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It Starts with Me

I get frustrated when I feel like people that matter to me are being attacked or that there is unwillingness to explore various perspectives. So I wrote this blog, mostly to remind myself where I stand, but to also tease out some of my reasoning so that maybe it might encourage another. 1.074 more words


Let go of fear

For forty days i gave up fear.

I gave up fear for lent in 2014. I wanted to do something that was more life-changing than giving up chocolate or alcohol. 228 more words


We are One and Same

Sometime when I was going through my twitter timeline, I came across something that caught my attention. It was something relating to job listing or application. 423 more words


One Last Retreat

In a mere eight days my family will be moving out of our house to live with my parents. Five days after that, we will move to Langley BC for two and a half months, after which we will move back in with my parents for a couple weeks before heading off to Papua New Guinea. 485 more words

Attracting Wealth Through Your Environment

Most people want to make ends meet, while others dream of being financially abundant either way having a little extra money would be nice, right? Sure it would be nice to win the lottery. 669 more words

Peter Mayer Concert!

I am so excited to go see Peter Mayer tonight. Well, technically I’m working the concert, but that still means I get to benefit by hearing him play live. 191 more words