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Mobile payment startup GoSwiff welcomes new CEO Mark Patrick

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Singapore-based mobile payment startup GoSwiff today announced the appointment of Mark Patrick as its new CEO, replacing Simone Ranucci Brandimarte, who has stepped down after two years in the role. 242 kata lagi



Patrick asks and Luis answers!


I Have A Tribe :: Battle Hardened Passivist

Debut album release, Beneath A Yellow Moon: 27th May

Pre-Order CD: http://buff.ly/27SbKr6
Pre-Order LP: http://buff.ly/1Tzc2tu
iTunes: http://buff.ly/1T40vBd

06.04. Le Marathon Des Mots, Toulouse, FR… 78 kata lagi

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Sponge Bob and Patrick Encourage Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Even SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick know about the importance of brushing their teeth. I remember one episode from when I was little and Patrick was singing “Brush, Brush, Brush… Brush, Brush, Brush, Brushing Everywhere!” As he sang, the pink starfish went from brushing his mouth to… 318 kata lagi

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