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Poem of the day - Trapped in Schism

Trapped in Schism

Secret held in clever folding paper sleeves

Only skin deep perception 138 kata lagi


Poem of the Day - Diesel Drapes

Diesel Drapes

Hanging in stains, flecked with golden thread.

Dead to the world, a tapping

A symbol of time!

Chiming, a drop in the ocean… 166 kata lagi


Weekly Shudder - SADAKO VS KAYAKO

Weekly Shudder (temp name) will be an ongoing series of blogs/reviews of movies that are part of the online streaming service, Shudder, library.

I’ve had the Shudder service for about a year, maybe a little more, and I love how the library has grown.  315 kata lagi


66. Un kil de heringi roșii

Ochii lui Jane erau ațintiți pe peștele roșu care trona pe masa ei de televizor. După cum observase Sofia: faimosul pește  de pe televizor al comunismului își redobândise locul într-o casă postdecembristă, de data asta era mai mondern, mai minimalist și cel mai important, ”dă firmă”. 1.290 kata lagi

Povestea Lui Jane

Looking Back Now

Looking Back Now:

I’m a firm believer that women usually have a rougher time growing up than men can even imagine.

I think Middle School was the worst years of my life. 44 kata lagi


SKETCHBOOK: Patrick's Blue Hair

One of my son London’s best friends is Patrick. They play on the football team together and Patrick is also an accomplished wrestler. Not the WWE kind, but he might look the part with the blue hair and the Predator emblazoned head gear. 44 kata lagi

Life In Louisville