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Building a 4-stage Online Ambassador Program — Stage 1: Identification

A lot has been revealed in recent years about the power of friends asking friends to support their favorite nonprofits online. In higher education in particular, we at ScaleFunder have experienced massive online giving success when this peer-to-peer or “online ambassador” activity has been deployed in support of digital efforts such as giving days. 667 kata lagi

A fare share

We sink down the TripAdvisor rabbit hole, surf couches, eat with locals, share cars and barter skills. Ten years ago only few were convinced that collaborative consumption would soon seduce crowds and shape our vision of the future. 345 kata lagi


Smarter Insurance

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This article originally appeared in the March 2015 edition of the ICAEW’s FS Focus magazine… 1.059 kata lagi


Homeless stripped of free Wi-Fi due to illegal downloaders

GRACE Marketplace thinks of itself as being the Walmart of homeless centers.

In one centralized location in Gainesville, Florida, it offers end to end services… 408 kata lagi