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Growing up

Most kids I’ve ever been around are in a hurry to grow up.

They can’t wait to become independent.  To make their own decisions. To be the masters of their own destiny and the controllers of their future.   417 kata lagi

Church Life

Spiritual Capital

“It takes money to make money.”  Americans instinctively understand the concept of financial capital, which is money used by businesses to start and continue producing products and services.   659 kata lagi


Ioan 10

Cititorul atent poate vedea legătura dintre istorisirea anterioară – vindecarea orbului  – și simbolul lui Isus ca Păstorul cel Bun. Ca și oaia, omul vindecat recunoaște vocea Păstorului. 206 kata lagi

Comentarii Biblice

Living as Missionary Disciples

Here is a brief excerpt from my letter as pastor to the parish:

“The purpose of youth ministry is to ENABLE, not to entertain. It seems to me that much of youth ministry these days seeks to amuse; and yet, too much of their lives are already consumed by pursuing pleasure and gratification. 124 kata lagi

Holy Family Church

Not Everyone Wants You to Succeed

Most people in the church are good. The vast majority of the people whom I have served as a pastor or in ministry in general had pure motives and could be trusted. 671 kata lagi

4/19 – Creative Leadership Conference with Pastor Ed Young

Yesterday I attended the Creative Leadership Conference at Church Unleashed. The conference speaker is renowned writer and pastor, Ed Young. It has been said that he specializes in communicating complex concepts is a simple way (plus his humor is contagious). 511 kata lagi

Jamaica: "Pastor Requests Second DNA Test After Revelation He Fathered Child With 12-Year-Old Girl"

The Kingston pastor facing criminal charges for allegedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl and impregnating her has reportedly requested a second paternity test.

The request by Kenneth Blake, pastor of the Harvest Temple Apostolic Church, located on Slipe Pen Road, was reportedly made in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday. 163 kata lagi