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Refugees, You have NOW a Chance to Prove your Worth to UN

To promote “respect, safety and dignity for everyone”, United Nations’ TOGETHER campaign is welcoming ordinary refugees and migrants to share their positive stories with the world through their publication. 95 kata lagi

The Coming Ban on Nuclear Weapons

By Zia Mian, Project Syndicate, Marcg 24m 2017

PRINCETON – On March 27, the United Nations will start negotiations on an international treaty to ban nuclear weapons. 851 kata lagi

Nuclear Guardianship

Be In The Moment

Be in the moment, I again remind myself while living ahead towards the other activities of the day. My mind snaps back to NOW. I watch my hand rubbing the silken body wash over the soles of my feet in the hot steamy shower. 82 kata lagi

Present Day Writing

A House is Made of Brick and Stone

There are moments when I wonder if I have ever grown up. I still love rhymes, I still aim to spend my whole Saturday at home, and I would much rather sit on the floor with toddlers than socialize in a fancy dress with champagne in hand. 434 kata lagi


GDP or GNH (The Bhutan Way)?

March 24, 2017

GDP or GNH (The Bhutan Way)–Maybe it’s Time to screw the  Economists and start looking at alternative ways to measure what makes life worthwhile… 103 kata lagi