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Credit Cards and Consumers

Free credit no credit, no interest for 12 months! The luring words of credit card companies. They lead you to believe the world is at your fingertips. 302 kata lagi


Is Girls Gone Wild going nuts with their DMCA notifications? (CEG-TEK)

I have been sitting on this article for a few days because I was not sure what to make of it.

I don’t know if what I am noticing is based on greed on behalf of the “Girls Gone Wild” copyright holder (a.k.a., GGW Brands LLC) based on their corporate shakeup and recent bankruptcy, or whether CEG-TEK’s computer system has been going haywire sending sometimes hundreds of DMCA copyright infringement notifications for one “click” of a bittorrent file, or if there is a shift coming where CEG-TEK will be using the DMCA notices in a new way to extort larger and larger settlements from accused downloaders. 1.315 kata lagi


Torrent Seeding Explained

Torrent file sharing is one of the best thing ever to be made, it made sharing files of that are in the Gigabytes range effortless. One of the best features it has is its resume capabilities, this means should you lose internet connection for a moment or day (God forbid) it will resume on the progress it already made. 258 kata lagi


BitTorrent Launches Live Streaming News Network

BitTorrent, a streaming-technology company more closely associated with file-sharing than journalism, announced on Wednesday that it is launching a live-streaming TV news network that the company says will be an “informed, independent voice on the news.” 325 kata lagi



This time last year my co-worker and I were busy building a peer-to-peer fundraising website for one our missionaries. I love doing this kind of work because I get to apply some of my fundraising knowledge and I get to do a bit of graphic design and coding*. 124 kata lagi



I would like to see Google buy Symform, or at least implement a similar system.

What is (was) Symform?

Symform was an online backup service. 523 kata lagi

Digital Nomads are Citizen Diplomats

The ongoing technological advancements create many opportunities for citizen diplomacy; also known as person-to-person diplomacy. As peer-to-peer services such as Taskrabbit or Lyft grow; they create more innovative geo-independent jobs. 267 kata lagi