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Attractions of P2P lending to lenders

P2P lending is showing a path for the lenders to earn huge interest returns in less time. It is being considered as one of the hot investment options by the lenders/investors. 142 kata lagi


P2P lending

P2P lending is marking itself as a revolutionary platform that is promising to change the banking scenario of the world. If we talk about India, it is a very new concept with debates and arguments in favour of regulating… 161 kata lagi

Zarfund 101

So recently all over the internet and social media, there has been this sudden surge in the number of advertisements and articles talking about Zarfund. Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Youtube videos, you name it. 356 kata lagi


Peer-to-Peer: Challenging Extremism [Event Recap]

Peer-to-Peer: Challenging Extremism (P2P) is an innovative program that removes a hierarchical government approach to digital youth outreach. It does so by providing the resources for university students to creatively implement localized solutions that reach the target demographic: their own age group using their own preferred online platforms. 788 kata lagi

Public Diplomacy

Comment engager les Millennials?

Les “Millennials”, ou “Génération Y”, ont aujourd’hui entre 20 et 35 ans. Selon les chiffres du Pew Research Center, les Millennials représentent la génération comptant le plus d’individus des Etats Unis, dépassant même les Baby Boomers. 1.380 kata lagi


What could Brexit mean for P2P Lending? | News | Fundshare

This blog post highlights the possible impacts Brexit could have on P2P lending. Including quotes from the P2P industry

Source: What could Brexit mean for P2P Lending? | News | Fundshare


Network programs using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is currency, its the most valuable currency available.

Bitcoin Price 21 September 2016: R8710 on AltcoinTrader website.  $595 for 1 bitcoin on coindesk.com

Most network programs are moving towards using Bitcoin as a means for members to donate to each other. 244 kata lagi