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Amazing: See photos of pastor whose feet are forbidden from touching the ground until preaching is over

There is absolutely nothing one would not see or hear about these days especially among some ‘men of God’.

In Tanzania, a young pastor in one of the end time churches told his congregation that any time he’s preaching, his feet must not touch the ground. 33 kata lagi



Not Welcome Anymore, by Rich Paschall

Roger was a busy guy.  In recent months he absolutely could not find time to fit one more thing into his schedule.  973 kata lagi


Leonard Ravenhill Sermon - No Man is Greater Than His Prayer Life

Leonard Ravenhill Sermon – No Man is Greater Than His Prayer Life

Leonard Ravenhill Playlist:

Link to my “Christian Devotional Readings” Facebook page:… 437 kata lagi

Seven Small Church Pointers Towards Better Services

I visit a lot of small churches each year. This has caused me to form many educated opinions. So these are some humble pointers towards better worship services for those who can receive them. 911 kata lagi


Did God create transgender? (1)

Part one: God’s Word and trans origins

To answer the title question, I will provide a straightforward reading of the Holy Bible. I am a traditional Christian who reads Scripture as it has been read since antiquity. 1.411 kata lagi

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I've re-blogged various posts from Eiler's Pizza before and this occasion is no different. I'm sure you've read some of his posts before if you've come to my blog on multiple occasions. If not, then you may be surprised to know that this former LCMS pastor suffers from a condition called gender-dysphoria. Now, even though he has taken steps towards gender reassignment, his  conscience is still bound by scripture. In this post of his, he does not take the side of many on in the LBGT movement in regards to whether God made him that way. In fact, he states just the opposite. God did not make him that way though he was born that way. In a way, you could say his post is a more thought out and more detailed version of my own post titled, Yes, You Were Born That Way. I encourage you to give it a read.

Spatzle Speaks: Hounded (Anita Klumpers)

Finally, a book about dogs. Could anything be better? Well, the answer is yes, as author Anita Klumpers writes a fascinating tale about dogs called… 279 kata lagi

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