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Love Has No Labels

A dear cyber friend sent this to me via email and frankly, it made me tear up and also made my day.  I don’t think this topic needs any introductions at all.   8 more words

Is there anything you want to say?

I had been soo happy for the past week, I was starting to feel free and I had firm faith in God to sort out the Jamie problem. 841 more words


For the peace of all mankind.

Dark clouds roil above

confusion and hurt below

acknowledging smile brings peace.

The title is a line from an Albert Hammond song.

Charles Elffers

Ying Yang 

The true meaning behind this symbol is so touching and I think everyone needs to have a deep understanding of it. This photo sum it’s up, in everything bad there is always something good and vice versa there is something bad in good things. 264 more words


Sometimes you just gotta sit and stare (version 2)

Often, Max just sits and stares.

I’ve noticed it more lately because we have both been stuck at home more often with all the snow and ice. 395 more words

this moment- here and now

I have been meditating this week on being present in this moment- here and now. And while I am still wrapping my head around the idea, this is what I can tell you for sure. 134 more words


Critical Thinking...... "Is That Really True?"

Should you save money, or buy everlasting assets? Four years ago I mentioned savings at 3% APR rate. Well, it’s now ZERO and could go lower as some banks in the the EU are doing or threatening to do. 707 more words

Critical Thinking