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Patrick was a gross waste of money.

It’s truly offensive that our company bothered to spend SO MUCH MONEY to have a website that we still can’t use 9 months later.

True. It’s just a skin. 13 kata lagi


Poem of the Day -- Blown


Hum roar

Crystal tinkling

Stream entwined with rattling grass bending

Sending ripples

Clashing rocks 43 kata lagi


Poem of the Day - Umbrella Complete

Umbrella Complete

Pink sails

Melting hearts

In shimmering detail 55 kata lagi


Poem of the Day -- Clouded Comfort

Clouded Comfort

Smothered in shields of my hidden self

On the shelf feelings

Tumble spiralling

Muster a grasp

At last a giving rather than leaving 46 kata lagi


Patrick, Downies & MacFarlanes

Thank you to Norma Marr for sending this nice photo and incredibly the envelope and letter still intact from 1911. Sent to relatives in Canada, this photo features High Blantyre families from that year. 537 kata lagi

Blantyre People

Baking: Croûte d’pluot

When this recipe first came up, I knew I didn’t really want to use apricots because they aren’t really in season. I did know that peaches and pluots were. 102 kata lagi