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So you were looking for a PENIS song? Yes? I found one.

The day started like any other day. Therefore the last thing I was expecting while streaming for a new series was a song about penises. Well, actually, about Jeff’s penis. 382 kata lagi


Am I The Biggest You’ve Ever Had?

Truth be told, no guy wants that answer. They can’t handle the truth and if they got the truth they’ll start imagining your vagina is a wide as the pits of hell if the answer isn’t what they want to hear. 630 kata lagi


My Vagina Betrays Me

I get super wet super easily, I’m not even joking, I can get wet because it’s a Thursday night and a dog barked. I can even cum without touching myself, I call it… … 237 kata lagi


Cum Clarity

Cum first…act later!

No I don’t mean in a promiscuous way, although I’m not judging… live your life in whatever way makes you happy, as long as you or no one else is getting hurt! 290 kata lagi


Awkward in Anatomy Class

Beginning Anatomy Class , introduction to nude model. The instructor motions me over to the front of the class as he rattles off bone structure terminology signals me to lose the robe, which I did without hesitation.   70 kata lagi


#CityShow You can BUY 2Pac Pen*s!!!!

You can now own a piece of hip hop history….or a pen*s of hip hop history lol!! It seems that in the early 90’s Pac would just pull out his man  (Pen*s)  whenever and wherever , and one of his ex girlfriends took a pic ( and what’s crazy is that this could be the 1st d**k pic lol) story has it that she told him if he didn’t put it away that she would take a pic and show it to everyone…. 42 kata lagi


Son Kills Father, Severs Penis, and Poses For Facebook Selfies

Well, here’s something we thankfully don’t hear about every day.  Carl Edmondson, got an order of protection on his 26 year old son, Carlton Edmondson on November 20th of this year, after the latter through a brick through his father’s window.   187 kata lagi