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East Coast Ain't Dead

Illanoise releases his very impressive album titled “East Coast Ain’t Dead”, a deep street knowledge driven album speaking on real life situations. His lyrical output is exceptionally original along with his cadence and polished delivery. 112 kata lagi


Dr. Machar: "I came to Juba without dollars" (Then what?) - PEACE!

Juba – The First Vice President of South Sudan whom the people of South Sudan had put hope on his coming to improve the Country’s money, South Sudan Sudanese Pound, back to life after having gone to 4,000 SSP per a a 100 dollar in the recent past. 115 kata lagi


The Little Girl

In church, we just finished the “Our Father” and the priest offered us the space to give thanks and peace to our neighbors. We shook hands and said “Peace Be With You.” Yet, … 616 kata lagi

Lessons From Minjay, No. 1: Stay Out and Walk. Who Cares If You're 7 Minutes Late?

This blog was inspired by my mornings with Minjay, my yellow lab who turns six years old this month. I first came up with the idea before he was even one year old. 837 kata lagi


Religion and Science

Religion and Science:

As promised, I will now begin the article, Religion and Science. This article follows somewhat from the series of articles including: Like Children in a Schoolyard… 1.125 kata lagi


Martial arts based philosophy will always be better than philosophy alone: here is why

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

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A Battle That You Won

You sowed a seed inside my heart
That no army can storm
Though they can try
To build bridges and bloody defences
Over the tides… 115 kata lagi