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1.07 pm

Inhaling in the toxins of a cigarette left in the ash tray from the night before, all the more sets the mood for the day that I predict for myself, the same thing I do everyday, not much.


8.45 am

That’s right, I’m still in bed, itching my hive ridden skin. I thought a few minor exercises were definitely called for, especially due to the sugar intake of not one, but two fizzy drinks yesterday (no wonder why I can’t get to sleep). 15 kata lagi


Poem of the Day - Strangled and Tall

Strangled and Tall

Chipped of a stock clipped block

Aiding the first person with dripping saliva desires

Shining in masquerade ball gowns

Trumpets blasting bashful grunts in vibrating ear drums… 95 kata lagi


ACMI 0.1 Prologue: TGIF

Another long week in the exciting world of office politics finally over, I was looking forward to going home and curling up with my new book, A Touch of Magic.   997 kata lagi


Poem of the Day - Eagle Burst

Eagle Burst

Balsa wood granular tea-time break

For the sake of pendulum swinging ideas

Fears flourish in gardens of pleasure

Stretched in dawns crimson rising… 110 kata lagi


Grandpal's Day

Papa couldn’t have been more thrilled when he was invited to Patrick’s grandpal’s day at school.  Yaya got to attend last year at preschool, but this year was a big deal because Pat is now at all day kindergarten at St Angela’s.   113 kata lagi