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St. Patrick's Day San Francisco Pub Crawl

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best drinking holidays of the year and the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a MASSIVE PUB CRAWL! CrawlSF has put together some killer drink specials and put together a huge list of bars where you can enjoy all the green beer, cocktails and shots that you can drink (please drink responsibly). 65 kata lagi

23. Dați drumul la apa caldă

Jane se uita acum la ecranul telefonului care afișa numele lui Patrick – nu știa dacă voia să îi răspundă. Seara i se derula în reluare în minte: 987 kata lagi

Povestea Lui Jane

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Poem of the Day -- Tipsee Tripped

TIPSEE tripped

A tarnished pot,

Green in copper fashioned history.

Trapped in transport café tea bag

Squeezed free of flavour 131 kata lagi


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Film and society

If you ever have a class where part of your homework requires you to watch “Lawrence of Arabia” scenes online, there’s a good chance that you’re a Comm Arts student. 249 kata lagi

Marywood University

Impact Investing & the Launch of "Moonshot"

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Written by Anne Nasato (@AnneNasato)

mpact investing is the practice of investing for the purpose of generating a positive impact (socially, environmentally, etc.) while also generating a financial return. 420 kata lagi