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Strangers of the Afternoon

I was sitting alone beside the second story window of the mall overlooking the parking lot as  i’m writing this while  eating clubhouse sandwich from La Patisserie, drinking young coconut shake, and reading a new book i bought at the BookSale Shop. 336 kata lagi


Demystifying the Essence of Friendship Day

Friends and friendship have been valued since the beginning of the civilization. Friends play a crucial role in sailing through the difficulties in life and stand by us in the hour of crisis. 144 kata lagi

AK Mishra's Art Of Success


“You get to a point where you start to crave the wind in your ears.”  This statement has stuck like glue on my brain for over 10 years.  402 kata lagi

Tales from Thailand: Love is all we need

In nearly two months being a Class 19 Rotary Peace Fellow at the Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, I have gone full cycle in all mood swings – happy, glum, loud, reticent, an extensive dose of laughing yoga, and moments the tears couldn’t be held back.  782 kata lagi

Lard meets Voltaire

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If tomorrow never comes
I love you

If tomorrow never comes
I gave today all I had

If tomorrow never comes
I thought well of you…

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Young Pastors Push For Prayer, On The Square

Young Spiritual Leaders Of Cincinnati Come Together From All Walks Of Life To Preach Unity And Stopping The Violence.

CLICK HERE for story.

Cincinnati News