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Hard times and hard on's inside Pittsburg County jail!

A Wilburton man was mocked and needlessly denied medical care by jail officials while suffering a 91-hour erection in 2016, according to a $5 million lawsuit filed on his behalf.

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Ini Titik Yang Membuat Pria Mudah Terangsang Selain Mr P

Bukan hanya sentuhan di leher, paha bagian dalam atau Mr P yang bisa membuat pria terangsang. Ada satu lagi titik yang bila disentuh bisa membuat pria jadi menggelinjang karena terangsang pada saat sesi pemanasan. 141 kata lagi


The Dead Parrot Flaccid Penis Caper: 'It's Garry Shandling's Show' Writer Janis Hirsch

Comedy Writer Reveals Lurid Details of Harassment on Set — and Why It Cost Her a Job.

Janis Hirsch writes: In 1986, after only three or four years in Los Angeles, … 453 kata lagi


"Me too"

I recently sat with some friends in a restaurant and heard, blow by blow, an extended account from one woman about how she had to deal with the unwanted sexual attention of a man at the top of my industry whose work I admire. 875 kata lagi

Castle Hill Hospital

Today I’d like to give a #Shoutout to the NHS Day Services Castle Hill where I attended for my (successful) check-up procedure. I would also like to encourage anyone who has concern about their health in kidney or bladder matters – the sooner it’s diagnosed the better the outcome. 111 kata lagi

The Austerity of Poetry

It’s easy to write poetry, but its terribly difficult to compose good poetry.

By good poetry I mean poetry that lends itself well to the page and the stage, poetry that does not sound corny or overwrought with generalizations, and finally poetry that is not too austere. 285 kata lagi

Page dated 11/20/97

I dreamt I was going to have sex with this woman. I don’t know who she was. We were in a big building that reminded me of a bank. 235 kata lagi

1997 Dreams