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CfP: Demystifying Blockchain Through an STS Lens

Demystifying Blockchain Through an STS Lens: Challenges and Opportunitiesof a New Infrastructure for the Commons.*

“The reward of labour is life. Is that not enough?” 624 kata lagi


Lending Loop finds a way to bring American-style peer-to-peer borrowing to Canada

Rival marketplace lenders aren’t sure how they’re doing it, and the folks at Lending Loop aren’t telling. But the Toronto-based firm has opened the door to U.S.-style peer-to-peer lending that allows anyone with $50 to pool the money into larger loans for small businesses and reap the returns. 832 kata lagi

FP Street

7 tipov na vianočnú fundraisingovú kampaň

Každý už vie, že december je pre neziskovky zameriavajúce sa na individuálnych darcov najdôležitejším mesiacom. Pár zaujímavých faktov som popísal už v mojom minuloročnom blogu… 963 kata lagi


Billon Is Making It Easy To Pay Your Favorite Twitch Streamers

Peer-to-peer payments are a big thing these days. I pay you, you pay me, and never the banks shall touch your cash. Billon, a Polish fintech company, is doing their own flavor of P2P by connecting Twitch streamers and other content creators with an audience that can easily tip them using a seamless system of payment. 320 kata lagi


Marketing wirusowy

Marketing wirusowy, to sposób na to, by zaistnieć. Popularnością cieszy się, dlatego że korzysta z mediów masowych w postaci Internetu, poprzez który na sam szczyt może dojść każdy. 369 kata lagi

Marketing Wirusowy

MPAA Takes Down Pirating Group And Popcorn Time Fork

There are corks popping around the MPAA offices today. The American trade organization is claiming responsibility for shutting down several pirating services including a popular version of Popcorn Time, you know, the Netflix for pirates. 300 kata lagi


Three Scenarios for the Future of Capitalism

We currently see many articles about the the evils of capitalism, the end of capitalism and possible post-capitalism futures. I was invited to talk at the… 744 kata lagi