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Network programs using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is currency, its the most valuable currency available.

Bitcoin Price 21 September 2016: R8710 on AltcoinTrader website.  $595 for 1 bitcoin on coindesk.com

Most network programs are moving towards using Bitcoin as a means for members to donate to each other. 244 kata lagi

Peer-to-peer: how can I get 8pc for the least risk?

As returns on most assets plunge yet further, the prospects on offer from peer-to-peer investing –

Source: Peer-to-peer: how can I get 8pc for the least risk?


The Seven Techniques to Convince Anyone of Anything

If I can tell my children to read one post of mine, it would be this post.

Influence is how they will navigate a world of uncertainty. 691 kata lagi


Software Developers are now tracking piracy through the USE of downloaded software.

There is a new problem that I am encountering where software developers are writing code in order to catch downloaders – not in the download of the software, but in the illegal USE of that software.  1.518 kata lagi


Top Ten Tips For Renting Your Car

It’s easy to make money renting your car with DriveMyCar. We have created a list of tips to ensure your car is a great money maker. 323 kata lagi


How to Rent a Better Car for Less Money

If you want a better deal on car rental, you will have to look a bit further than the first car rental company that pops up in a Google search. 744 kata lagi


The Issue With The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy isn’t based on sharing yet this is the social stance many disruptive technology companies tout in their marketing.

Uber, Airbnb, Deliveroo. Some of the world’s largest businesses are part of the so-called sharing economy. 582 kata lagi