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Mom's Azaleas

Photo by Kathy Gottlieb

This photo brings back may memories for me.  My mom took this photo of her azalea’s in front of her house.  Many a picture has been taken in front of this colorful bush, such as me and my sisters, us with our friends, and trying to get out dogs to pose and sit nicely in front of the bush so we could take their photo, too, which was quite a daunting task getting the pooches to cooperate. 90 kata lagi



Oh boy, a slasher film. My favorite! *sarcasm* No, as many of you know, horror isn’t my favorite genre. They all follow the same formula: stupid people, making stupid choices, getting other stupid people killed. 1.027 kata lagi





Patrick trainiert CrossFit seit 2012, seit 2013 arbeitet er als Coach bei CrossFit Assault.


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Judges
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer

Bernin' down the house

Photo credit/ Connor Moffitt

Being in the press can take you to some exciting places.

Ahead of tomorrow’s primary election, several of the candidates running for President made their way to Scranton, including Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. 205 kata lagi

Marywood University

Poem of the Day -- Cracked River

Cracked River

Torn between sheets we shiver in relief,

Spent, ironed, but wrinkled

The lines and red eyes cross, in strung out feelings and pleasures… 142 kata lagi


Actions Speak

Actions Speak

with mouths


and opened up

so that you can see deep
down into the place
where things really

take place. 121 kata lagi

Poem of the day -- Spiked Clap

Spiked Clap

Claws, wizened, curled and sticky

Farmland cold and green, brutal, unforgiving:

I am chilled to the bone, gathering moss like stones,

Thrown from roses. 109 kata lagi