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A eulogy for What.cd, the greatest music collection in the history of the world—until it vanished

In 2007, I became obsessed with a musician named Lizzy Mercier Descloux, a nearly forgotten French eccentric who created a singular style of punk-rock deeply influenced by African music and funk. 1.777 kata lagi

SEQR launches global instant peer-to-peer money transfer

SEQR, a subsidiary of Nasdaq Stockholm-listed Seamless, is launching a peer-to-peer money transfer solution that enables users to instantly transfer money to each other regardless of where they are in the world. 126 kata lagi

Digital Wallet

#2: Bank Lending Vs P2P Lending

A shareholder in Lending Club (US’ only listed p2p firm) recently said it’s time to dump it’s shares because banks can catch up to these platforms and out do them. 840 kata lagi

How to create a job you love: peer-to-peer

Ongeveer anderhalve maand geleden ben ik een initiatief gestart: een app-groep met vriendinnen genaamd ‘Kantoor aan huis’. Ongeveer één keer per week (en soms vaker) zit ik met één of meer van deze meiden bij een van ons thuis of op een externe locatie te werken. 645 kata lagi


P2P lending v/s Real estate

Real estate investments have been considered as one of the most popular investment strategy adopted by Indian consumer. It is a common misconception that you can double or triple your money by investing in… 138 kata lagi


Why borrow through Peer to peer lending?

If you have ever applied to a loan from bank then you must know that how tedious is to get a loan from a bank. … 148 kata lagi