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Wednesday Wander - Ground Zero

We had to go there. It didn’t seem right to be in New York and not visit the site of an event which has shaped the modern city, and much of the world, since it happened. 460 kata lagi

Wednesday Wander

Be Anxious for Nothing

In the last month I’ve witnessed firsthand the debilitating affects of panic or anxiety attacks and watching a close friend maneuver one has been an eye opener. 1.110 kata lagi

Practicing Peace in Times of War - Pema Chodron

my brother gave me this book on my 22nd or 23rd birthday, and it has taken me through so many difficult years. each time I read it, I underline more words. 476 kata lagi

Literature And Film


In the land by the Ganges, Benaras’ tale of family feud begins with the animosity between the Mishras and Kashyaps. Following the vein of epic Shakespearean love of Romeo and Juliet, Rahul Mishra (Prateik Babbar) and Bachhi Kashyap (Amyra Dastur) engage themselves in a heartfelt and enticing relationship which becomes difficult to give up. 63 kata lagi


Making Peace One Cup At a Time

I am enchanted whenever tea plays a role in a story and I am always on the lookout for mention of tea in books and articles I read. 480 kata lagi


Never have I

Sat upon

A park bench

Wishing I

Could hear more

Distant traffic

Trucks and cars

All rushing by

Never have I

Found myself… 17 kata lagi