagi


Gay, Erection Jesus Crucifixion

Sagging lungs
Cold sweat
Pain blinding white
Ice cold
Time stops
Short of breath
Deep Deep Shame
The familiar bulge
The rushing of blood… 22 kata lagi


There is a Penis for every Vagina

What’s this obsession with “big Penis” and mockery of “small Penis”? In Vagina-land, there is no such thing as big or small. There is only right size or fit for every vagina. 335 kata lagi

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