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Room4Exchange and Why I Have Hope for the Future

For those unfamiliar with the term “sharing economy” it is basically a term to describe peer to peer sharing of goods, services, and products.  If you have a car and want to make extra money, you can sign up for Uber or Lyft..   158 more words

Peer To Peer

BTCjam partners with Volabit to bring bitcoin loans to Mexico

Hola Jammers! We’ve got great news this morning… BTCjam is partnering with the leading Mexican Bitcoin exchange Volabit to bring our users from Mexico a superior Bitcoin experience.   379 more words

How BTCjam Works

Stay on a Farm, Ranch, or Winery. Possible?

I found a great site the other day while searching for “unique properties” for our customers. Had to share it, even though not all of these locations will accommodate an RV. 326 more words

Peer To Peer

Why Many People Are Embracing The New "Sharing Economy"

Things are changing… fast, and a lot of people have differing opinions about what the future of work holds. There is, however, an uprising of change that no one can deny is getting bigger and bigger. 457 more words



Season 5 of the critically acclaimed HBO show, Game of Thrones premiered on April 12 (two days ago). Sadly, by noon of the release date, nearly half of the entire season had been leaked online and downloaded over 800,000 times. 431 more words

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