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What Must Happen When The Sex Sucks?

This blog post is based on my opinions.  I am not speaking on behalf of anyone else but me and me alone.  I think the greatest turn off in this whole wide world is a guy who wears this type of underwear.   797 kata lagi


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This can be the situation of men suffering of pearly penile papules, a disorder which affects the skin from the head of the penis and which looks like millions of bumps on the skin. 423 kata lagi



“O pênis, por não ser possível disfarçar, é extremamente importante na identificação. Os tipos acima, a partir do topo, mostram um pênis alto e pontudo, um reto e forte, um forte e arrebitado e um pênis largo e pesado.” 108 kata lagi


The Erection

The first time I saw an erect penis was the summer I turned 15. At the time I had my first real boyfriend, by real I mean I guy that took me out and we actually spent time together after school. 674 kata lagi

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) Onions – There are numerous research which have found out that consuming onions works well for improving blood circulation. These are one of the most popular right now, and pretty much covers all you can perform besides blowing up like a balloon having a hose. 612 kata lagi

[Fine Art, Drawing] FUCK YOUR STEREOTYPES, Life Drawing

The beginning of my Tyza Stewart responses. I used a few of my life drawings and developed them using different techniques to link the pieces to gender reversing. 81 kata lagi


[Fine Art, Drawing] The Other Genders In-Between

To show a more detailed approach to the reversed colour and genital idea, I have produced drawings using pen and coloured pencil. I feel the in depth drawn bodies work extremely well with the reversed genitals as the brain automatically thinks the picture shows the traditional, normal gender but the colour tint and reassigned penis/vagina challenges that normality – the pieces highlight Jones’ statement that “identifying a person’s gender is not black and white (or pink and blue) there are a lot of shades of grey in between”. 37 kata lagi