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The Secret of Victory

By George S. Patton
With commentary by Jaffer Ali

What follows is one of the most significant treatises on business and success that you are ever likely to read. 5.649 kata lagi

Fred Koenekamp, director of photography, dies

Fred J. Koenekamp, an Oscar winning director of photography, has died, according to an announcement on Facebook by cinematographer Roy H. Wagner. He was 94. 362 kata lagi

The Other Spies


Esta was bred via artificial insemination to Conversano Ivey last spring, and gave birth to a colt just over 2 months ago. Despite the long gestation (376 days), the delivery was fast and without complications. 173 kata lagi


Best Score - 1970

Official Nominations: Love Story. Airport. Cromwell. Patton. I Girasoli. Let It Be. The Baby Maker. A Boy Named Charlie Brown. Darling Lili. Scrooge.

This year the category was again split in two – with  655 kata lagi

The Oscars

Remembering the Valiant

“Happy Memorial Day” is a phrase that conflicts me.  This American holiday is a day of remembering  our nation’s men and women who died in service to our country.   358 kata lagi