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Pemanasan Sebelum Latihan Pembesaran Penis

Istri tidak puas diranjang?

Mari latihan pembesaran dan penguatan penis, sebelum latihan wajib lakukan pemanasan dulu

Catatan: Penis harus dalam keadaan lemas (tidak ereksi)
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Mak Urut

I'd agree with this...

“I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.”

Mae West


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I usually don't post anything quite this kinky - but everything Mae West ever said is priceless! Finn

Penis terbagi menjadi 3 ruangan, 2 ruangan terbesar berada di sebelah atas yang mana adalah merupakan jaringan penopang ereksi (Corpora Cavernosa), dan 1 bagian yang lebih kecil berada di bagian bawah adalah dimana air seni dan sperma anda melaluinya (Corpus Spongisum). 268 kata lagi

Mak Urut

A day, and a nice surprise, at the nude beach

Two days ago, we went to the beach. Of course, when it’s beach time, it’s nude beach time. I do not own any swimsuit anymore, so nude is the only option. 229 kata lagi


How the penis disappeared from the sex toy

You’ve seen what a penis looks like. Sure, there are variables that make each one a little different—the world is beautiful that way—but, generally speaking, they all fit  2.973 kata lagi

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Penis, Out of Context

In a digital world, we are able to share things with people at the drop of a hat. Pictures, funny cat videos, what we ate for lunch. 639 kata lagi


Thank you sir can i get a higher Dose

If i get an erection these days i feel shame. I hear the ridicule and voices of those who hated me for what i had done to them.

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Brent Brents