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Usually when I did my business, it would glide out, I’d wipe and then flush. Quick as a drive thru. I don’t know how people can sit on the crapper and read a book or magazine. 83 kata lagi

Sunday Mediations

Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs. Proverbs 10:12

Sometimes I wonder at the truths found in the Bible. They make complete sense and yet, people still don’t see the wisdom. 121 kata lagi

Deep Thoughts

Peace be with you

May I have the faith to unlock my heart to receive the gift of the Lord’s peace.

And may I carry the message of the Lord’s peace wherever I go today. 33 kata lagi



I don’t believe in certainty. I pretend it is exists many times and I know it’s not real. Whatever comes up for me each time I recognize my human dance of illusion with certainty, is my own inner explore. 26 kata lagi

save the date ... june 8th 6-8pm

I first met Lois Fiore as a fellow participant in an art show curated by the Riverside Arts Group. It was a pleasure meeting her and learning of this artist whose work has been shown in the Boston area for over 30 years. 223 kata lagi


The Still Soft Hush - #DailyHaikuChallenge

In the Still, Soft Hush

Peace Descends in Tranquil tones

Whispering Gently

To take part in the Daily Haiku Challenge see The Original Post from Day One… 16 kata lagi


A New Day risen

Morning has come the light calls us to wake.

The day has begun we are given another chance. It’s the beginning of a new dance we shall choreograph as we go along… 96 kata lagi