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A poem for now

With all the news these days – I don’t need to write it down in order for you to know what I am talking about – this poem seemed a good one to share. 132 kata lagi



So it is the first Advent Sunday today. I did hang a paper star in the window. I decorated a little tree. And I keep thinking that I don’t feel at all “Christmassy”. 357 kata lagi


Hold On: Got Something in My Eye

In today’s Gospel, Our Lord is wrapping up His sermon on the mount with some last thoughts; one being judging others. Here, St. Matthew is not just talking about having an opinion; no, he is using the word describing one judging harshly, or delivering condemnation. 561 kata lagi

Bible Scripture

Victory Isn't An Option

Be ready to pay the price for victory

It’s not an option if you understand your history

Getting inspired by my own energy

Collaborations of the finest kind, creating synergy… 275 kata lagi


To the purest of all!

It’s like I never learn, It’s like my love is still so absurd… still so underdeveloped that it never reaches its destination… I thought I would change after all that I have been through… after all still green scars that I bury under my shawl… I thought I would never show you even the bit of my affection because nobody can afford to lose their savior… the people they run back to with wounds and blood. 344 kata lagi


To Be Home

In our land of hope
And of golden skies
I can still hear a hummingbird
and a newborn baby cry,
With a change in the winds… 24 kata lagi