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Male Penis - 1

Found on a profile picture on chat-avenue.com/kidchat.html


Prone to Clitoral Orgasms

I partook in vagina sex with one particular woman for a good twenty to 25-minutes (sometimes I am up for such extensive bouts), yet she did not orgasm. 171 more words

Satisfying A Woman Sexually

Foreskin Restoration Progress: Day 5 (2015-05-26)

Another quick one.  I’m also doing that cheating thing by calling this a “day” because I haven’t gone to sleep yet.  I confess my work schedule is making it difficult to do in-depth posts at this point in time, but I’ve determined to remain resolute in my commitment. 92 more words


Foreskin Restoration Progress: Day 4 (2015-05-24)

I missed a day yesterday.  I technically did some stretching as I was falling asleep, but it was a little half-hearted and I don’t think it would be right to count it.   103 more words



Allow me to share this interlude, I have been trying to contact group after group that says they are advocates for the blind veterans.  And do you know that to date I have not gotten a single reply?   8 more words


First track from the second album.