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Nature | Earthly Moonscapes

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People With Depression Can Have A Good Day?

Description from photographer if any:

Sunbeams ignite years of crystalized salt and the prints of cats, oryxs, springboks, and people who came before. 11 kata lagi


Nature | Horizontal Aspect Ratio Test

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Description from photographer if any:

This is a test to see if a huge horizontal image will stretch maintain its aspect ratio on the screen based on the new feel of 500px. 126 kata lagi


All Tied Up

In Week 4, the GFFL witnessed it’s first tie since Week 6 of 2013. Almost 2 years went by without one, which I have to say is quite impressive. 81 kata lagi


Patrick's Best Teacher Ever

Joe Pausback at Mackintosh Academy in Littleton, CO. Joe (affectionately known as Mr. P. by the students) taught a multi-age class and Patrick had him for 6th grade. 438 kata lagi



Mochi for one (diverse Sushi, Nikiri, Sashimi) war eine sehr sehr große Portion, sehr gute Qualität vom Fisch.
Spicy salmon roll sehr gut, Maki gut, aber nicht besonders aufgefallen. 49 kata lagi


Poem of the Day -- Skilled Remission

Skilled Remission

Buried whole in cellophane

A bundle of loving cups clinking in jam jar succession

A twinkling of sound chimes exuberantly lifting, gliding in the ear 116 kata lagi