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Kanye And Justin Bieber Are Getting Thousands Of Gummy Private Parts Sent To Them!

LOL! A website that sends a bag filled with gummy-shaped men’s private parts to someone you don’t like is sending over half a million of the candies to… 89 more words


Japanese Progress Fail

Two years living in Japan and I struggled with shopping in town yesterday.  The sales person was patient and we figured each other out eventually but it took a while.   281 more words

Japanese Progress

Blumpington Post Throws Shade on Cali Weed & "Breaks" "News"

DBT is no fan of the Blumpington Post. Why you may ask? Well, Blump-Po regularly provides a full release of shit while simultaneously jerking readers around with click-bait masquerading as faux-news reporting. 339 more words

And then there was the PENIS!

Ever since I started writing this blog, around three months ago, I’ve written about all the subject and issues under the sun. I’ve covered personal issues, favorite movies and T.V shows, reading material, work issues, social criticism, and even Maltese recipes. 246 more words


Sexy Science Fact #1 - QUADRO-DONGS!

Echidnas are freaky, sorry I mean Australian, mammals that look like anteaters but are actually weird. They have cloacas, like birds, and also like birds lay eggs. 154 more words


Loving the Older Men

Yes he may have a girl’s name and not be the typical form of hot that I like, but sometimes it is nice to get your rocks of with another person. 617 more words

How did I do it?

I’ve searched everywhere that Google would let me reach from their colossal servers for every natural, non surgical method for making my little man get bigger. 1.264 more words

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