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Réalisation d’une oeuvre sur mesure sur skateboard pour Delphine, Québec.
Merci beaucoup Audrey !!


Mortal Kompetition

Mortal Kompetition:

Number 10: Mortal Kombat (1 & 9)

The earliest game I remember playing was Mortal Kombat for the Sega Genesis. I remember playing Mortal Kombat with my older brother. 635 more words


Poem of the Day -- Approach the clamouring

Approach the clamouring

Peek a boo, tiptoe, check the prey is unaware

Stroke the well groomed hair to one side

Adjust the tie and check the aroma… 69 more words


Building a Mystery

I am no stranger to writing myself into corners. As a lifelong ‘pantser’ I frequently stop writing and wonder what the hell has happened to my narrative. 497 more words


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Run over to snag a Free One Year Subscription to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine! Simply fill out a short form to get your Freebie! Order yours… 24 more words

Ariadne - Ex Tempore


Ex Tempore

28 January 2015 (Horologion)

By Patrick DeBonis

Ambient music’s routes lay nestled in history from all expanses of the world. Many forms of traditional music focus around repetition of rhythms and patterns and can be associated with inducing trancelike states that are embedded in meditation and religion. 298 more words


Poem of the Day -- Chased Drifter

Chased drifter

Draped in tears the sorry soul stands sallow.

Falling grace and wrinkles like caverns

Open up in cracks; make-up broken

Always forcing a smile no longer waiting. 78 more words