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Det här fungerar inte för alla genus...

Ibland har vi människor låg humor och dessa killar gör väl allt för ofta parodi på det dem producerar. Här har en av killarna erektionsproblem, fastän tjejen är snygg. 440 kata lagi


Men Are From Mars, Women From Venus, But There's Not Much Difference Between A Vagina And A Penis

Andrew Siegel MD 12/10/2016

What is it that most distinguishes a male from a female? The obvious answer is the genitals, with the penis/scrotum having a vastly different appearance from a vagina/vulva.   909 kata lagi

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Great Boy Strap on Penis with High Intensity Bullet(16 Cm)

Great Boy Strap On Penis, great shape and feeling, realistic material.

Length: 16 CM
Insertable: 12 CM
Package: Display Box
Certificate: CE


Item: Ammunition Bullet Vibrator with Chain (Silver) 43 kata lagi

8 Fakta Penis Yang Jarang Diketahui

Penis pria bukanlah suatu rahasia. Anda bisa menyaksikannya dalam berbagai bentuk. Mulai dari patung-patung romawi di museum sampai corat-coret di kamar mandi atau dinding-dinding pinggir jalan. 907 kata lagi

4 Little Known Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Ever since I got my own apartment, I’ve been sleeping naked. I guess it was a mixture of rebellion and comfort. I was free at last! 688 kata lagi


NSFW: Mountain Biker Nearly Loses Family Jewels In Brutal Crash [Extremely Graphic]

If you’re a guy and need one reason to refrain from buying a mountain bike– just watch this video.

*Video courtesy of 50to01 TV


Are orgasms different depending if you have a penis or a vulva?

The physical process of orgasm is very similar to both men and women. When an orgasm occurs rapid muscle contractions are produced around the genital area (sometimes throughout the body) regardless of whether you have a penis or a vulva. 186 kata lagi

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