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Composed 7/7/15
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You are the song that spawns my heartache
You are the whisper in my dreams
When I flail and fall away… 7 kata lagi


Finding Inner Peace

If there is one thing that all individuals have in common it is that we are all searching for peace. Whether we know it or not, we are constantly searching for some sort of satisfaction. 34 kata lagi


The Peril of the "Right Now" Generation

We have a problem, Houston.  Well really WAY MORE than Houston.  We have a problem much larger than Houston or an other geographic location can hold and/or handle.  668 kata lagi


Afghanistan tries to start peace talks with Taliban

According to the New York Times, a delegation from the Afghan government met with Taliban officials on Tuesday, in an effort to start peace negotiations.


Rules - Part 1

Welcome to the last 10 days of Ramadan.. the 10 precious days you should pray and weep your eyes out in front of Allah with the hope that He may forgive our sins and grant us what we desire. 409 kata lagi


Landscape | Silence

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By neupeters

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